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A Great Change In My Life

One of the events which had a considerable impact on my life was deciding to live
abroad. It all started with a job application at a widely known IT corporation. Initially, I was
thinking that I would get a fresh start in London, but the company made me an offer that I
couldnt refuse:New York, United States of America.
The first thing I noticed when I first arrived in the city wasnt the height of the
skyscrapers, but the inner rush of the town. It seemed that the people are always in a hurry,
seldom finding time to relax. I would later find out that this was partially untrue because New
Yorkers have a lot of opportunities to take a break from the stressful offices. I have quickly
learned the quietest spots from Central Park or from Greenacre Park where i could just slow
down for half an hour.
One of the perks in living in a new town is having the chance to visit places that I have
only heard about. Taking a walk in Gantry Plaza, kayaking on the Hudson river or bike riding in
the Riverside Park are just a few of the recreational activities which one can pursue. I wouldnt
exaggerate if I say that I remembered to appreciate the nature while looking at the newly
blossomed trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
After spending some time in New York, I could start to see the differences between the
people from my home country and the people from US. Most of the persons that i have met here
were nice and had an unnatural openness, in my opinion. I think this attitude has its roots into the
multicultural education spread among the people, although I dont always find it authentic.
While my life has changed a lot since moving here, some things remain the same. I still
go to the gym regularly and play the violin occasionally. I think that hobbies define you
somehow and that you should keep doing a couple of them, helping you to have a more stable
I will stay for a while in New York, though i dont think that I want to live the rest of my
life in US. Even if I am going to live here a couple of years, I will certainly visit home soon
enough because I already miss it even if I am caught up in a partially new life.