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Dixon 1

Kelli Dixon
Prof. Joy McDonald
English 101-17
October 28, 2016
Annotated Bibliography on Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Adams, Aileen, and Gail Abarbanel. Sexual Assault on Campus: What Colleges Can Do. Santa
Monica, CA: Rape Treatment Center, Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center, 1988. Print.
This book is about victims of college campus rape and what researchers learned from the
victims. It states that in the spring of 1987 there was a dramatic increase in the number of
rape victims on colleges campuses who were trying to find help and support. It gives
different measures college could take in order to make their schools safe for their
students. This is important to my report because it shows the process by which victims of
rape go through in order to heal.
"EPublications." Sexual Assault. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.
This website states that sexual assault is any type of forced or coerced sexual contact or
behavior that happens without consent. The Department of Justice defines rape “the
penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or
oral penetration by a sex organ.” It also states what giving consent means and the
conditions you must be in to give consent. It notes what sexual coercion is, which is
social or emotional pressure to force someone into sexual activity that they do not want
or agree to do. This website is important to my report because it explains the definition of
sexual assault.

It explains why the system of sexual assault is so broken. "Study: 23% of Women Sexually Assaulted in College. 2016.Dixon 2 "Statistics About Sexual Violence. Triffin. Retrieved from http://www. child sexual abuse. It shows statistics of sexual violence in the U." CNN. Kelly. and more than half reported that their alleged attacker only received academic penalties or no punishment at all. "The Scary Truth About Rape on Campus. 27 Oct.). It notes that one of five college students will be a victim of rape or attempted rape. 2015. and campus reports. This article is important in my report because it is explaining why sexual assault is becoming so common on college campuses. Web. Also it states that the Center for Public Integrity interviewed 33 victims.423. Web.S.. This website is important in my report because it shows the statistics of campus sexual assault. 27 Oct." National Sexual Violence Research Center. Also it notes that the prevalence of false reporting is between 2% and 10%.pdf This website shows statistics of assault in the United States (U. It also states the cost and impact of rape. This magazine article reports cases of sexual assault. Cable News Network. It also informs us about the justice administration’s actions to prevent them.org/sites/default/files/publications_nsvrc_factsheet_mediapacket_statistics-about-sexual-violence_0.S. 2016.nsvrc. 27 Oct. 2011: 210-13. 2016. It states that rape is the most under-reported crime. Wallace. Web. 23 Sept. campus sexual assault.1% rate of false reports. It says that researchers studied 812 reports of sexual assault from 2000-03 and found a 2. . It notes that each rape costs approximately $151." Cosmopolitan 01 Sept. Molly.

It also explains why it is difficult for some women to come forward. or thought it would emotionally difficult. It states about 23% of female college students said that they had experienced some form of unwanted sexual assault. It states that most women do not come forward because they felt it was not serious enough or they were embarrassed. . This journal article is needed for my report because it explains statistics and surveys from some of the most known colleges and universities in the Unites States.Dixon 3 This journal article is about how females from many different colleges and universities have experienced unwanted sexual assault. ashamed.