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Atmosphere and Heat Transfer Web Quest

Directions: Click on the link above each set questions to find the answers.
Layers of the Atmosphere
1. Name the five layers of the atmosphere:
a. _____________Troposphere_____________________
b. ________________Stratosphere____________________
c. _____________Mesosphere _____________________
d. ____________Thermosphere___________________
e. _______________Exosphere____________________ (some scientist consider this layer to be part of
2. Click on the words atmosphere and each layer of the atmosphere to fill in the blanks below:
a. What are the two main gases found in the atmosphere?
1. ___________Nitrogen __________________________
2. __________Oxygen_______________________
b. The troposphere is the _______lowest _______________ region of the Earth's atmosphere and is where
____________Weather__________ occurs.
c. The stratosphere contains the ___________Ozone Layer__________ which absorbs
_______________Ultraviolet Radiation_______________. Look at the diagram: _________jet______ and
____________Hot air Balloon___________ can fly in the stratosphere.
d. As you go higher in the mesosphere, the temperature becomes _____colder_________. Scientists do not
know much about the mesosphere, but they do know that __________Meteors________ burn up in this layer.
e. The thermosphere contains a layer of charged particles called the ________ionsphere________ which makes
communication by _________aurora_________ possible and is home to the _____space shuttles_____________
(Northern Lights). This is the layer in which ___________________space shuttles______________________ fly.
f. In the exosphere the atmosphere is very ___thin______ as it begins to fade into space.
3. Look at the diagram and click layer Names Show It. List the height span of each layer:
a. Troposphere ______________0-12km________________________
b. Stratosphere ______________12-50 km_______________________
c. Mesosphere _______________50-85km_____________________
d. Thermosphere _____________85-600km______________________
4. Click Temperatures Show it. What happens to the temperature in each layer (does it get hotter or colder?)?
a. Troposphere ______________colder______________________
b. Stratosphere _____________hotter_________________________
c. Mesosphere _______________colder_____________________
d. Thermosphere _______________hotter_______________________

Heat Transfer
5. Conduction is the transfer of heat between ______________________substances that are in direct contact
with one another _________________________.
6. Why does the hand need an oven mitt in order to pick up the pot from the stove?
_____________________________________the heat will transfer from the pot to the hand. Which could injure a
person so wearing an oven mitt would help block the heat and prevent burns
7. List four good conductors and four poor conductors:


1. _______________iron______________ 1. _______wood_________________________
2. _________________copper_______________ 2. ______paper___________________________
3. _________________steel______________ 3. _______air_________________________
4. ________________silver__________ 4. _____________styrofoam___________________
8. Convection is the up and down movement of _________gases__________ and ______liquids____________
caused by heat transfer.
9. What happens to the air as the stove heats it? ___________________it heats up, causing it to expand and
11. What happens to the air as it gets farther from the heat source? ___________________it cools and becomes
dense, causing it to sink ________________________________________________________
12. List four examples of convection:
1. _________wind
2. ________hot air balloon
3. __________lower building floors are cooler and higher building floors are
4. ________warm water at the top of a lake
13. When _________________________________________________ travel through space it is called radiation.
14. What happens to the temperature of the house as the suns radiant energy touches it?
_____________________________Electromagnetic waves _________________________________

15. List three examples of radiation:

1. _______________microwave____________________________________________________________
2. ________________light bulb________________________________________________________________
3. ______________camp fire ________________________________________________________________