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A Combination of Theologies

Winnipeg Free Press (Canadian Press), May 20, 1971

TORONTO They call themselves followers of Christ rather than Christians because they say Christian
churches tend to place the blame or guilt for a fallen world on others rather than on themselves.
They are members of The Process: Church of the Final Judgment, and there are six full time members of them
here, dedicated to a monastic life without personal money or possessions.
The church, founded about eight years ago in England by Robert de Grimston, appears to have a theology
unlike other contemporary religions but at the same time with a mixture of several.
One of the books they sell to passersby on busy Yonge Street is titled The Gods and Their People, an outline of
the basic tenets of their faith. It expounds the belief that most people follow three gods: Jehovah, Lucifer, and
The Jehovian is an austere individual, an apostle of doom, strong-willed and single-minded, and tends to be an
authoritarian or tyrannical individual, it says.
The Luciferian is the quiet, harmless, self-indulgent person who loves success, beauty, and pleasure.
The follower of Satan worships destruction and doom, and his faith verges on insanity. He may be a user of
drugs or is a mystic, an outcast who starves his body to disorient his mind.
Father Malachi which is his full church-given name is the leader of the Toronto group. He describes the
belief this way:
A conflict between the Jehovian and Luciferian parts of the individual is a mental conflict. When Satan is
present there is a conflict between the body and the soul. Things are done for the betterment of the body and
at the detriment of the soul. Or vice-versa.
Things are moving more and more out of control and people are moving out of contact with the things they
ought to be relating to. And so there is an extreme urge to place blame.
In The Process you can find personal acceptance, no moral judgment, and no aim to convert anybody. We're
not going to jam help down anybody's throat.
The six members of the Toronto group are from the British Isles and all have been in Toronto for about two
months. They hope to establish permanent quarters here soon.