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Hudgins 1

Robert Hudgins
Laura Knudson
November 9th, 2016
Annotated Bibliography: Genetically Modified Foods
Conko, Gregory. "Genetically Modified Foods are as Safe as Conventional Ones." The
ExaminerMar 25 2014. ProQuest. Web. 7 November 2016.
This article includes accusations stated by some of the worlds most pretentious
scientific bodies, including the National Academics of Science, the American Medical
Association and the World Health Organization. These organizations have studied
genetic engineering for more than thirty years and have concluded that such foods are at
least as safe as, and often safer than, conventionally bred foods. I plan to use this articles
material to write an entire body paragraph about these organizations and their viewpoints
of research findings.
Cooper, Kim. "Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?: Government Agencies Work to make Sure
those Foods are." Chatham Daily News: 9. May 21 2004. ProQuest.Web. 2 November
This article talks about how the Canadian government insures that foods derived
from biotechnology are safe to consume. This will be very helpful towards my essay
because it explains the steps taken to keep the foods we eat safe, as well as new food and
food products being developed.

Hudgins 2
Edwards, Terrell, Jon Faerber, Andre Goenawan, and Shogo Osawa. "Benefits of GM
Food:." GMO. N.p., 2005. Web. 7 November 2016.
This website strictly evaluates the pros and cons of genetically modified foods. I
am going to use this website entirely for the pros. I am going to use this information to
write a body paragraph that talks strictly about the benefits of genetically modified foods
such as being resistant to weeds, pests, diseases, positive environmental impacts and
creating a sustainability.
Farley, Maggie. "The World; Altered Crops Backed by U.N.; Genetically Modified Foods are
Safe, but Staples should be Stressed, Agency Says." Los Angeles TimesMay 18
2004. ProQuest. Web. 3 November 2016.
This article discourses information about how genetically modified foods were
helping poor farmers and how they found to be safe. I was planning on using this
articles data to write a body paragraph about how genetically modified foods help
farmers make a good amount of money.
"Genetically Modified Foods are Safe to Eat." Lansing State Journal: 4. Aug 18
2015.ProQuest. Web. 3 November 2016.
This article disquisitions information about a study on the effect of feeding
genetically modified foods to animals. This is perfect for my argumentative essay
because I can write a whole body paragraph about how Alison Van Eenennaam fed
genetically modified foods to a group of livestock for twenty-nine years and found no
adverse health effects to the animals or the products derived from the animals.
Kahn, Harvey M. "Scientists Say Genetically Modified Foods Safe; Already a Diet Staple." El
Chicano Weekly: 1. Feb 02 2012. ProQuest. Web. 4 November 2016.

Hudgins 3
Professor Brian Federici at UC Riverside conducted a study researching
supermarkets selling genetically altered foods. His study concluded that thousands of
products in supermarkets contained components of grains that had been produced
genetically. ProQuest has been extremely helpful finding valid sources. This source will
be used to write a body paragraph about how Americans have been eating genetically
modified foods for more than ten years, but they might not have known they were. There
still have been no negative health consequences.
Kirkland, Lynn. "Understanding Food Biotechnology: What Genetically Modified Foods are all
about." Family health Winter 2002: 19,19,21. ProQuest. Web. 6 November 2016.
This article informs all about what food biotechnology is and why it causes so
much concern. This article is going to administer me the information I need to sculpt my
introduction paragraph into a great attention grabber.
Mestel, Rosie. "In Defense of Modified Foods; Despite Popular Suspicion, Scientists Widely
Agree that Genetically Altered Crops are Safe as any." Los Angeles TimesOct 25
2012. ProQuest. Web. 6 November 2016.
This article reports a scientific study of genetically modified foods such as corn,
soy, potato, rice and wheat that had been fed to rats, cows, mice, quails, chickens, pigs,
and sheep. The study concluded that the genetically modified food had no illness effects
on the animals that had eaten them. This information will pro long my body paragraph
about genetically modified foods being fed to animals to prove that there are no negative
Monsanto Corporation. "Genetically Modified Foods Are Safe to Eat." Genetically Modified
Food. Ed. Tamara Thompson. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2015. At Issue.

Hudgins 4
Rpt. from "Commonly Asked Questions About the Food Safety of GMOs."
2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 3 November 2016.
This article states facts to how and why genetically modified foods are safe to eat.
This is a great source for my paper because it provides statistics and facts that I could
maybe use for my introduction paragraph or body paragraph.
"Possible Benefits of GM Crops in Developing Countries - Nuffield Bioethics." Nuffield
Bioethics. Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2014. Web. 3 November 2016.
This article explains the possible benefits of genetically modified crops in
developing countries. Some of these possible benefits are insect/pest resistance, disease
resistance, crops that can withstand environmental stresses, herbicide tolerance, improved
nutritional value and biopharmaceuticals. I am going to use this website to write a body
paragraph specifically about the benefits of genetically modified crops in developing