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Managerial Communication

Question Bank
1. Discuss the importance of communication in our day to day life?
2. Explain the process of communication through diagram depicting the various
components of communication.
3. Non verbal communication is more effective than verbal communication in sending
the message across. Elucidate
4. What are the characteristics of Non-verbal Communication and discuss its important
in oral communication?
5. Write a note on the barriers of communication and how doyou overcome them.
6. Business communication should be effective i.e. it does not have any roadblocks. Do
you agree? Justify your answer.
7. One of the multi-media of communication is non-verbal Communication. What is the
role of non-verbal communication from managerial point of view? Discuss different
characteristics of non verbal Communication.
8. What are 7 characteristics of effective communication?
9. Enlist the elements of verbal communication and explain in brief.
10. What is non verbal communication? Explain.
11. How the seven Cs can compliment to the success of the communication explain
from receivers perspective.
12. Discuss the common communication roadblocks, which arise even after thedelivery of
the message.
13. Describe the characteristics of non verbal communication, and discuss the importance
of nonverbal elements in overall communication.
14. What is paralanguage? Describe briefly the paralinguistic aspects.
15. Explain process of communication in todays business context with suitableexamples.
16. Audience analysis is important for the purpose of effective communication, explain
and analyze the statement with examples
17. Explain the process of communication. Also highlight its importance?
18. Which are the barriers of Communication & how to overcome them?
19. Using the model of the communication process as a base, explain how people reading
or hearing the same message can disagree on its meaning.
20. Is the ability to communicate more important to the successful performance of a
supervisor than to the successful performance of a company president? Defend your
21. Explain Inferential Model of Communication with business examples

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja

1. Discuss the importance of listening in business setting by illustratingexamples of
effective and ineffective listening.
2. Describe the listening process and explain how good listener overcomesbarriers at
each stage of the process.
3. What is Empathetic Listening? Illustrate with example the power ofemphatic
4. What are the essential steps required for an effective businesspresentation.
Analyze with suitable example.
5. Describe the techniques of feeling confident in front of an audience
whiledelivering oral presentation.
6. Listening is one of the most important parts incommunication. What are the
different ways through whichone can enhance the effectiveness of Listening?
7. Discuss the importance of role play in communication.
8. Who is a Kinesthetic Speaker.? Explain it in the context of interpersonal
9. Illustrate how one can conduct an effective role play.
10. Do you agree that hearing & listening are one & the sameprocess? What are the
different approaches to listening alistener can adopt?
11. Assume that you are a sales manager of ABC Ltd. As therecession is over this
year, you expect better chances ofyour product in the market. For this purpose you
are calling a meeting with sales executives. Prepare your presentationfor this
12. What do you mean by visual aids? Explain the techniquesof visual aids.
13. Explain the role of listening in communication.
14. Explain the types of listening in detail.
15. Differentiate between active and passive listening.
16. Explain the features of a good listener and name some barriers ineffective
17. Explain the process of effective oral presentation.
18. Listening is not just as hearing, its more than that. Give your views to
justifythe statement while differentiating both. Also explain the cognitive process
19. Explain the possible causes for poor listening, and how can it be improved to be
agood listener?
20. Being a senior executive of the construction company, your senior instructed
youto deliver a presentation on the upcoming project in evening board meeting.
Which steps will you follow to prepare the effective presentation?

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja

21. For the effective oral communication, a presenter should prior analyze
theaudience. Support the statement with your views. Also discuss the ways
toassess the audience.
22. Describe the structure








distinctivenesswhile delivering different portions of the presentation.

23. For effective oral presentations we follow various steps for preparation,explain
those steps with examples.
24. Is listening skills more important than speaking? Explain.
25. What are the qualities of good listener? Describe.
26. What are the barriers to effective listening?
27. What are the people and circumstances in your life where you find it most difficult
to listen? Why do you feel it difficult?
28. When planning a presentation, what does it mean to analyze the situation?
Briefly explain each of the tasks involved.
29. How should you handle questions from the audience during presentations?
30. You are the marketing head of ABC Co. what will be your strategies be for
executing the informative message you have for your Regional Sales Heads at the
meeting on 28th. June 2010.
31. Write a note on different Visual Aids and state its emphasis in presentations.
32. Being a senior executive of the construction company, your senior instructed you
to deliver a presentation on the upcoming project in evening board meeting.
Which steps will you follow to prepare the effective presentation?
33. What are the purposes for listening? Explain components of the HURIER
behavioral listening model.
34. It is said that Listening is the best form of flattery. List out seven major benefits
of Listening?
35. The ability to listen effectively depends on your purpose of listening. Explain
three broad purposes of listening.
36. You are working as Marketing Head in a reputed company. Your company has
planned to introduce new innovative products in your existing product line. As a
marketing head, prepare a presentation which shows the necessity of introducing
new products?

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja


Effective E-mail management


Write a note on a Smart E-mail.

Describe the advantages & smartness in e-mail?
Explain important points to be considered while making a business e-maileffective.
Write down the strategies for effective business E-mail messages.

Telephoning Skills
5. Discuss in detail the telephone protocols required while taking up call andanswering
the call.
6. What do mean by telephone etiquettes?
7. Consider that you are working as management trainee in a businessorganization and
receiving a phone call while attending your office, explainthe basic protocols to be
followed while receiving same phone call.
1. In a job interview what employers look for from the candidate? Explain byconsidering

that you are preparing for a job interview.

Write in brief on mock interview and group discussion.
How to prepare for an interview?
Enlist and explain positive and negative behaviour during an Interview?
Prepare a checklist for your preparation before the job interview.
Should interviews be used as a selection technique? Put forward your viewswith

suitable example.
7. Suppose you are attending an interview for the post of back office operator in a bank.
What are the key points you focus on while giving interview.
8. Explain the following:
a) Performance Appraisal Interview
b) Counselling Interview
c) Exit Interview
9. Explain the interview process. What are the various types of interviews?
10. What are the strategies for successful Interviews?
11. What you speak in an interview is not as important as how you speak; your overall
behaviour and body language during the interview have become more important now.
Do you agree? Discuss.
Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja

12. What are the common types of interviews? Describe the communicationskills required
in each type of interview.
13. Assume that you are working as Assistance HR Manager for an MNC. There is a mass
recruitment for your new office at Ahmedabad. What are the methods which you will
adopt for selecting a candidate?
14. Excel Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company is looking for MBA freshers for its
various positions in marketing as well as finance department. The company has
planned campus interview at your college. What kind of preparation you will do prior
to attend the interview?
15. Suppose you are attending an interview for the post of ManagementTrainee. Which
points you need to focus?
16. How would you deal with your Strength & Weakness issue during an Interview?
17. You are the recruitment head of an MNC reporting to the HR Manager. There is a

mass recruitment for your new office at Bangalore. What would be your preparation
to accomplish the job write a communication to your H.R Manager.
18. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you deal with them if they come
up during an interview?
19. Briefly explain
a) Group Discussion
b) Mock Interview

1. Describe business meeting and what are the ways & means of conducting a meeting
2. What do you understand by minutes of the meeting and explain guidelines for

writing minutes?
Describe a) Informational Meetings and b) Suggested-SolutionMeetings.
What is Meeting Manual? What should go in an agenda and in minutesof a meeting?
Describe briefly the different possible roles of effective participant in meetings
How would you conduct a meeting efficiently?
Supply definition to following terms that have a relationship to businessmeetings: a.

Problem solving meetings, b. Suggested-Solution meetings.

8. Discuss in detail the steps involved in holding an effective businessmeeting.

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja

9. As a G.M of Multi National Company, you need to talk to yourregional managers. How
you will conduct a meeting & put forwardyou agenda effectively?
10. As a general marketing manager of Good Foods Pvt. Ltd, you need to talk to all your

regional managers for the launch of new upcoming packaged food products. You also
want to assess the current market and strategies for the launch of new products.
Communicate to all regional managers with necessary details for attending the

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja


Letter Writing:
1. Bring out the essential differences in Business Letters and Memos.
2. What is the essential difference between business letter and memo or memorandum?
3. Explain the standard parts of a business letter by writing in brief a business letter
where communication is between organization and supplier, where advising supplier
to dispatch raw material to the plant without any further delay.
4. You have started a computer centre. Write a sales letter to business houses in your
city, offering to train their staff in using computers.
5. Prepare a letter in response to an announced job opening. Assume data if needed.
6. Assume yourself as a head of the logistics department at Ahmedabad based
airconditioners manufacturing company. You have been instructed to provide the
dispatch details to Kanpur based Elegant Hotel Ltd. for its order for 350 nos. of split
air-conditioners. Write the communication with all necessary information.
7. Suppose you got better opportunity in another company. You want to resign from your
current job. Draft a resignation letter that convinces your superior.

1. What are memos? With an example discuss the format of a memo.
2. What is MEMO? Write good news to an employee in the memo format.

Application/ Resume
1. Write an application for the post of librarian which have been advertised in the
newspaper on last Wednesday?
2. As a head of the three members interview panel for your FMCG company, you have
been instructed to appoint area sales managers at all vacant positions acrossthe
country. What preparation you need to do to accomplish this task?
3. Write an application for the post of Manager which has been advertised in the
newspaper on last Tuesday?
4. Resume can fetch you a call letter? How to prepare it smartly?
5. Mr. Ashok wants to apply for the post of Librarian in a reputed college. Help him to
write an application letter.
Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja

Report Writing

Through an example apply steps required for an effective business report.

What are business reports? Explain the types of business reports?
With an example explain the structure of a business report.
Elaborate the major content of a formal report.
Prepare a short report on how to promote herbal tea for health conscious people of

Gujarat. Assume data if needed.

6. You are working in a Multinational Company based in Bangalore. Presently you are
posted at New Delhi. On the launch of new product, submit business report to your head
7. Assume that you are studying in MBA Final Year. The student committee wants to

start a new co-operative store in the college. Draft a report for the same to the director
of your college.

1. Persuasion lies at the heart of proposal writing, explain the statement by mentioning
various parts of a proposal.
2. List out Parts of a standard proposal and then elucidate in brief.
3. Prepare an unsolicited brief proposal on behalf of the firm providing placement
services to MBA institutes. Assume data if needed.
4. You are a General Manager of Singapore based P&C Bank for its Indian operations.
Due to effect of worldwide recession, you have observed that in Indian market, people
inclined more towards Indian banks and reduced their transactions with the foreign
banks. This clearly reflects the decreased customers trust and loyalty with foreign
banks. Communicate to your CEO, at banks head office, about current status and also
propose him with your views on some customer relationship activities to initiate.

Persuasive Message Writing:

1. Identify








2. Due to recession this year you have to make a persuasive speech to your Employees

what will your strategies for executing it.

Faculty of Management |Prof. Hiteshwari Jadeja