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Monday -Science session on 28-11-2016 and 05-12-2016

1. Chemically, vitamin C is __?

Correct Answere: Ascorbic acid

2. Which of the following can be used as an anaesthetic?

(1) Nitrous oxide
(2) Chlorine
(3) Carbon dioxide
(4) Helium
Correct Answere: Nitrous oxide
3. Proteins give a yellow colouration with __?

Correct Answere: Nitric acid

4. At what temperature are the temperatures on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal ?
Correct Answere: -40 Degree Celsius
5. When water is heated from 0 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius, the volume of
water ?
Correct Answere: First decreases, then increases
6. Only one part of moon can be seen from earth because__?
Correct Answere: The periods of rotation and revolution are equal
7. The most abundant source of iron is__? Correct Answere: Green vegetables
8. If excess fertilizer is applied to a plant without water, the plant ?
Correct Answere: Will die due to plasmolysis
9. The bacterium Escherichia coli is chiefly found in ? Correct Answere: Human
10. Fire in the diesel engine is produced by which of the following ?
Answere: Compression


11. Parsec is a unit of ? Correct Answere: Astronomical distance

12. The element of an electric heater is made from which among the following ?
Correct Answere: Nichrome
13. Energy crops are source of ?
14. ELISA is__?

Correct Answere: Bio-fuels

Correct Answere: Immunological test

15. Commercial acetic acid is used in the preparation of ?

Correct Answere: Vinegar

16. An ice cube is floating on the surface of water. How will the water level be affected
by melting of this ice cube ?
Correct Answere: Water level will remain the same
17. The period of revolution round the sun is maximum of which among the following
planets ?

Correct Answere: Mars

18. At what temperature will the density of water be maximum ? Correct Answere: 4
19. Plague is a ? Correct Answere: Bacterial disease
20. Liver is located in ? Correct Answere: Abdomen
21. Primary source of biological energy is ?

Correct Answere: Sun

22. Which among the following are primary colours ? Correct Answere: Red, green,
23. Which among the following is the best conductor of electricity ?
Answere: Silver


24. Nichrome wire is used in an electric heater because ?

(1) It can resist a current upto approx. 5 amperes
(2) It has high resistance
(3) It has high melting point
(4) For all of the above reasons
Correct Answere: For all of the above reasons
25. Which of the following components is/are responsible for blood clotting ?Correct
Answere: Platelets
26. Which of the following is an antacid ?
(1) Acetic acid
(2) Lactic acid
(3) Milk of magnesia
(4) Formic acid
Correct Answere: Milk of magnesia
27. The life span of RBC is ?

Correct Answere: 120 Days

28. Which of the following secretes hormones ?

(1) Gall bladder
(2) Ductless gland
(3) Spleen
(4) All of the above
Correct Answere: Ductless gland
29. A clock goes slow in summer because the length of the pendulum ?
Correct Answere: Increases therefore time period increases
30. Bar is the unit of__ ?

Correct Answere: Atmospheric pressure

Q.31. Which substance is mixed to stiffen rubber?


Q.32. What is the chemical name of baking soda?

Ans- Sodium bicarbonate

Q.33. Twinkling of stars is due to the effect of ___.

Ans- scattering of light

Q.34. Which type of mirror is used while shaving?


Q.35. Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following
gases in air?------Hydrogen sulphide.
Q.36.Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal

1. Dry cells use as electrolyte ?

(1) Ammonium chloride
(2) Carbon
(3) Manganese dioxide
(4) Zinc
Correct Answere: Manganese dioxide
2. Ozone is ?
(1) Allotrope of oxygen
(2) Bleaching agent in presence of water
(3) Harmful to humans
(4) All of these
Correct Answere: Allotrope of oxygen
3. Potassium bromide is used in ?
(1) Common salt
(2) Gunpowder production
(3) Radio dating
(4) Photography
Correct Answere: Photography
4. The salt is produced when zinc reacts with sulphuric acid is ?
(1) Zinc chloride
(2) Zinc carbonate

(3) Zinc nitrate

(4) Zinc sulphate
Correct Answere: Zinc sulphate
5. PVC is used in plastic industry, the term PVC stands for ?
Correct Answere: Polyvinyl chloride
6. The property of water which permits an insect to "walk" on water is ?
(1) Surface tension
(2) Tensile strength
(3) Turgor pressure
(4) Viscosity
Correct Answere: Surface tension
7. Which of the following is most abundant metal on earth ?
(1) Aluminium
(2) Iridium
(3) Iron
(4) Silver
Correct Answere: Aluminium
8. Which type of bond is present in Diamond ?
(1) Covalent
(2) Ionic
(3) Molecular
(4) None of these
Correct Answere: Covalent
9. Which is the best conductor of electricity ?
(1) Aluminium
(2) Copper
(3) Silver
(4) Zinc
Correct Answere: Copper

10. The emerald is the green crystalline form of what common mineral ?
(1) Beryllium Aluminum slicate
(2) Copper assenate
(3) Copper acetate
(4) Copper silicate
Correct Answere: Beryllium Aluminum slicate
11. Which one of the following is used as an anti-freeze for the automobile engines ?
(1) Ethanol
(2) Ethylene glycol
(3) Methanol
(4) Propyl alcohol
Correct Answere: Ethylene glycol
12. Tetraethyl lead (TEL) is added to petrol to ?
(1) It acts as antifreezer
(2) It increases combustion
(3) Increase flash point
(4) To increase anti-Knocking rating
Correct Answere: To increase anti-Knocking rating
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13. Which one of the following is non-metal but is not poor conductor of electricity ?
(1) Bromine
(2) Phosphorus
(3) Selenium
(4) Sulphur
Correct Answere: Selenium
14. Hardness of woods is due to the presence of ?
(1) Cellulose
(2) Magnin
(3) Lignin

(4) Xytene
Correct Answere: Lignin
15. What is the average length of life of Red Blood cells (RBCs) found in the blood cells
Correct Answere: 120 days
16. What are the plants germinating on rocks, called ?
(1) Algae
(2) Ambriyophytes
(3) Fungi
(4) Lithophytes
Correct Answere: Lithophytes
17. Which cells are responsible for the making of urea from ammonia ?
(1) Heart cells
(2) Kidney cells
(3) Liver cells
(4) Stomach cells
Correct Answere: Liver cells
18. Minium cell size seen under light microscope is ?
(1) 1um
(2) 0.1um
(3) 0.5 um
(4) 0.25 um
Correct Answere: 0.25 um
19. Which of the following is incorrectly matched ?
(1) Blood Circulation-William Harvey
(2) Pencillin-Alexander Flemming
(3) Theory of Evolution-Charles Darwin
(4) Vaccination-Louis Pasteur
Correct Answere: Theory of Evolution-Charles Darwin
20. Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into ?

(1) Ammonia
(2) Free nitrogen
(3) Proteins
(4) Urea
Correct Answere: Free nitrogen
21. We lose consciousness if blood flows-to the brain is cut off for more than ?
(1) 2 sec
(2) 5 sec
(3) 15 to 20 sec
(4) 5 min
Correct Answere: 5 sec
22. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of ?
(1) Active transport
(2) Dialysis
(3) Diffusion
(4) Osmosis
Correct Answere: Dialysis
23. The excreta of lizards and birds contains a white component which is chemically ?
(1) Creatinine
(2) Precipitated calcium
(3) Uric acid
(4) Urea
Correct Answere: Uric acid
24. Largest known bacterium is ?
(1) Bacillus baschiliin cockroach
(2) Bacillus buschili in man
(3) Epulopiscium fishelzoni
(4) Spirillum voluntans
Correct Answere: Spirillum voluntans

25. A mature living cell without a nucleus is ?

(1) Compantion cell
(2) Sieve rube
(3) Sieve cell
(4) Vessel
Correct Answere: Vessel
26. The powerhouse of a cell is the ?
(1) Chloroplast
(2) Golgi apparatus
(3) Mitochondria
(4) Plastid
Correct Answere: Mitochondria
27. Which of the following process does not requires oxygen ?
(1) Glycolysis
(2) Respiration
(3) Kerb cycle
(4) Photorespiration
Correct Answere: Glycolysis
28. The unicellular algae which is used in space porgramme to regulate the supply of
oxygen is ?
(1) Chlorella
(2) Codium
(3) Chlamydomonas
(4) Spirogyra
Correct Answere: Chlorella
29. The cause of tree shedding leaves in winter is ?
(1) The preparation of trees in England for winter snowfall
(2) The preparation of trees in India for summer heat
(3) The trees take rest after the activity of summer
(4) To prevent loss of water which becomes scarce

Correct Answere: The trees take rest after the activity of summer
30. Which is the most fast spreading disease ?
(1) Poliomyelites
(2) Plague
(3) Malaria
(4) Leprosy
Correct Answere: Plague
31. The gestation period of a cow is ?
(1) 150 Days
(2) 280 Days
(3) 300 Days
(4) 365 Days
Correct Answere: 280 Days
32. A bat is ?
Correct Answere: A mammal
33. Which of the following is used by green plants for the manufacture of sugar ?
(1) Carbon dioxide
(2) Sun light
(3) Water
(4) All of the above
Correct Answere: All of the above
34. Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships ?
(1) Carbon dioxide
(2) Helium
(3) Hydrogen
(4) Hydrogen sulphide
Correct Answere: Helium
37. Proteins are assembled from this acid ?
Correct Answere: Amino acid

38. Of the following chemical compounds, which one may soon be used as a fuel for
driving vechicles ?
(1) Ethene
(2) Ethane
(3) Ethanol
(4) Ethylene
Correct Answere: Ethanol
39. Of the following gases, tell which one is used in the multicoloured display signs
seen at nights ?
(1) Argon
(2) Krypton
(3) Neon
(4) Xenon
Correct Answere: Neon
41. Of the following drugs, which one is present in cola drinks ?
(1) Cocaine
(2) Caffeine
(3) Opium
(4) Valium
Correct Answere: Caffeine
42. Electric bulbs are filled with this gas ?
Correct Answere: Argon
43. Why does a liquid drop assuming a spherical shape ?
(1) Because a sphere has the least surface for a given volume
(2) Because a sphere has the largest surface for a given volume surface tension
(3) Because intermolecular force are weak in liquids
(4) Because intermolecular force are weak in liquids
Correct Answere: Because a sphere has the least surface for a given volume
44. Which of the following is used in a Reflecting Telescope ?
(1) Convex mirror

(2) Concave mirror

(3) Plane mirror
(4) None of these
Correct Answere: Concave mirror
45. Archmedes was a ?
Correct Answere: Greek scientist mathematician
46. After the name of which Indian scientist does the Council of Scientific and
Industrial Research (CSIR) awards every year prizes to scientists for their outstanding
contributions to sciences, engineering and technology ?
(1) J. C. Bose
(2) S. S. Bhatnagar
(3) Meghnad Saha
(4) T. R. Sheshadri
Correct Answere: S. S. Bhatnagar
47. Water-pipes burst in severe winter at hill stations because ?
(1) They contract on cooling
(2) Pipes expand on cooling
(3) Water in the pipe contracts on freezing
(4) Water in the pipe expands on freezing
Correct Answere: Water in the pipe expands on freezing
48. For being able to see three-dimensional pictures we have to use ?
(1) A binocular
(2) A camera
(3) An epidiascope
(4) A stereoscope
Correct Answere: A stereoscope
49. In the cold countries Ethylene Glycol is put in radiators of cars. This is done in
order to ?
(1) To reduce freezing point
(2) To make the water a good lubricant
(3) To reduce cooling

(4) Reduce specific heat of water

Correct Answere: To reduce freezing point
50. The density of sea water increases as ?
(1) Depth and salinity decrases
(2) Depth decrases and salinity increases
(3) Depth incrases and salinity decreases
(4) Depth and salinity increases
Correct Answere: Depth and salinity increases
51. While lifting a bucket of water from a well. We feel that the bucket ?
(1) Becomes lighter above the surface of water
(2) Becomes heavier above the surface of water
(3) Loses stability on coming out of the water
(4) Has gained mass on coming out of water
Correct Answere: Becomes heavier above the surface of water
52. At what height above earth geo-stationary satellites are "fixed" ?
Correct Answere: At the height of 36,000 km
54. Seen through a mirror the arms of a clock show 9.30. What is the actual time ?
Correct Answere: 3.30
55. How many 100 watt bulbs may be safely used on 220 volts with five amperes fuse
(1) 5
(2) 10
(3) 11
(4) 22
Correct Answere: 11
56. A train goes past a railway station at a high speed. A young boy standing on the
edge of the platform is likely to ?
(1) Remain unaffected
(2) Fall towards the train
(3) Fall away from the train

(4) Fall away from or towards the train depending on its speed
Correct Answere: Fall away from the train
57. A device used for measuring the depth of the sea is called ?
Correct Answere: Fathometer
58. When the speed of a body is doubled, its kinetic energy becomes ?
(1) Double
(2) Half
(3) Quadruple
(4) One-fourth
Correct Answere: Quadruple
59. Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is ?
(1) Minimum
(2) Maximum
(3) Minimum or maximum
(4) Zero
Correct Answere: Zero
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60. An ordinary clock loses time during summer because the length of the pendulum ?
(1) Increases and therefore the time-period increases
(2) Increases and therefore the time-period decreases
(3) Decreases and therefore the time-period increases
(4) Decreases and therefore the time-period decreases
Correct Answere: Increases and therefore the time-period increases
61. A fluorescent tube is preferred to an electric bulb because ?
(1) It has larger light emitting surface
(2) Its light is not harmful to the eyes
(3) In a tube, electrical energy is almost fully converted into light energy
(4) Voltage fluctuation do not affect it
Correct Answere: In a tube, electrical energy is almost fully converted into light energy

62. In a barometer, mercury is preferred over water because ?

(1) Mercury has high density and low vapour pressure
(2) Mercury is available in pure form
(3) Mercury is a good conductor of heat
(4) Mercury is shining and therefore, its level can be read easily
Correct Answere: Mercury has high density and low vapour pressure
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63. Sun spots are ?
(1) The mountains found on the surface of the sun
(2) The dark patches having less temperature than the normal surface
(3) Ionized gases found near the solar surface
(4) The magnetic storms on the surface of the sun
Correct Answere: The dark patches having less temperature than the normal surface
64. The formation of VIBGYOR colours in soap film is a consequence of the
phenomenon of ?
(1) Interference
(2) Diffraction and dispersion
(3) Multiple refraction and dispersion
(4) Polarization
Correct Answere: Interference
65. The sun spots cause ?
(1) Aurora borealis and aurora australis
(2) Polar auroras
(3) Magnetic storms on the surface of the sun
(4) All of these
Correct Answere: All of these
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The bell metal is an alloy of(c) Tin and copper

2. Parsec is a measure of(d) Orbital velocity of giant stars Answer. (d)

3. By fixation of nitrogen is meant(d) Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into Useful compounds

4. Atoms of the same element, i. e., having the Same atomic number that differ in
atomic Weight, are called(a) Isotopes

5. The quantum number that tends to specify The orientation in space for an orbital is
the(c) Magnetic quantum number
6. Carbohydrates are the compounds of(b) Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen
8. When water freezes its density(b) Decreases
9. A chemical reaction that takes place with the evolution of heat is called a/an(d) Exothermic reaction
10. The manufacture of iron ore Involves the process of(b) Reduction

11. A double convex air bubble in water would Behave as a(a) Convergent lens
(b) Divergent lens
(c) Both as convergent and divergent lenses
(d) None of them Answer. (b)

12. Which of the following has the strongest Bleaching property?

(a) Chlorine

13. The most abundant element in the earths

Crust is(a) O
(b) Al
(c) Si
(d) Fe
(e) N Answer. (a)

14. Which of the following gases do not form Part of the atmosphere?
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Chlorine
(c) Carbon dioxide
(d) Oxygen
(e) Ozone Answer. (b)
15. Nitric acid does not react with(a) Copper
(b) Gold
(c) Silver
(d) Zinc
(e) Iron Answer. (b)
16. Oxygen is manufactured by the fractional Evaporation of(a) Water
(b) Liquid air
(c) Hydrogen peroxide
(d) Liquid oxygen
(e) None of the above Answer. (b)
17. Sodium burns in air to give(a) Sodium peroxide
19. Argon gas was discovered by-

(a) William Ramsay

19. Formaldehyde is the starting material for The manufacture of(a) D. D. T.
(b) Rayon
(c) Bakelite
(d) Caprolactam
(e) Nylon Answer. (c)
20. During burnings of fuels, carbon and Hydrogen present in the fuels are(a) Converted into carbon dioxide and Water vapour
21. Dry ice is(a) Ice which never melts
(b) A term used for insensitive persons
(c) Solid carbon dioxide
(d) Frozen heavy water
(e) None of these Answer. (c)

22. The compound which can be used to Prepare iodoform is(a) Accetic acid
(b) Methyl iodide
(c) Acetone
(d) Propionaldehyde
(e) Oxalic acid Answer. (c)
1. Which of the following is the lightest metal ?
(A) Mercury (B) Silver
(C) Lithium (D) Lead (Ans : C)
2. The most important ore of Aluminium is
(A) Bauxite (B) Calamine
(C) Calcite (D) Galena (Ans : A)
3. The element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals is

(A) Carbon (B) Silicon

(C) Hydrogen (D) Aluminium (Ans : B)
4. The chemial name of Uria is
(A) Aneurin (B) Chloroetane
(C) Carbamide (D) None of these (Ans : C)

5. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding

(A) Potassium Permanganate (B) Chlorine
(C) Bleaching Powder (D) Washing Soda (Ans : D)
6. The formula of Plaster of Paris is
(A) CaSO4 (B) CaSO4, 2H2O
(C) 2CaSO4, 4H2O (D) 2CaSO4, H2O (Ans : D)
7. Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) consists of mainly
(A) Methane, Ethane and Hexane (B) Ethane, Hexane and Nonane
(C) Methane, Butane and Propane (D) Methane, Hexane and Nonane (Ans : C)
8. The metal that is present in Photo Films is
(A) Mercury (B) Platinium
(C) Magnesium (D) Silver (Ans : D)
9. Which of the following is in liquid form at room temperature ?
(A) Cerium (B) Sodium
(C) Francium (D) Lithium (Ans : C)
10. The property of a substance to absorb moisture from the air on exposure is called
(A) Osmosis (B) Desiccation
(C) Efflorescence (D) Deliquescene (Ans : D)

Q1.A gas used as a disinfectant in drinking water is ?---ANS. Chlorine

Q2.A genetically engineered form of brinjal, known as the Bt-brinjal, has been
developed. The objective of this is? [UPSC 2011 (CS-P)]-------ANS. To make it pestresistant
Q3.A married couple adopted a male child. A few years later, twin boys were born to
them. The blood group of the couple is AB positive and O negative. The blood group of

the three sons is A positive, B positive, and O positive. The blood group of the adopted
son is? ANS---- O positive
Q4.A sandy and saline area is the natural habitat of an Indian animal species. The
animal has no predators in that area but its existence is threatened due to the
destruction of its habitat. Which one of the following could be that animal?-----ANS.
Indian wild ass
Q5.Chemically, bleaching powder is [UPSC 2008]
Calcium hypochlorite
Q6.Chemically, lime water is [UPSC 2008]
Calcium hydroxide

Q7.Chlorination is a process used for water purification. The disinfecting action of

chlorine is mainly due to [UPSC 2010 (CS-P)].
The formation of nascent oxygen when chlorine is added to water.
Q8.Consider the following:
1. Photosynthesis
2. Respiration
3. Decay of organic matter
4. Volcanic action
Which of the above add carbon dioxide to the carbon cycle on Earth? UPSC 2011 (CSP)
2, 3 and 4 only
Q9.Consider the following:
1. Oxides of Hydrogen
2. Oxides of Nitrogen
3. Oxides of Sulphur
Which of the above causes/cause acid rain? [UPSC 2010 (CS-P)]
1 and 2 only
3 only
2 and 3 only
1, 2 and 3

Q10.Defect of colour blindness can be remedied by the use of [UPSC 2008]

Concave lens
Convex lens

Cylindrical lens
None of the above
Q11.Enterobiasis is caused by [UPSC 2008]
Pin worm
Q12.Given below are the names of four energy crops. Which one of them can be
cultivated for ethanol? [UPSC 2010 (CS-P)]
Q13.Radioactivity is measured by [UPSC 2008]
Geiger-Muller counter

Q14.The double helical structure of DNA was discovered by [UPSC 2008]

Watson and Crick
Q15.The function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor is to [UPSC 2011 (CS-P)]
Slow down the speed of neutrons
Q16.The Himalayan Range is very rich in species diversity. Which one among the
following is the most appropriate reason for this phenomenon? [UPSC 2011 (CS-P)]
It has high rainfall that supports luxuriant vegetative growth
It is a confluence of different bio-geographical zones
Exotic and invasive species have not been introduced in this region
It has less human interference
Q17.The phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by [UPSC 2008]
Q18.The vector for elephantiasis is [UPSC 2008]
Infected culex mosquito
Q19.Which one of the following is associated with Darwinism? [UPSC 2008]
Natural Selection
Q20.Which one of the following is known as Marsh gas? [UPSC 2008]
Q21.Which one of the following processes in the bodies of living organisms is a
digestive process? [UPSC 2010 (CS-P)]

Breakdown of proteins into amino acids

Q22.Optical fibre works on the principle of ______.
total internal reflection
Q23.Which of the following is not true for aerobic respirations?
It takes place outside mitochondria
Carbon dioxide is always produced
End products are always organic
High amount of energy is produced
Q24.The working principle of a washing machine is ______:
1. The pH of human blood is around ?
(1) 3
(2) 6
(3) 7.5
(4) 12
Correct Answere: 7.5

2. It is dangerous to have coal or charcoal burning in a closed room because ?

(1) It produce the poisonous gas carbon monoxide
(2) Burning consumes all the oxygen and breathing becomes diffcult
(3) The amount of heat produced is intolerable
(4) There is serious risk of fire
Correct Answere: It produce the poisonous gas carbon monoxide

3. For the production of iron, the raw material used is ?

(1) Coke
(2) Rubber
(3) Petrol
(4) Limestone
Correct Answere: Coke

4. Milk is a mixture of ?

(1) Carbohydrates, fats and water

(2) Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water
(3) Carbohydrates, and water
(4) Fats and water
Correct Answere: Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water

5. The gases used in the manufacture of ammonia are ?

(1) Nitrogen and methan
(2) Nitrogen and oxygen
(3) Nitrogen and hydrogen
(4) Oxygen and nitric oxide
Correct Answere: Nitrogen and hydrogen

6. Some sources of energy are continuously produced in nature and are essentially
inexhaustible. Which of the following is such a source ?
(1) Coal and lignite
(2) Geo-thermal power
(3) Natural gas and crude oil
(4) Uranium
Correct Answere: Geo-thermal power
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7. In the process of dialysis, used on patients with affected kidneys, the phenomenon
involved is ?
(1) Absorption
(2) Diffusion
(3) Electrophoresis
(4) Osmosis
Correct Answere: Osmosis
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8. The energy of an ideal gas depends only on its ?
(1) Pressure
(2) Number of moles
(3) Temperature

(4) Volume
Correct Answere: Temperature
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9. The main active constituent of tea and coffee is ?
(1) Aspirin
(2) Caffeine
(3) Chlorophyll
(4) Nicotine
Correct Answere: Caffeine
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10. The main use of mica is in ?
(1) The electrical industry
(2) The glass and pottery industry
(3) The steel industry
(4) Petroleum refining
Correct Answere: The electrical industry
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11. Chemically cane sugar is ?
(1) Fructose
(2) Glucose
(3) Lactose
(4) Sucrose
Correct Answere: Sucrose
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12. The difference between isotopes of an clement is due to the presence of different
number of ?
(1) Electron
(2) Photons
(3) Protons
(4) Neutrons
Correct Answere: Neutrons
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13. The term 'carat' is used to express the purity of gold. The purest form of gold is
of ?
(1) 18 Carats
(2) 20 Carats
(3) 22 Carats
(4) 24 Carats
Correct Answere: 24 Carats
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14. Cooking gas supplide in cylinders by gas agencies is ?
(1) A solution
(2) Gaseous
(3) Liquid
(4) Solid
Correct Answere: Liquid
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15. From which of the following sources can you get the purest form of water ?
(1) Rain water
(2) River water
(3) Mineral water
(4) Well water
Correct Answere: Rain water
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16. The material which can be deformed permanently by heat and pressure is called a
(1) Chemical compound
(2) Polymer
(3) Thermoset
(4) Thermoplastic
Correct Answere: Thermoplastic
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17. The capsule shell is made up of ?
(1) Gelatine
(2) Sponge

(3) Starch
(4) White albumin of eggs
Correct Answere: White albumin of eggs
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18. Which of the following human hormone requires iodine ?
(1) Adrenaline
(2) Oxyacetone
(3) Progestorone
(4) Thyroxine
Correct Answere: Thyroxine
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19. Cholera is due to ?
(1) Bacterium
(2) Fungus
(3) Protozoan
(4) Virus
Correct Answere: Bacterium
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20. The dreaded human disease, syphilis, is caused by ?
(1) A bacterium
(2) An animal parasite
(3) A fungus
(4) A virus
Correct Answere: A bacterium
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21. What is the average weight of the lungs of a healthy man ?
(1) 0.5 Kg
(2) 1.10 Kg
(3) 2.5 Kg
(4) 10 Kg
Correct Answere: 1.10 Kg
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22. Leprosy is due to ?

(1) Monocystis
(2) Mycobacterium
(3) Salmonella
(4) TMV
Correct Answere: Mycobacterium
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23. Pedology is the study of ?
(1) Crop disease
(2) Rocks
(3) Locomotion of animals
(4) Soil
Correct Answere: Soil
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24. All of the following diseases are caused by virus, except ?
(1) Influenza
(2) Jaundice
(3) Mumps
(4) Typhoid
Correct Answere: Typhoid
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25. The mammal that lays eggs is ?
(1) Duck-billed platypus
(2) Kangaroo
(3) Oppossum
(4) Otter
Correct Answere: Duck-billed platypus
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26. Who is known as Father of Antiseptic Surgery ?
(1) Galen
(2) Joseph snow
(3) Joseph Lister

(4) Parlor
Correct Answere: Joseph Lister
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27. The branch of science dealing with the study of hair is called ?
(1) Hairology
(2) Heliotheraphy
(3) Tricology
(4) Toxicology
Correct Answere: Tricology
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28. Which of the following are centres of protein synthesis ?
(1) DNA
(2) RNA
(3) Golgi bodies
(4) Ribosome
Correct Answere: Ribosome
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29. Sea-shore trees do not show annual rings because ?
(1) There is little climatic variations
(2) They belong to monocots
(3) There is enough moisture
(4) Soil is sandy
Correct Answere: There is little climatic variations
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30. Prothrombine which is useful in the coagulation of blood is manufactured in ?
(1) Heart
(2) Kidney
(3) Liver
(4) Stomach
Correct Answere: Liver
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31. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is comprised of a protein coat and genetic
material, which is ?
(1) Single stranded DNA
(2) Single stranded RNA
(3) Double stranded DNA
(4) Double stranded RNA
Correct Answere: Single stranded RNA
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32. Which of the following is used in the treatment of cancer ?
(1) Astatine
(2) Hydrone
(3) Radiation
(4) Neon
Correct Answere: Radiation
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33. Hypocaelemia occurs due to shortage of ?
(1) Carbohydrates
(2) Calcium
(3) Iron
(4) Potassium
Correct Answere: Potassium
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34. An ecosystem consists of ?
(1) A living community and its environment
(2) All the plants and animals of an area
(3) Carnivores and herbivores of an area
(4) Producers, consumers, and decomposers in a particular locality
Correct Answere: A living community and its environment
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35. Prothrombin albumin and fibrinogen are synthesized by ?
(1) Bone marrow
(2) Pancreas

(3) Liver
(4) Splean
Correct Answere: Liver
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36. Botulism caused by Clostridium bolulinum affects the ?
(1) Intestine
(2) Lymph glands
(3) Neuromuscular Junction
(4) Spleen
Correct Answere: Intestine
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37. Which one possesses character of both plants and animals ?
(1) Bacteria
(2) Euglena
(3) Mycoplasma
(4) Paramecium
Correct Answere: Euglena
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38. The oxide of nitrogen used in medicine as anaesthetic is ?
(1) Nitrogen dioxide
(2) Nitric oxide
(3) Nitrous oxide
(4) Nitrogen pentaoxide
Correct Answere: Nitrous oxide
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39. A gas behaves like an ideal gas at ?
(1) High pressure and high temperature
(2) High pressure and low temperature
(3) Low pressure and low temperature
(4) Low pressure and high temperaturee
Correct Answere: Low pressure and high temperaturee
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40. The chlorophyll and haemoglobin are natural coordinate compound and
respectively contains ?
(1) Ca and Co
(2) Fe and Ni
(3) Mg and Fe
(4) Mg and Mn
Correct Answere: Mg and Fe
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41. Vinegar is prepared by the ?
(1) Dehydration of wine
(2) Fermentation of rotten grapes
(3) Fumming of date palms
(4) Fermentation of apple cider in the presence of air
Correct Answere: Fermentation of apple cider in the presence of air
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42. Which of the following is not an inert gas ?
(1) Helium
(2) Freon
(3) Neon
(4) Xenon
Correct Answere: Freon
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43. Bones glow in the dark because ?
(1) They contain shining material
(2) They conatin red phosphorus
(3) White phosphorus undergo slow combustion in contact with air
(4) White phosphorus changed into red phosphorus
Correct Answere: White phosphorus undergo slow combustion in contact with air
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44. It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because trees release ?
(1) Carbon dioxide
(2) Carbon monoxide

(3) Oxygen
(4) Sulphur dioxide
Correct Answere: Carbon dioxide
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45. Which is the gas released by factories, automobiles etc., that is most harmful to
life ?
(1) Carbon dioxide
(2) Carbon monoxide
(3) Nitrogen dioxide
(4) Sulphur dioxide
Correct Answere: Nitrogen dioxide
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46. Mendeleev's periodic table is based on ?
(1) Atomic weight
(2) Atomic number
(3) Number of neutrons
(4) None of these
Correct Answere: Atomic weight
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47. Chemical name for bleaching powder is ?
(1) Calcium Oxide
(2) Calcium oxychloride
(3) Hydrogen carbonate
(4) Quicklime
Correct Answere: Calcium oxychloride
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48. After losing electrons, element becomes ?
(1) Corroded
(2) Oxidised
(3) Reduced
(4) None of these
Correct Answere: Oxidised

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49. Horn silver is
(1) Compound of magnesium
(2) Ore of silver
(3) Purest form of silver
(4) Sodium Cyanide
Correct Answere: Ore of silver
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50. Chemical name for baking soda is ?
(1) Calcium Oxide
(2) Calcium oxychloride
(3) Hydrogen carbonate
(4) Quicklime
Correct Answere: Hydrogen carbonate