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Mail Forwarding to Venezuela

Renting a US mailbox is a common trend among new and existing businesses in the US and Overseas. Some
companies simply do not have the staff, space or budget to maintain an active mailing department for sending
and receiving important company transactions and communications. Renting a US mailbox offers a cost
effective and efficient solution for the company’s postal and communication needs in addition to virtual US
presence. US Mailbox will offer you a genuine US street address for your business without the excessive
overhead, expensive leases, utility bills and taxes.

If you have your own business, small or big, in USA or overseas, you got to take a minute to consider these top
ten reasons to having your own US mailbox:

1. Reliable: Reliably sending and receiving packages is a priority of many companies. Missing a delivery or a
package can lead to poor communication with clients and portray a bad impression of the company. Renting a
mailbox assures that all your incoming mail and packages will be received by someone 24 hours a day and all
your outgoing correspondence will be mailed on time.

2. Privacy: This feature is popular among home businesses and those not keen on disclosing their actual
location to everyone. A mailbox itself is an entirely different address and hence it offers complete privacy for
the business owner or the company, keeping their actual address unpublished.

Mail Forwarding to Venezuela cannot be any easier!

rade Group Member

Venezuela is a member of a number of international economic organizations and participates

in bilateral trade agreements as follows:

Group of Three (G3)

Venezuela has expanded its relations with Mexico and Colombia through the Group of Three Free Trade
Agreement that became effective 01/01/1995. It covers not only commercial issues but also fundamental areas
of economic relations, such as services, investment, intellectual copyrights, and public sector procurement, etc.

Andean Pact - Venezuela is a member of the Andean Pact that consists of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador,
Venezuela, and Peru. As a member, VE benefits from the groups free trade zone and free trade agreement. The
most active trade partners are those that share contiguous borders, as transportation is difficult.

Venezuela Import Prohibitions

Mail Forwarding US Packaging | International Shipping

 Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (International Air Transportation Association) regulations
 Used autos, used clothing and used tires.
 Pork from most countries
 Eggs of animals
 Ice, blue
 Inflammable chemical products, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.
 Medicines (Tylenol)
 Playing Cards
 Pornographic Materials
 Viagra
 Toys or Video Games that involve guns, violence acts and/or wars.

Regulatory Contact Information

Branch or Agency Name Areas of Responsibility

Ministerio de Infraestructura  Ministry of Infrastructure,

Avenida Lecuna, Torre Este, piso 51 Communications,
Parque Central Transportation and Urban
Caracas, VE. Development.
Tel: 58-212-509.1111/1004
Fax: 58-212-509-1718
Comision Nacional de  National Telecommunications
Telecomunicaciones Commission (CONATEL)
Calle Veracruz con Calle Cali
Edificio MTC, Las Mercedes
Caracas, VE
Tel: 58-212-993-
Fax: 58-212-993-0019

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