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EAP 506

Ruqaya Alameri
Professor Cheng
Elise Miller- Hocks, Ph.D., has accomplished any civil engineer would desire
to achieve in his/ her career. Miller- Hooks received a Bachelor of Science in
Civil Engineering at Lafayette College, and both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in
Civil Engineering at the University of Texas. Miller- Hooks has gained both
knowledge and reputation to attain positions in the academia. She started
her career life from an Assistant Professor at Duke University and
Pennsylvania State University, 1997- 2003. She then continued as an
Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department,
2003-2012. In addition, Miller-Hooks was a Policy Analyst for Department of
Transportation at Office of Intelligence from 2011- 2012 in which of getting
all this positions it helped her to be well known in her field. She became a
faculty member and Professor of the National Center of Terrorism & Response
and Professor at University of Maryland. For two years, 2014-2016, MillerHooks obtained the position of Program Director for the National Science
Foundation. Her current positions are both an adjunct Engineering Professor
at Ben Gurion University and Bill & Eleanor Hazel Chair in Infrastructure
Engineering at George Mason University in which she became the first Bill
and Eleanor Hazel Chair in Infrastructure Engineering. It seems that she

become well known because of all of these position that she had held or
because she is a professional engineer and thats why she is the first Bill&
Eleanor Hazel Chair.
Miller-Hooks is a prolific writer, because she wrote in 74 journals and 350
articles were published and peer reviewed by her. Approximately every year
she published two journals. In 2015 she published eight journals, Which
mean she is an active professor in the engineering field. Most of the journals
were related to transportation engineering that discussed resilience, transit,
and response to the traffic both locally and internationally. Each journal is
divided into sub-articles that demonstrate more details about the overall
project. For instance, a published journal about a local airport bus transit in
which the professor discussed the traffic, tax associated with transportation,
security, and environmental -impact. Some of the academic journals that
published Miller- Hooks articles were; Journal of The Operational Research
Society, Journal of The Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Transportation
Research Part B. In another word she try to add some advanced research in
transportation study to.
Miller- Hooks is an active member in many organization and committees such








Transportation Systems, Transportation Research Part B, and INFORMS

Committee. She is the president of INFORMS Transportation Science and
Logistics Society for two years. Which mean, she is the Vice President and
served two terms as

theTreasure of Women in OR/MS of INFORMS.

Furthermore, she is a frequent speaker, because she reported more than 20

conferences most of them are international conferences in Traffic and
Evacuation. Also, she has a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions in
the United States.
Miller- hooks research interests are infrastructure resilience, disaster
planning, and response, transportation systems engineering, and incident
management. Miller- Hooks is a very inspiring engineer from her educational
background to her published articles that reflect her hard work and
achievement of her field of interest. Unlike other engineers, she researched
and made a foot-print in the Transportation Engineering sector which helped
many transportation projects in developing and analyzing their traffic
system. Therefore, she awarded 15 prizes from an excellence engineer in
1992 to best paper award in 2012.

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