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My name is The Coon.

You know me from my post "Occult secrets of masturbation" (

http://pastebin.com/YH4uZeNH ). Now that your mind has been shaken with the tru
th about your creative sex force, it is time to advance further. What follows af
ter a man stops masturbating to filth and starts taking control over his emotion
s and desires? A readjustment of his mind from society's brainwashing of course!
In reality we have two enemies. One is the brainwashing influence from the media
and our peers, all coming down from somewhere. The other is the adversary in ea
ch of us, the ego. There is so much to talk about, I don't even know how to writ
e this.
We all know that most women nowadays have gone batshit insane. They date the wor
st of men in their early years and wind up old, single and used. Most of them ar
e SJW, feminist, communist and atheist degenerates. They fully support the takin
g of our rights and care only about abortions and women rights. They are under t
he complete control of their feelings and emotions, programmable by the media. A
nd they hate you, and they don't care about you. They like being abused and to a
lways live in suffering. It really is a mental disease. But if you treat them wi
th respect they will find that as a weakness and treat you badly. When it's too
late they might come looking to settle down with you, but by then it will be too
late. But that's not all women. Just most of them. There are many smart and nic
e women out there who are fighting these bad traits inside of them. And it's all
thanks to the evil influences coming from the media. It's the influences that a
re making women to behave like this.
But are we men so much better? We are also bombarded with influences and give in
just as easily. While women dress like sluts, men dress either like feminized f
aggots or become thugs and abusers. Women spend money on useless shit but men bu
y a used BMW, plastic crap sold at a premium price. These new BMW's are designed
to last only 2-3 years and start falling apart. The old cars lasted 20-30 years
because there were much more metal parts around the engine and the plastics use
d in the interior were quality plastics. The plastics inside a BMW start to crac
k after a year and the text fades out from the buttons. And it's not just BMW. I
t's the new Audi's, Mercedes and Volkswagen's too. But we buy the BMW only becau
se we care how people would see us. That we finally get to be the big bad, stero
id bodybuilder mobster that will kick your ass if you beep at him. And that's ho
w the smart elite get us. You pay a premium price, but because you are a stupid
goy, you get the same designed obsolescence the other sheep get.
I've mad my point. I'm not trying to bash women without a reason. I am just reve
aling the influences that destroy both of our sexes. It is my desire to help you
ng men who are close to rock bottom. I want to take them and transform them into
fine, active men. But you must understand that the second influence is coming f
rom the inside, and it's trying to influence the very way you think. It is the a
rchons, the devil, the adversary, the personality hydra with many heads, the ego
. It is what makes you think all women are pieces of shit while making you forge
t how you don't even have any control over base sexual urges and addictions. Are
you so much better than the women you hate? Your inner devil says so. But what
happens if you suddenly get the perfect woman. Will you never cheat on her? Will
you understand when she is not in a mood for sex? Will you continue to masturba
te fantasizing about other women? Will you be with her during good and bad? Will
you try to help her even when she is angry and depressed?
Look at yourself! You have gathered so much hatred from being around shitty wome
n. You have allowed this to create a fake mindset in which "all women are shit".
You keep on hating. And when the perfect woman comes you will continue sproutin
g anger and hate around her until she leaves you. Or she will leave you because
of your sick sexual perversions or you only caring about sex. The devil hides be
hind pain and fear. You can also feel his influence when you are selfish. It is
the same devil that plays with the emotions of women that plays with your ego. I

t only want's to spread fear, hatred, anger, discord, suffering.

Listen to me instead of the devil. I am not saying the sluts and SJW shits are b
etter than you. They are not. I don't want you helping them, dating them or even
being around them. But I want you to focus on improving yourself instead of was
ting your time crying about it. You are not improving yourself for them. You are
improving yourself for yourself, for your family, friends and future wife and c
hildren. Understand that some of these women can be helped the same way I am hel
ping you right now. Do not stop meeting women. If you see a way you can help the
m, do it. If they don't listen to you or attack you, leave them with their choic
e. Do not be around foul women who don't respect you. Do you understand what you
have to do? Start improving yourself and stop giving attention to tumblr degene
rates and shit women.
"But won't they become too powerful if we don't stop them?" - you ask. No. All t
hese SJW and tumblr mentally ill women are only popular because you give them at
tention and write about them. They are only spreading their hatred and traumas o
n to other women. If you fully ignore them and focus on your career and being a
good person, you won't be spreading their hatred further. Do you really think th
ey accomplish anything by writing on their little blogs? They only spread hatred
to other stupid women. They are self destructive. In 10 years all these women w
ould be working a shitty job, if any. They will have wasted their life. The only
dangerous women you need to worry about are those in schools, politics and HR.
And the only way to covertly remove those mentally ill women from such important
position includes you not masturbating your brains away, but becoming financial
ly wealthy and with connections. The more businesses we own, the more wealth we
acquire, the more tricks we learn, the more we get the power to oppose the femin
ization and anti-white male agenda. The easiest way to explain is that people wh
o make money prosper and gain power to do stuff. If a business owner manages to
employ only good people and removes all SJW, feminist, communist and liberal idi
ots from his company, he is giving life to good people and their future, and kil
ling the power the mentally sick people had. Now they will never manage to get i
nto positions of money and power when they will be able to influence the future
of your children.
But to turn you into a working man with investments and plans I must free your m
ind from the traumas and brainwashing of society. Getting you to stop masturbate
and to control your desires was just the start. Now to get your ego to work pro
perly again.
1# You were brainwashed into thinking that having a girlfriend and sex was what
made you a man. You were brainwashed that if you are a virgin or don't have a wo
man you are nothing. Most people spend their lives always searching for their ot
her half and obsessing over how they would never be happy without one another. T
o be with a woman that loves you is great, but there are other people who love y
ou to. Not having a woman now is nothing to be sad about. Look at all the people
who pretend to be happy in-front of you yet bicker and scream every day. Most o
f the happy guys you see will end up divorced and with half of their money taken
. Women don't know how to make real love. They are obsessed by the same lie and
only care about the status of "having a boy friend" and satisfying their selfish
desires for "burning love". The part of your ego that thinks this way must die.
Accept the fact that you might never find a good woman to be with in this life.
But you had women in other lives and you will have them in future lives. The im
portant part is that there are people who truly love you. Your family and your c
losest friends. You must love yourself too. That's all that matters. Now your mi
nd will scream with fear "What if I never find a good woman? Why can't I have a
woman?". Of course you can. You can always move to a country in where women actu
ally like you. You can even go to a bazaar in the east and just buy a woman. You
will treat her far better than the muslims. You are only buying her freedom and
a better life. Just because you buy her doesn't mean that she should be your sl

ave. Isn't this charity? And if you only care about having a son, then you can a
lways just pay a surrogate woman. There. Now you know that you can actually have
a woman without any effort. You only have to have the money and say "I want thi
s". Now you have freedom. You don't have to worry about getting laid, or when wi
ll you be getting laid, or when will you be having a woman. And don't talk about
true love to me. The affections you felt for your high school girls are just ho
rmonal attraction. Did you forget? You had true love in your past lives probably
. Is it really such an important thing if you have the true love from your paren
ts? It is like me complaining that other people have a BMW. Now be free and focu
s on your career. Focus on your hobbies and what you want to do. Never take shit
from women again. Never care what your western women think of you. You will be
the one truly happy in your 30s.
#2 They brainwashed you to think that your penis is too short or that you are to
o short. Are you kidding me? The mentally ill women who date a man only because
of his height will end up in a horrible relationship full of drama. They are stu
pid. Let them suffer. They only did you a favor by staying away from you. Think.
Really. Is her big penis husband going to give her real love or a rich life? We
live in a world where money matter more than penis and height. You shouldn't ob
sess over money, but these women do. And then they will be jealous of you. But d
o you really want these women if you had the thing they found attractive? Rememb
er that money are only a tool. You acquire money to live better and to do good d
eeds. Do not boast how you have money while the loosers these women date don't.
Because they will come and try to get your money. Like I said, avoid these low w
omen. Understand that you were born with a healthy body. Be thankful for that. H
ow stupid is to care about height or penis size?
#3 They brainwashed you to think about status. A fool and his money are soon dep
arted. Do not think like a stupid goy. Your money are better spend on a nice loo
king reliable japanese car than on a beamer. Your money are better spend on inve
stments and important stuff than on idiocy. You don't need a gym membership. You
can just buy 2 dumbbells. For 100$ you can start investing in strategic soccer
betting. For 200$ you can start investing in forex or buying gold and silver. Ne
ver stop thinking how to better handle your money. Do not deny yourself all plea
sures, but live smartly. Focus on what's important and that you are managing you
r money for the better future of your family.
This is it. I hope I have inspired you today friends.