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Vocabulary & Phrase

1. Many people felt the politician ______ the facts in order to sway public opinion in
his favor.
(A) violated

(B) obstructed

(C) distorted

(D) diluted

2. American jazz is a ______ of sounds borrowed from such varied sources as

American and African folk music, European classical music, and Christian gospel
(A) congregation

(B) population

(C) conglomeration (D) formulation

3. When English colonists came to America in the 1700s, they

Americans and their languages.
(A) originated

(B) encountered

(C) excluded


(D) elected

4. The pilots are trained in conditions _____ high-altitude flights.

(A) simulating
(B) stabilizing
(C) squeezing
(D) stalking
5. The doctor _____ clean environment and supported a smoking ban in the entire
(A) activated
(B) advocated
(C) advanced
(D) adjourned
6. He is very aggressive and likes _____ games very much.
(A) comparative

(B) commutable

(C) compatible

(D) competitive

7. Several months after the earthquake, they began to _____ the ceiling of the house.
(A) retreat
(B) revenge
(C) renovate
(D) retrospect
8. After carefully reviewing my proposal, he pointed out all the _____ to my plan.
(A) drawbacks
(B) dissolutions
(C) distinctions
(D) drawbridges
9. I was
(A) rejoicing

with pain as the doctor examined my injured shoulder.

(B) promising
(C) triggering
(D) writhing

10. The young musician received raging reviews because her piano recital was
(A) phenomenally (B) fundamentally (C) mischievously (D)recreationally

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11. By placing mirrors along the hallway, the architect created the _____ of
(A) inclusion

(B) allusion

(C) illusion

(D) collusion

12. His _____ statements at the board meeting left us in doubt as to his real intentions.
(A) epidemic
(B) equivocal
(C) collateral
(D) corruptible

all the newspaper and television attention, the problem of child abuse has
become well-know.
(A) As a result of

(B) Apart from

(C) In addition to

(D) Regardless of

14. The new skyscrapers ______ at the time were often ornately finished with
elements of Gothic or Roman detailing.
(A) standing up
(B) sprouting up (C) spreading out (D) setting up
15. The focus of the ratings involves the bread-and-butter programming and the
movies that TV ______ from Hollywood.
(A) takes up
(B) looks into
(C) blocks out

(D) picks up

II. Sentence Structure

16. As the report has shown, _____ shorter words and sentences does not necessarily
make a passage easy to read.
(A) writers use
(B) in using
(C) when using
(D) using
17. The factory employee who _____ absent frequently was notified by his supervisor
that he would not have to come to work again.
(A) had been

(B) has been

18. Only when Mary loses freedom

(A) does she know its value
(C) do she know its value
19. The place
(A) which

(C) had

(D) has

(B) she knows its value
(D) she not know its value

we were going shopping was crowded with people.

(B) where
(C) ,where
(D) ,which

about their options.

20. The Internet had helped make patients better
(A) inform
(B) to inform
(C) informing
(D) informed
21. Several doctors
state-run hospitals.
(A) who interviewed

by Reuters said government wages were too low at

(B) were interviewed

(C) interviewing

(D) interviewed

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22. ______ rain and some sleet, the pep meeting held last Friday night at Memorial
Stadium was attended by thousands of students and over a hundred faculty
(A) Although

(B) Because of

(C) Despite

(D) Owing to

23. During Renaissance, Florence was one of the wealthiest and most interesting cities
in Italy,
the control of the Medici family.
(A) which was under
(B) which under
(C) was under

(D) which being under

24. The discovery of gold in 1848 transformed San Francisco suddenly from a quiet
port into one of the worlds richest and most famous city.
25. To survive, most birds must eat at least half their own weigh in food every day.
26. The monarch butterflys migration of 1800 miles or more makes it is unique
among insects.
27. The thick glacial sediment, the moister the surface soil becomes.




28. The manager was immediately called to find out where had been placed the
packages and to quiet the loud complaints of the irate customers.
29. Mrs. Pickering advised me talking to my boss about the problem before
filing an official complaint against him.

30. When are communicating with the support staff, the office managers must
pay much attention to writing memos in clear and precise language.

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III. Cloze Test

between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago, man's first clash
nature may have begun. Historians and philosophers agree that since the development
of agriculture, human beings
33 an effect on the natural habitat of many plants
and animal species. As human populations have increased,
the demise of
other living things: As many as 6,000 species are disappearing each year from
deforestation, a number 10,000 times greater than before man appeared on the planet.
Each minute of the day, approximately twenty-six hectares of forest are cleared (about
the same as thirty-seven football fields).
wiped out.


, thousands of species have been

31. (A) Someplace

(B) Somehow

(C) Somewhere

(D) Somewhat

32. (A) against

(B) with

(C) upon

(D) over

33. (A) have had

(B) had had

(C) had

(D) have

34. (A) have so

(B) so have

(C) has so

(D) so has

35. (A) On the other hand

(C) As a result

(B) However
(D) For instance

Relaxation techniques are extremely valuable tools in stress management. Most

of the techniques like meditation, self-hypnosis, and deep muscle relaxation work in a
fashion. They all make it possible for you to spend a short period of time in a
state of profound relaxation. In this state both the body and the mind are
the outside world is screened out for a period of time. The practice of one of these
techniques on a regular basis provides a wonderfully 38
and relaxing feeling
that seems to have a lasting effect for many people. Your energy level and ability to
cope with the external world are
. Practitioners and researchers have
reported many positive results from the regular practice of one of these techniques. If
you dont have an opportunity to get instruction on these techniques, just practice
sitting for 15 minutes, with no interruptions. Let yourself relax and try to focus on
something 40 .
36. (A) similar

(B) strange

(C) difficult

(D) regular

37. (A) on duty

(B) at rest

(C) in preparation

(D) under care

38. (A) filtering

(B) calming

(C) belonging


39. (A) deprived

(B) evaluated

(C) replenished

(D) integrated

40. (A) relaxing

(B) relaxation

(C) relax


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IV. Reading Comprehension

Schizophrenia is often confused with multiple personality disorder yet is quite
distinct from it. Schizophrenia is one of the more common mental disorders,
considerably more common than multiple personality disorder. The term
schizophrenia is composed of roots which mean a splitting of the mind, but it
does not refer to a division into separate and distinct personalities, as occurs in
multiple personality disorder. Instead, schizophrenic behavior is generally
characterized by illogical thought patterns and withdrawal from reality.
Schizophrenics often live in a fantasy world where they hear voices that others cannot
hear, often voices of famous people. Schizophrenics tend to withdraw from families
and friends and communicate mainly with the voices that they hear in their minds.
It is common for the symptoms of schizophrenia to develop during the late teen years
or early twenties, but the causes of schizophrenia are not well understood. It is
believed that heredity may play a part in the onset of schizophrenia. In addition,
abnormal brain chemistry also seems to have a role; certain brain chemicals, called
neurotransmitters, have been found to be at abnormal levels in some schizophrenics.
41. Which of the following is true about schizophrenia and multiple personality
(A) They are relatively similar.
(B) One is a psychological disorder, while the other is not.
(C) Many people mistake one for the other.
(D) Multiple personality disorder occurs more often than schizophrenia.
42. It can be inferred from the passage that a schism is
(A) a division into factions
(B) a mental disease
(C) a personality trait
(D) a part of the brain
43. What is NOT true about schizophrenia, according to the passage?
(A) It is characterized by separate and distinct personalities.
(B) It often causes withdrawal from reality.
(C) Its symptoms include illogical thought patterns.
(D) Its victims tend to hear voices in their minds.
44. According to the passage, how do schizophrenics generally relate to their families?
(A) They are quite friendly with their families.
(B) They become remote from their families.
(C) They have an enhanced ability to understand their families.
(D) They communicate openly with their families.

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45. It can be inferred from the passage that it would be least common for
schizophrenia to develop at the age of
(A) fifteen

(B) twenty

(C) twenty-five

(D) thirty

Four West Indian geckos, with human assistance, have recently entered the
United States. The yellow-headed gecko, the ashy gecko, the reef gecko, and the
ocellated gecko are presently inhabiting the tropical areas of the Keys and the tip of
southern Florida. The Mediterranean gecko also arrived along the Gulf coast some
time ago, via the West Indies. The only other geckos in the United States live in the
Southwest. In extreme southern California, the leaf-gingered gecko lives in dry, rocky
country and scampers over boulders at night, hiding by day in crevices. The banded
gecko inhabits the desert areas from southern California to southern Texas. This
three-to-four-inch nocturnal gecko has a slender, tapered tail and stalks insects by
raising itself high on its legs, cocking its head, and twitching its tail nervously before
leaping on its prey. In courtship, the tail is also waved by the male as he approaches
the female.
Although most lizards are excellent climbers, the geckos are able to walk on
smooth surfaces with the help of unique clinging devices under the toes. Also, the
undersides of most geckos have pads of large scales, each of which bear microscopic
hairs with hundreds of branches having minute, blunt ends that press against the
surface that the gecko is on, enabling the gecko to cling to almost any surface. Like
other lizards, geckos have the ability to shed their tails if attacked by an enemy. They
stump heels and a new tail is grown in approximately the same shape as the original.
Unlike most lizards, most geckos have no moveable eyelids. The nocturnal geckos
have vertical pupils, which contract in bright light. All geckos, except several New
Zealand species, lay eggs. The eggs have a tough, white shell and are laid under
stones, behind window shutters or under bark.
46. The authors main purpose is to
(A) compare lizards and geckos
(B) describe the behavior and environment of geckos
(C) analyze the life of gecko
(D) illustrate the habits of geckos
47. It can be concluded from the passage that
(A) lizards are better climbers than geckos
(B) lizards and geckos have very little in common
(C) geckos are herbivores
(D) geckos can live in both humid and dry climates

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48. In line 1, the author uses the words human assistance to mean

(A) people brought West Indian geckos to these areas

(B) West Indian geckos were raised by humans
(C) humans saved West Indian geckos from extinction
(D) West Indian geckos reached these places while escaping from humans
49. According to the passage, the banded gecko

(A) lives in dry, rocky country

(B) has a short, stout tail
(C) recently entered the United States
(D) is nocturnal

50. What is the most likely subject of the paragraph following this passage?
(A) The story of the journeys of West Indian geckos
(B) Information on how baby geckos hatch and develop
(C) A description of geckos native to North America
(D) A history of the southern California desert

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Answer: 1. CCBAB









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