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Myers Tier 1 Boys Volleyball Meeting Agenda


Coach: Natalie Dollevoet

(250) 540-3093
Coach: Greg Thompson
(403) 360-4923

Coaching Philosophy

Development Long term athlete

development (LTAD). Train to Train 1216 years
Playing time- league vs. tournament
- Athletes roles will become more
specialized. As the season and
tournaments progress playing
time will vary.
All players are expected to attend
practices and let the coaches know
if they will be absent. (24 hour rule)
Calendars posted outside of Gym,
will also be given to players at start
of each month.
Games are typically on Thursday
nights. Games start at 4/5:15pm,
guys need to be on the court
warming up 30min prior to games.
A bus will be taken to all away
games except Oct 6.
Sept 16-17- Senator Gershaw
Tournament in Bow Island (parent
Sept 30- Oct 1- St. Marys




Fees and Forms

Additional Notes

Tournament (parent drivers)

Oct 21-22- Seven Pearsons
Tournament (parent drivers)
Parent Drivers: Copy of drivers license,
completed form, $1,000,000 insurance,
copy of registration.
Team Fees: Need to be paid by the
first game or need to make an
alternate arrangement with office
If you have any questions or concerns
about your son throughout the season
please dont hesitate to call or email
and I would be happy to discuss them
with you. I look forward to you being a
supportive, positive fan to the boys
throughout their season!