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14905 Lansgate Ct., Midlothian, VA 23112804-938-1559samiwaleed90@gmail.

Waleed Sami


Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC

Masters in Counseling

Honors in Counseling, PSI CHI

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
 Graduation: 05/12
 Major: Psychology
 GPA: B+


Richmond, VA

Matoaca High School

Richmond, VA

High School Diploma
 21 credit hours of Advanced Placement (AP) coursework
 Honor roll

Work Experience
UMFS Youth Counselor
Richmond, VA
Participate as a member of a treatment team in Child & Family Healing Center’s residential program to meet
the social, recreational, behavioral, and educational needs of youth exhibiting acute emotional and behavioral
difficulties or youth on the autism spectrum, along with other emotional challenges. Plan, implement, and
participate in social and recreational activities for youth. Provide a safe and therapeutic milieu that meets the
physical and emotional needs of our clients. Implement treatment protocols established by a multi-disciplinary
team. Attend to the administrative functions, including attending treatment meetings, completing required
documentation, and actively participating in professional development opportunities offered at UMFS.
Integrated Behavioral Health and Outpatient Therapy At Saint Mary’s (Internship)
Richmond, VA

Bon Secours

Provide Mental Health Support and Therapy in an integrated format with the Pediatric Developmental
Specialty Needs Clinic at Saint Mary’s. The three primary areas of focus were Endocrine, Lung Care, and GI.
Duties included: provide outpatient therapy to the pediatric population, including group work and working
with parents addressing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues. Develop psychoeducational material to
assist with the mental health needs of the pediatric population who live with chronic illnesses. Work in
collaboration with nurses, doctors, dieticians, and administrators to create the best treatment plans for patients.
Practicum at Saint Mary’s Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.

Bon Secour’s Saint Mary’s Richmond, VA

Provide one on one counseling and group counseling in inpatient unit under the supervision of Dr. Lisa
Zoppetti, clinical psychologist. Duties include administrative work, intake, note-taking, counseling, treatment
planning, crisis intervention, and learning how to work with the severely mentally ill population. Skills gained

Serve as a role model and help facilitate a therapeutic relationship. Sexual Dysfunction. and different facets of the Juvenile Justice system to provide the best service to youth and county at large. PTSD. Coordinate with diverse agencies (eg. Maintain program accountability through case-management. VA Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Center Supervise and interact therapeutically in a correctional facility with incarcerated youth whilst providing behavior management. Growing conversationally in Spanish. Hindi. Duties include: Building strong IAPs. Many youth had several behavioral issues and mental health concern.804-938-1559samiw14@wfu. intake and psychosocial assessment of the severely mentally ill population. etc. These included (but not limited to): Depression. Probation. Extra-curricular Activities     Rugby: One of the captains of the VCU Rugby team and a club officer. 2014-2014 Home Incarceration Officer VA Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Center Chesterfield. ID. Supervising youth in the community. 2011. Case Management. Lower-Functioning. *Elected to Employee Leadership Council at Chesterfield Juvenile Detention References References are available on request. United Nations: Represented Matoaca High School for several years in the United Nations club. CBT and DBT groups. Coordinate with treatment team in order to work for a positive discharge. Football: On the inaugural VCU Football Team for the 2011 Season Officer in various organizations at VCU Languages spoken: English. Oversee safety and security procedures and implement behavior management system in order to therapeutically address behavior of youth. Can read and write Farsi and Arabic.2012 360 Therapeutic Mentor VA Intercept Youth Services Richmond. along with ID issues. ADHD. and Coordinating with Social Workers and Program Supervisors. Provide counseling and maintain control over youth’s behavior. Urdu. mental health. Social Services) to provide the best integrated and holistic care for troubled youth. and court reports/proceedings. Perform other maintenance work and see to the up-keep of the facility. ADD. 2012-2014 Youth Supervisor Chesterfield. .edu Waleed Sami include clinical note-taking. Youth often had major adjustment/emotional issues. Youth came primarily from group homes and other therapeutic residential facilities. Coordinate with administration. Documentation. Work with youth on building positive social skills and relationships. paper-work. and Punjabi. Provide daily contacts for juvenile offenders in their homes/communities as ordered by the Juvenile Court of Chesterfield to be on house arrest or on the ankle monitor.

804-938-1559samiw14@wfu.edu Waleed Sami .