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Cosovanu Ioana-Emanuela

Islam is a religion that emerged in Mecca, hometown of Prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad was born in Mecca and raised by his uncle after his both parents died when he was
very young. In the trib, wher his uncle was the leader, he was raised as a son of everyone. He had
many mothers and many fathers. He was a very charismatic persone and had a philosophical
mid. He start as trademan but, one day his life took an unexpected turn while he maditaded in
wildness. He had a revelation fom God. After that night, Arabic course of history has changed.
Muhammad united all the Arabic tribs and imposed the belief in one God. Some tribs accepted
this belief in one God and the people unity but some not. They revolted and drove him away.
After a while Muhammad returned in Mecca with new forces and conquered it. The citizens of
Mecca were surprised by the fact that Muhammad didn't slaughtered anyone. In fact he come
paceful and destroyed just the statues of the gods.
Islam spread on three continents in a very short time but Muhammad didn't leav to see
it. He died tow years after he conquered Mecca.
Islamic culture remarked with his monumental buildings and his level of civilization. The
muslims had even a cultural center in Baghdad where the wise gathered. Here they exchange
information, translate ancient Greek manuscripts and learn more about anything. Here were put
the bases of many invention discovered later in Europe. They had also hospitals and a very large
knowledge in medicine. They had the finest materials and one of the best irrigation networks.
Muslims and Christians lived in peace until Al-Hakim took over the empire. He were
considerated a mad man because, without reason, he ordered the oldest church destruction . That
was the flame which started the endless war between Christians and Muslims. Even the fact that
the Al-Hakim successor rebuild the church with bizantin help didn't stopped the Christians anger.
They went to european courts and asked for help in destruction of Islam. As a result of this
action, european people gathered in armys of crusaders. This Crusades take place from 1096 to
1270. In this time, the Islamic empire lost many territories, being almost destroyed. In the time of
crusades, european people took many Islamic objects and knowledge like soap, silk, cashmere,
cotton, buildings pans, irrigation sistems and sewage systems.
The lethal blow was given by the Mongol attacks. They had slaughtered the population
until they was absorbed by Islamic culture and became muslims leaders. The momgols changed
the Islam. With them the monarchical system has changed. Now, the leader may be chose from

others line of successio then the royal family. Islamic Empire was divided into two Scythians and
With the discovery of gunpowder, the Ottoman ambitions grow. They start the extension in
north occupying Balkans. They wanted to occupy the hole continent and conquest of
Constantinople was a good start. All was good for them until Suleiman Pasha. Losing the bettel
of Viena marks the end of expantion and the start of falling for Ottoman Empire.
All in all, the Islam is a religion which raised a very advanced culture but, also in rong
hands it throwned people in darkness and to absurdity.