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Evaluate whether the eight principles of TQM are being applied in UiTM
The eight principle of TQM are including customer focus, leadership, involvement of
people, process approach, systematic approach to management, continual
improvement, factual approach to decision making, and mutually beneficial supplier
Yes, TQM are being applied in UiTM organization but under MQA which is Malaysia
Quality Agency. The customer focus in UiTM organization are the student
themselves. UiTM have study plan and syllabus for each major courses and also
offering courses that are related to current requirement of working profession such
as industrial physics, chemistry in forensic etc.
The involvement of people and leadership from the group assignment are also
requirements in the syllabus will assist students in communication skills, teamwork
abilities and confident to confront with people. Every department in UiTM also have
a chief to lead workers so that the system will be more organized and systematic.
The process approach, systematic approach and factual approach in decision
making on management will provide better understanding of quality among the
staff and also identifying core processes on how to produce a good student with
good grades and better soft skills for employment. UiTM organization have its own
quality plan, quality policy, quality objectives, guidance and assistance in
understanding the relationship between processes, improve measurement, analysis
data on for each semester to strengthening control measures in the core process on
existing systems.
From the continual improvement and mutually beneficial supplier relationship
factor, UiTM send representatives from campus, department and faculties to create
awareness and establishment of documentation needed for better quality products
and production. Uitm also accept student exchange from other countries to form
relationship and mutual respect with other universities
4. Explain the role of quality in improving profitability.
Quality has subjective meanings but it is an output of either a product or service
that will provide the needs of customer requirements. In order to achieve
profitability, the demands of the customers should be fulfilled so only through total
customer satisfaction, profitability can be gained. Customers judge quality based on
their perceptions thus making it difficult to meet the standard because customers
need and expectation are always changing but quality is delivered when customer
accept the product or service with low number of rejection. The demands of the
customers need to be analyzed when it comes to setting the standards and
requirements for a product or services rate of quality such as the characteristics
and specifications from what they need and want from a certain product or service.
Without addressing the customers satisfaction, profitability cannot be gained. If its

meet the customers satisfaction, requirement, loyalty and trust, the profitability can
be achieved when the customers willing to pay even it is expensive.