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Women Will Have to Wait Another 170 Years to Close Gender Gap
According to a new estimate published by the World Economic Forum, gender
equality will not occur for another 170 years. This estimate was based on an
assessment that considers all areas where there are gender gaps. This includes
health, education, empowerment and opportunity. Within the past year alone, the
estimate for when men and women would get payed equally moved forward by 52
years. Countries in the Nordic region have the best rates of equality while the
Middle East has the worst.
This short article was very short, but was very informative. It was a summary
of a report that just recently came out and examined the gender gap, not only in
pay, but in other aspects of society. I do think that this estimation is very drastic
because it takes into account every single country, not just the United States. It
would be interesting to see what the estimation would be based off of the United
States alone.
I think that this report is very alarming, and should be to most people. In a
society that deems itself to be modernized, this should be especially alarming.
However, I believe most people would blame this on the lack of education, or
experience, but statistics show that this is not true. I do appreciate that fact that the
author put the stagnation of gender equality in perspective of time because most
people do not realize how modern we truly are not.
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Emma Watson: Gender equality is your issue too

This article is the speech that Emma Watson gave at the launch of the
HeforShe campaign for gender equality. In her speech she talks about the
stigmatization of being a feminist. She also talks about how this effects men as well
and impacts society as a whole. She also addresses how people have a
misconception of feminism and label it as man hating when that is not the case.
She presents this, and fights for equality because it is something that no country
has achieved yet.
This speech is very persuasive, and opinion-driven. There were few, if any
statistics within the text. Compared to the other sources, this one is less informative
and is not a report of a study, but rather an argument for the idea of gender
equality and a way to achieve it. This also addresses the stigma against feminism
and gender equality compared to the other texts.
I thought this was a very interesting text and would help me add some
persuasion into my final research report. It was interesting how Watson tied in the
importance of male participation in this campaign for gender equality. She also
talked about how this effects men negatively as well. Overall, I thought this was an
interesting perspective on the argument for gender equality, considering most
people think it is a men-hating campaign in a war between the sexes.
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