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Simone Woodard

Dr. Kays
27 September 2016
English 102 H
Annotated bibliography

The treatment and tolerance of lesbians and gay men in the United States
"Sports World Erasing 'gay' and 'LGBT' from Orlando." Outsports. N.p., 16 June 2016.

After the recent terrorist attack on a gay bar in Orlando, the Citys major league soccer
club posted headlines and sent out many messages talking about the event. The team
decorated their Facebook and twitter pages with rainbows honoring the 49 people who
died in the attack. However with all of their efforts to help mend the community, they
never once mentioned the LGBT community by name. They printed terms such as safe
and pride on their rainbow flags but never mentioned the community as a name. Their
athletes referred to them on twitter as things such as communities, victors, and all
impacted. There were athletes such as Shaquille ONeal who actually addressed the
community as they are; LGBT but unfortunately the Soccer Club did not credit him in
their headlines. Interviews were conducted with many other sports teams were conducted
but not once was LGBT or Gay mentioned. Even when asked about it, many sports
commentators, CEO's, and coaches shied away from the words. Acceptance of gays in the
sports community is finally beginning a breaking though, but there is still a long ways to

DeAngelis, Tori. "APA Sitemap." Http://www.apa.org. American Psychological

Association, Feb. 2002. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.

Over the years the LGBT community has faced many hardships. The numbers for
members of that community needing therapeutic/psychiatric help is going up
expeditiously. Therapists all over are being trained how to deal with said clients. Years
ago they were just known as gay, but now with all the other subcategories of the original
LGBT label, people who do not identify as being just a lesbian or just gay are having a
hard time finding their true selves. According to Columbia University HIV-prevention
researcher and clinician Alex Carballo-Dieguez, PhD, support systems within the
community are target towards the younger generation. Members in their 30s and 40s
have a harder time accepting who they are and often times need more therapy than
members of the younger generation. To address and abolish this problem, many therapists
have clients walk through their own sexual and emotional histories and take a realistic
look at themselves to help them realize that what they feel is okay and acceptable. More
practices should urge such clients to take a life inventory, to look at the past and see
what's valuable there.

Focus, By Policy. "Site-wide Navigation." Gays in the Military. By Bernard D. Rostker,

Susan D. Hosek, and Mary E. Vaiana, Spring 2011. Web. Sept. 2016.

An organization that is not yet completely on board with the acceptance of the gay
community is the US Military. On the contrary, the percentage of women in the military
who identify as a lesbian is substantially higher than that of the general population.
According to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent health, studies suggests a
military population of 26,000 men and 21,000 women self-identify as gay, lesbian, or
bisexual. Regardless of those numbers there is a huge difference between selfidentification and sexual expression. With the recent repeat of the Dont ask, Dont tell
policy the us military lived by, one would think that would encourage members to open
up and express themselves amongst others. However multiple studies show that few to
none will actually come out. The policy is now seen as an unspoken rule. When asked to
identify personal costs that they attributed to the Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy, the vast
majority of military members said it had put gay personnel at risk for blackmail or
manipulation and had an adverse effect on their personal and unit relationships.

Katz, Jonathan. Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A. New York:
Avon, 1978. Print.

In 2003, the author was given Yale Universitys Brudner Prize, an annual honor
recognizing scholarly contributions in the field of lesbian and gay studies. The book
focuses on gays and their treatment in different situations and time periods. According to
history there is the chronicle of the earliest known case of a homosexual being put to
death in America, that of Frenchman Gonzalo Sols de Mers, murdered in St. Augustine,
Florida , in 1566. The book also mentioned a Black man, Jan Ceoli, living on Manhattan

Island, who was condemned to be choked to death, and then burned to ashes. An early
report dated from 1824-26, identifies homosexuality in American prisons, and concerns
prostitution of juvenile delinquents with older male prisoners. Male prostitution is
also prominently mentioned in a case, dating 1892, documenting the homosexual
underworld in American cities. These reports the author mentions in his book also
include descriptions of Black male homosexual transvestites, homosexual activity at
steam baths, newspaper solicitations, and street life. This is not this authors only book
about lesbian and gay activity. Majority of his works discuss different topics on lesbian
and gay activity. More authors should join him in writing about the community in
positive and informative lights.

Welch, Morgan. "The Tolerance for Lesbian Women versus Gay Men." FourTwoNine
News. Newspaper, May 2013. Web. Sept. 2016

In society, the acceptance of lesbians over gay men is very prominent. In the earliest
stages of life, our younger generation has such powerful organizations that promote
brother and sisterhood. However these same organizations are shunning those same youth
who identify a little differently. Girl Scouts, one of the most life changing and influential
youth groups for girls of all ages have grown to accept and love girls and leaders that
identify as anything other than Straight. The group quietly supports girls of all
kinds, no matter their orientation; even girls who happen to be
biologically male are welcome to join and participate without having to

worry about being treated or looked at differently. Boy Scouts on the

other hand focus on their continuing ban on gay scouts and leaders
This was of thinking is very prominent in the world of sports. Men and young boys all
over are scared of coming out of the closet in fear of being chastised or shunned by
fellow classmates/employees, teachers, and family members. The only way to instill
comfort instead of fear in these young boys hearts and minds is to educate our older
generation on how their treatment and intolerance is affecting our boys. . Everyone is
different but that is not a reason for them to be treated as if they are an abnormal mutation
One should not be judged by their sexual orientation, but should be assessed by their
character and treatment of others.