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any assistance from Enrique Hemedes?

A: Yes Sir.

(TSN pp. 19 and 23, November 17, 1981)

Even Enrique Hemedes admitted that Justa Kausapin was

dependent upon him for financial support. The transcripts
state as follows:
Atty. Mora:
Now you said that Justa Kausapin has been receiving
from you advances for food, medicine & other personal
or family needs?
E. Hemedes:
A: Yes.
Q: Was this already the practice at the time this
Kasunduan was executed?
A: No that was increased, no, no, after this document.



Q: And because of these accommodations that you have

given to Justa Kausapin; Justa Kausapin has in turn
treated you very well because shes very grateful for
that, is it not?
A: I think thats human nature.
Q: Answer me categorically, Mr. Hemedes shes very
A: Yes she might be grateful but not very grateful.

(TSN, p. 34, June 15, 1984)

A witness is said to be biased when his relation to the cause

or to the parties is such that he has an incentive to
exaggerate or give false color to his statements, or to
suppress or to pervert the truth, or to state what is false.
At the time the pre_______________

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