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The Complete Guide To Auras

Develop Your Ability To See,
Feel, And Sense Human Auras

Chapter 1: What does Aura mean?
Nature and Significance of Auras
Chapter 2: Various Colors of Auras and What They Mean
Chapter 3: How to Detect and Observe Auras?
Chapter 4: Advanced Techniques
Chapter 5: Benefits
Chapter 6: Cleansing Your Aura
Strengthening and Purifying Your Aura
Chapter 7: How to Protect Your Own Aura

I want to thank you for choosing this book and I sincerely hope that you find
this book highly useful and beneficial.
Auras and the study of auras is not a new thing. Since the olden and
forgotten times, a lot of people have been blessed with the vision to see or
perceive an area of light around a persons head. This is why many old
paintings, murals and other artworks depict the spiritually evolved people
with those divine halos. An aura is this kind of light and it is said to reflect
the persons soul and character.
In the ancient times when people were honest and were concerned about
their mental as well as spiritual health, a lot of people could read or
perceive auras, but now this art is nearly lost. Auras are quite essential to
study as one can judge the character of a person by perceiving their aura.
Many spiritual leaders such as Moses, Jesus and Buddha have been
depicted with auras and halos around their head.
Thus studying the lost art of aura reading is very interesting and
enlightening, and everyone must try to learn it.

Chapter 1: What Does Aura Mean?

To understand the nearly lost art of perceiving aura, it is first very important
to understand what aura is and what the nature of this phenomenon is.
Every biotic and abiotic feature of this world has a certain electromagnetic
field around it. This electromagnetic field is known as aura when it is
present around a human being. Aura is also referred to as Human Energy
Field or HEF by some.
These fields are present in a variety of densities as the electromagnetic
waves vary with densities. Normally in the case of human beings aura
surrounds them with a 2-3 feet radius. This span or this field of aura is
known as an auric egg. Sometimes aura is also seen as the flow of personal
energy around the individual.
Sometimes, when someone walks by you, it feels like the person took away
some of your energy, while some other times, when someone tries to interact
with you, you feel like the person is an intruder. Sometimes you may also
feel like moving away from a group just because you did not feel
comfortable with it. All of these are actually your subconscious mind
perceiving auras and warning you or helping you.
According to the study of auras it is said that there are seven levels of auras.
These auras can be of a variety of densities as well as shades. Some people
can have very contrasting auras while others may have monotonous and
monochromatic eggs. As it has been proved that each egg has its own
frequency, the interconnection and influence on each other affects the auras.
This can also affect the individuals behavior, health, thought process,
emotions as well as feelings. Even the smallest change can make massive

Nature and Significance of Auras

Each shade of aura has a different meaning which can change with the
intensity of the hue. These colors are, in a sense, unique to the individual.
You might feel that reading aura is a hard thing, but it is not at all a complex
thing. You need a sound mind and the ability to concentrate.

If you start observing a persons aura properly, you will be able to read
their thoughts and ideas before they even articulate them. If the aura of the
person does not match with what he or she has said then the person is surely
lying because auras are completely natural and it is impossible to have fake
aura or forged aura. In simple terms, a person with good and clear aura is
definitely a good person while a person with a muddy or dark aura is going
to turn out as problematic and potentially harmful.
It is believed that we are born with the power to read and perceive aura,
which is why a baby always looks around the head of anyone who has come
to visit them. A person with dark or muddy aura is definitely a person who
is in bad mood or is a bad person. Children can not only perceive others
auras easily but also possess very clear auras themselves. Their auras are
supposed to be stronger because apparently they have not entered the
materialistic society yet. Children do not have a false personality and thus,
can perceive auras quite clearly. Kids who are prepubescent or are just
going to enter teenagers often agree that they used be able to perceive auras
when they were younger. Thus it is proven that this talent or art disappears
after a time if the person is not trained.

Chapter 2: Various Colors Of Auras And What

They Mean
Till now, we have seen a general introduction to auras and what the use of
perceiving them is. But as said earlier, auras are of different densities and
colors and not just yellow or white. In this chapter we will look at the
variety of colors auras are available in and also what these various colors
actually mean.

The violet color is associated with the nervous system, the crown and the
pineal gland. It is considered to be one of the most calm, wise and sensitive
colors. It has psychic power of attunement with oneself. The people who
have this aura are idealistic, artistic, magical as well as intuitive. They are
supposed to be visionaries. Next to the violet aura is the indigo aura which
is directly connected to the third eye, visual gland and the pituitary gland. If
a person has lavender aura then he or she is supposed to be imaginative and
a daydreamer.

Blue aura is related to the throat and the thyroid. People with this aura are
supposed to be calm, cool and collected. They are also supposed to be
caring and loving. They are also quite sensitive and intuitive. Next to the
blue aura is the turquoise aura. This aura is related to the immune system.
People with turquoise auras are quite sensitive as well as compassionate.
These people become very successful if they choose the path of being a
healer or a therapist.
A soft and mild blue aura is the sign of honesty, peacefulness and intuition.
The people with this aura are famous for their communication skills. If the
aura is bright royal blue then the person is generous and quite spiritual. He
or she may also have clairvoyant tendencies. These people always walk on
the right path and always find new and exciting opportunities. A dark or
muddy blue color can bring out fears in people even if they are highly
dominant. These fears can be fears of future, fear of speaking the truth or

even facing the truth. This can also mean a fear of self expression.

Green :
Green is considered to be a very soothing color and so the aura is supposed
to be a soothing aura as well. This aura is related to the heart and the lungs.
Green is supposed to be a very healthy color and thus, this hue always
symbolizes health. This aura also represents the nature, balance and growth.
This depicts the love of people, nature as well as social work. A very bright
emerald green aura always depicts a person with good healing powers or a
person who is benevolent. A greenish yellow or yellowish green aura
depicts a person who is supposed to be talkative and creative as well.
The dark green or muddy forest green auras are normally associated with
people who are either victims or feel like they are the victims of the society.
Normally they blame themselves or others about a lot of things. They are
insecure and have a very low self esteem. They are supposed to be very
sensitive towards criticism and can also be jealous. The feeling of
resentment is supposed to be a common problem with such people.

Yellow :
Yellow is color that depicts energy. This color also stands for intelligence
and inspiration. The people who have this aura are very happy go lucky,
playful and optimistic. They have high amounts of creativity and are
generally fun loving people. A pale or light yellow aura is associated with
spiritual awareness as well psychic powers. It also depicts that the person
is quite optimistic and has hope about new ideas and thoughts. A bright
lemony yellow color means that the person is struggling to maintain a
balance between power and control either in social life or personal life.
These people are also afraid of losing their power, control, respect and
A shiny and bright metallic gold color depicts a person who is inspired and
has high amounts of spiritual energy. A dark yellow or gold aura depicts a
person who is trying quite hard, especially a student who is putting a lot of
efforts in studies. This does not mean that this is a good thing though
because even if the student is trying to cram everything just before the exams
he or she will project this aura.

Orange :

Orange is the aura that is related to reproductive organs and emotions as

well. It represents vigor, vitality, good health and excitement. The people
who have this aura are supposed to be adventurous and creative. They are
also quite productive. They have quite high amounts of stamina and energy.
Moreover, they are also supposed to be outgoing and fun loving.
A blood orange aura depicts high amounts of confidence and creativity. The
person is quite creative and is quite intelligent as well. He or she is also
supposed to be a perfectionist and generally is very particular about details.

Red :
The next color is Red, which also happens to be the last color in the
spectrum. Red is concerned with the whole of the body, but specifically it
targets the heart and the circulatory system. It is the densest color in the
spectrum and can create a lot of friction. It is also supposed to be very
unstable and is supposed to attract and repel all at once.
People with red aura may have financial problems. They may also be
obsessed with certain things or may even have anger issues. People with red
aura are quite nervous as well and can be vengeful too. A person with deep
red aura is grounded and connected to the reality. He or she is also quite
active and can go miles and miles. This person is also a survivor and will
try to survive in worst of the worst situations possible. A muddy red color
depicts anger, and that too of extreme levels. A clear red aura signifies
power, energy and competitiveness. These people can be competitive about
almost anything. These people are also supposed to be very passionate
about everything in their life. The people who have this aura are supposed
to have a healthy ego.

Silver :
Silver aura and color stand for abundance. This abundance can be of
spiritual level as well as physical level. A bright silver aura depicts that the
person has abundance of wealth or spirituality. Metallic and bright silver
shows that the person is open and wants to listen to new ideas. They also
have a very nurturing personality and a strong intuition.

Gray :
Gray aura is something to be wary of. It is a warning sign and if you see

gray aura around certain body parts then it can indicate health problems. A
muddy gray indicates the presence of accumulated fear.

Black :
Black aura is like a black hole. It is consuming and captures light and
energy. It can indicate a person with a dark past and can also depict
grudges. Once again if you see black aura concentrated on a certain body
part or portion, then this body part is probably suffering from some

Gold :
Gold is a color which is always associated with royalty or divinity. It thus
stands for enlightenment as well as celestial security. A person with a
golden aura is supposed to have guidance from God. Golden aura also
depicts wisdom, knowledge and protection. It also stands for spirituality.

Pink :
Pink is the color of love and hence, it doesnt come as a surprise that this
aura symbolizes sensitivity as well as loving and tender nature. People with
a pink aura are supposed to be born artists. They are pure, affectionate and
sensual as well. But stark opposite to a bright pink is dark or murky pink. A
person with such an aura is supposed to be immature and quite dishonest at

White :
White is the color of purity and in aura system it often depicts piety and
luminescence. Undefined regions are marked by white. A white aura enables
the reader to perceive spiritual, ephemeral and transcendental qualities of a
man. White also stands for truth and justice. White normally stands for
angelic qualities. If you see sparkles of white, then either angels are around
you or the person is expecting.
Thus, so far we have seen a lot of colors and what they stand for. After this,
it is quite necessary to indulge into the art of aura at an advance level.


Chapter 3: How To Detect And Observe Auras?

As said earlier auras are the specific shells of atmosphere that surround
people. These auras are made of vibrations which are generated because of
response to some kind of external stimuli. These are made of electro
photonic vibrations. They are also composed partly of EM or
electromagnetic radiation.
The frequency of the radiation is of different lengths and is different from
infrared and microwave radiations. The aura is a sort of personal magnetic
field that surrounds a person all over. This circle can be of 2 to 3 feet. Each
aura has seven layers and these layers are supposed to be connected to the
seven chakras of the human body. Each of these seven circles has different
and unique frequency and each level possesses its own unique frequency
which has an effect on the other levels around it. Thus, if one of the circles
malfunctions it can cause an imbalance in whole of the system. Now let us
have a closer look at these seven circles or levels.
Physical level: This is the level that concerns with the physical status
of the person. This can denote what kind of physical back up the
person needs. If you perceive this aura correctly then you can
determine the health status, the comfort level and other similar
readings of the person quite effectively.
Etheric level: This level can be easily analyzed. In this level the
subject needs to love themselves and need to accept themselves as
well. This level thus concerns self-esteem and self-love.
Vital level: This level needs a clear mind and clear thinking. You
should be able to understand the situation quite clearly and in a very
rational way. The thinking should be linear as well.
Astral level: In this layer it is suggested that the person should
interact more with their family and should spend some quality time
with his friends and loved ones.
Lower mental level: This level needs an individual to present, speak
and follow the path of truth.
Higher mental level: This level wants you to have some form of
divine love. You need to experience spiritual ecstasy as well.

Spiritual (intuitive) level: This layer says that the person should have
a good and comprehensive knowledge of the pattern of the universe
and a link with the divine.

A beginner can start observing auras easily if he or she starts sensing them.
You thus need to pay more and more attention when you are with company.
Inhale, exhale and relax yourself. You should redirect your attention towards
your instincts. Try to analyze the person and think how the persons makes
you feel. With this information, try to think of an ideal color for the person.
With practice you will start sensing auras quite easily. You should also
practice on improving your peripheral vision as this vision is much more
functional than the central retina vision. It has good amounts of
photosensitive cells.
You might struggle a bit with auras at the beginning because you must have
forgotten the technique of perceiving the auras. But it is not at all
impossible. You can do easy exercises that can help you to perceive auras
better. One such exercise is concentrating on one spot for about a minute.
This increases your receptivity to light and concentration as well.
Of course, you cannot start seeing auras overnight. You need practice,
patience and perseverance. You should try to focus on primary colors by
concentrating on brightly colored objects. You should try doing this in a
dimly lit room. If you do this correctly and quite often, in no time you will
start seeing auras from the object you were focusing on. Once you
successfully do this you can easily repeat the same on any human being.
Blinking is completely fine when you do this exercise. Remember, it is all
about not losing your focus.


Chapter 4: Advanced Techniques

Once you start perceiving auras of inanimate objects and animals with
perfection, the next thing you should do is raise the level of difficulty. Now
we must move on to perceive human aura. To do this you will need the help
of a friend or a companion who has some time to spare. Ask him or her to
stand in front of a white wall in a dimly lit room. Ask your buddy to stand
with his back to a blank white wall in a softly lit room. Now do the same
exercise that you do for the inanimate objects.
You should not ideally look into the eyes of your subject as it might break
your concentration and then youll just have to start over. Try to analyze
your subjects aura. Focus on it. Try to maintain a steady and concentrated
gaze. You should maintain your gaze at the surrounding area of your subject.
You may not perceive an aura immediately as this is a very rare thing to
happen. You can do one thing to quicken the process. Try to change the
brightness around the person. When you feel that the intensity of the light has
changed you should once again try hard concentrate on the person.
As soon as you start seeing auras, dont get excited or you may lose the
aura. Keep on concentrating and ask the person to move or change his
position. If you still can perceive the aura, then congratulations! If not, then
keep on practicing.
Finding a subject for this experiment can prove to be a hard thing for some
people. For such people you can always use the technique on yourself as
well. Sit in a dimly lit room and try to relax. Now concentrate on your body
and try to focus on the fact that you want to perceive your aura. Rub your
index fingers together till they seem to stick to each other. If you feel your
fingers have become adhesive, make a gap of centimeter or so between
them. Now focus on this gap, and with enough practice, you should be able
to see and perceive your own aura in this gap.


Chapter 5: Benefits
Following are some of the major benefits of perceiving and seeing aura.
Lie detector: Auras never lie and they cannot be faked. A liar may lie
with his tongue and even his body language, but he cant lie with his
Understand a person: You can understand a persons true nature by
observing his or her aura and understand what is hidden in their mind.
Diagnose diseases: Auras can help you to diagnose diseases and
various other physical discomforts.
Enhance personal growth: Y0u can enhance your spiritual as well as
mental growth by observing auras. You can also use the auras to
understand yourself, your mind as well as your soul.


Chapter 6: Cleansing Your Aura

Normally, we pick up a lot of energy when people surround us. Not all of
this energy is good energy and most of the times this is negative and bad
energy. This kind of energy may have very harmful effects on your body as
well as your aura. You may feel very different because of these energies.
You must have felt this happening before but might not have paid attention to
Sometimes, it so happens that we start our day in a very fresh way with a
very good mood and a cheerful attitude. We hang out with our loved ones
and plan to have good time. But then it so happens that you suddenly start
feeling dejected, frustrated and simply get irritable. This happens because
of bad energy.
In extreme cases it may even happen that whole of your day goes really fine
and all, but then at the end of the day, you still sulk and feel like a plastic
bag that is drifting through the wind without any hope. This is the time when
you should ideally think of cleaning and strengthening your aura. Ideally
you should not wait this to happen and should regularly cleanse your aura
because we constantly come into the contact of people, and thus our aura
gets tainted every once in a while.
We pick up negative energy even faster than positive one. It is thus a very
important task to get rid of negative energy. You can even convert this
energy into positive one.
It is important to understand the importance of a good aura. It can help a
person to be in a good mood and health as well. It also helps the person to
main a happy nature.

Strengthening and Purifying Your Aura

The sun: Spending time in the early morning sunlight is a very good
way to purify your body and your aura. Early morning sunrays are also
really good for your health as they provide you with vitamin D.
Sunrays strengthen your aura and provide you with energy as well.
Sea salt: You can go for a swim in a sea or an ocean. Salt is supposed
to be a very pure thing and thus can help you to purify your aura. If you

dont live next to a beach, then you can try getting a salt scrub before a
Sage smudge stick: The North Americans considered the fumes of
white sage pure and cleansing. Light a stick of sage and let the smoke
pass over your body.
Cold shower: Cold showers can be used to clear away the negativity
and toxins. It also drives away tension and can improve the
circulation of blood. Cold shower also makes you think clear and
your thoughts become more organized and collected. You become very
clear headed and lose all kind of confusion.
Be aware of energy zappers: Dont get too caught up with things or
they will reduce your energy or may even drain you out.
Sound medicine: Sound is accepted as a healing tool by many. The
Om chant is a very ancient chant and is quite effective. That chant
has a very relaxing effect on your mind and your aura. Repeating it can
soothe your damaged aura.
Avoid prolonged exposure to electronic gadgets: Modern day
electronic gadgets release radiations at multiple frequencies which
can affect your aura.


Chapter 7: How To Protect Your Own Aura

It is very important to maintain a good aura and you should also know how
to purify it, but along with this, is it is also very important to protect it from
harm and danger. You can protect your aura with the help of heavenly
intervention, cord cutting, as well as massage. You can also use reiki
healing to protect your aura and heal it. This therapy is a soft touch therapy
and it can help you to safeguard your aura by increasing the outflow of
energy by removing the blocked and stagnant life force.
A Reiki practitioner acts as a medium and can channel divine energy in a
very specific manner according to the need. He or she can use this special
energy to tackle the blocked energy in your personal aura. This will prevent
and protect you from any kind of mental, emotional, spiritual or physical

Some people sometimes perceive an aura or auras when they have migraine.
Even the people who suffer from some kind of visual impairment can
sometimes perceive auras. But these auras are not the kind of auras that we
are trying to see here. In fact we do not recommend seeing these auras at all.
Scientists believe that if an aura reader proclaims that he or she can see
colors coming from a person if the person is made to stand against a blank
wall, then he or she is not seeing auras at all. Researchers say that the
colors are nothing but the effects of retinal fatigue or some optical illusion.
According to them, these do not have any psychic or supernatural
It is solely upon you whether to be a skeptic or a believer, but if you want to
read auras, then you definitely need to be a believer as normally skeptics
cannot read auras. To be able to experience something, you have to start by
actually believing in it. Faith is the first and most important step.


Thank you once again for choosing this book. I am sure that you found this
book interesting, helpful and useful.
You need to have a lot of patience, insight, as well as strong will power to
perceive aura. You cannot simply master perceiving aura in a single day or
overnight, if anyone tells you that they did this then they are fooling you. You
need to understand that perceiving aura is a time consuming and hard
Perceiving auras is also a very difficult thing and people may feel skeptical
about it. You may be subjected to tests quite often, and frankly you may fail
them quite often. But dont be ashamed or dejected, for even the best of the
aura perceivers failed when she was subjected to tests.
Aura healing is also a popular topic but it is a very hard thing to do and is
almost impossible for people who want to do it as a hobby. It is a deep
rooted art, and needs to be learnt for years. You have to hone it repeatedly
for it to be any good to anyone. You simply cannot heal serious diseases by
perceiving colors. Although there have some cases where this has happened
but it is relatively impossible to do so. Instead you should simply use auras
to perceive and diagnose diseases and then get medical treatment as early as
In conclusion, it must be said that you need to follow your heart while
perceiving auras. This is a hard system but not at all an impossible system.
With patience, perseverance, concentration, and constant vigilance, you can
definitely start perceiving auras. So follow the guidelines extensively and
you can use your Auras in the best manner.


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Table des Matires

Chapter 1: What does Aura mean?
Nature and Significance of Auras


Chapter 2: Various Colors of Auras and What They Mean



Chapter 3: How to Detect and Observe Auras?

Chapter 4: Advanced Techniques
Chapter 5: Benefits
Chapter 6: Cleansing Your Aura
Strengthening and Purifying Your Aura

Chapter 7: How to Protect Your Own Aura