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Alicia Hooper
English Language Arts
The Letter A


Wed. Nov 23rd, 2016

15 min

-Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to comprehend
and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts.
-Use phonics and structural analysis
-Use strategies and cues
-Begin to make connections among sounds, letters, words, pictures and
-Identify and generate rhyming words in oral language
-Hear and identify sounds in words
-Associate sounds with consonants that appear at the beginning of
personally significant words
Students will:
Associate letter A to picture and identify the letter A
Be able to pronounce the letter
Be able to form the shape of the letter using tactile stimulation of
shaving crme.
Be able to trace the shape of the letter
Recognize both upper case and lower case letter
Identify rhythm and rhyme in the formation of the uppercase A
Students can identity that ant and apple both have A
Students can sound out the letters through oral testing
Students have the fine motor skills to form the letter in shaving
Shaving Crme
Ziploc bags
Letter tracing activity sheet
Pencils and crayons
Chocolate reward


- (tape bags to the desks before class starts)

- Have students stand up and begin marching/moving on the spot
- Lead students through story of ant climbing an apple for falls down
and says Ah!
ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching
Instructor: Kurtis Hewson



- Have students copy the sounds

- Prompt question: what sound does ant and apple have at the
beginning? Ah!
- Draw letter on the board and associate sound with sight
- Ask students to sit at their desks and teach them the rhyme for
drawing the big daddy/uppercase A. Up the mountain, down the
mountain, bridge across
- Explain lowercase a: what is a circle? Its a circle with a kickstand
- Explain that we will use shaving crme to draw out our new letter
- Rules for crme: Keep hands on desks when I hand out shaving
- Do not touch until I say so
- Do throwing or smacking the crme, do not touch your neighbor
- When you hear squeak! stop what youre doing and put hands in
the air
- Put dollop of crme in front of each student
- Squeaker, all eyes on me
- Give students a chance to play with it first
- Everyone stop!
- Then explain the uppercase A rhyme again and then tell them to do
their own
- Squeaker!
- Have students wipe hands on towel
- Explain lowercase once again and have them draw it with shaving
- Finish and have students wipe hands, throw away crme
- Hand out worksheets, pencils and crayons
- Explain how students need to find the letter A on first sheet
- Give time to color
- Explain how to trace the letters on the second activity sheet
- Bring students to the carpet
- Ask them if they remember the story of the ant (can they tell the
teacher what happened?)
- Can they recall how to draw the big A? (Draw with finger)
- Can they recall the little a? (draw with finger)
- (Use this time to reward with chocolate)

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching

Instructor: Kurtis Hewson