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Informal Reflections

(Name or #)
1. Mock
Trial: Do you
agree or
disagree with
decision to kill

2. Timed Write

Standards Addressed

(3-5 sentences)

Improvement Strategies
(2+ ideas/ sites)

Writing- Introduce
precise claims and
compare to alternate or
opposing claims

Today, I was part of the

jury. I thought that
Georges decision to
kill Lennie was unjust.
Before I was chosen to
be part of the jury, I
was on the side of the
prosecution team. I am
proud of the that the
work I contributed was
used during the trial.

Time Management:
homework right
away when I
get home
access any
social media or
take breaks
longer than ten
minutes while
more than 6

Reading- Cite strong

and thorough textual
evidence to support
analysis of what the text
says explicitly as well
as inferences drawn
from the text

Today the class

performed the timed
write for a hour. The
prompt was to write
about why you agree or
disagree with Georges
decision to kill Lennie.
I learned how to find
claims and support
them and also how to
dismantle opposing
claims I am proud that I
completed typing the
quick write with twenty
minutes to edit and
submit it.

Increase My Words
Typed Per Minute
Do as
assignments as
I can typed
m a timed
practice once a
ize grammar
and spelling to
decrease the
corrections I
have to make in
the end

The class has worked in

table groups to prepare
a wiki-site for the
diagnosis of Montresor.
The group I was in
thought it was best to
diagnose him as a
sociopath. I was the
researcher for this
project. I thought of the

Assign the work evenly

and increase
communication within
the group
Set up
group chats
y set up a time
for the whole
group to work

Writing- Introduce
precise claims and
compare to alternate or
opposing claims

3. Diagnosis for

Speaking and
Listening- Come to
discussions ready and
refer to evidence from
text to create a good
idea exchange

4. Group Speech

Speaking and
Listening- Respond
thoughtfully to diverse
summarize points of
agreement and
disagreement, and,
when warranted,
qualify or justify their
own views and
understanding and
make new connections
in light of the evidence
and reasoning

idea of sociopathy,
found the research to
support that claim, and
then wrote three T-E-AS paragraphs and a
opening paragraph for
the diagnosis section of
the project. I also found
some quotes from the
text and wrote the
introductory paragraph.
I am proud of my
ability to work in the
group I was assigned to,
and also I am proud of
what I contributed.

together at
together as one
rather than
allowing one
person within
the group to
everything and
letting them
never stop
talking. This
will allow the
shy people to
say their ideas
and not feel

The class has worked in

groups of four or five to
create a speech based
on a quote in the book.
My group included
Lauren, Priya,
Angelina, and Alexis.
Our groups thesis was:
America can not
become one until we
stop segregation. I
chose to become the
writer/speaker for the
conclusion. The wow
ending was the
question: Who would
you be if you weren't
given a label?
Although, I did end up
getting cut off right
before the last sentence
including this question.
This was because of
some errors the group
as a whole made when

Improve public
e the speech in
front of a
yourself if the
speech is timed
Do not
over practice,
this will cause
more errors and
increase stress
deep breaths
e in front of a
large group of
positive and do
not make jokes
about failing
If it is
possible, try
memorizing the
clothing during

the speech
5. Community Timed

Writing- Develop
claim(s) and
counterclaims fairly,
supplying evidence for
each while pointing out
the strengths and
limitations of both in a
manner that anticipates
the audiences
knowledge level and

The class worked on

creating outlines for the
timed write. The
ize all citations
prompt was to create a
for books,
interesting hook,
provide background
websites, and
information, and a
strong thesis. The
prompt also included to
down the
provide claims of what
citation in the
makes a productive and
successful community.
In my essay, I stated
the page in the
that fairness, equality,
book where the
and diversity makes a
quote is
strong and successful
community. During the
class period assigned
for typing the essay i
finished mine in about
thirty minutes. I then
spent about ten minutes
for editing and
perfecting it. During the
peer editing period my
essay got a 4. However,
the student that peer
edited my essay said
that I didnt include any
background information
in my introduction,
even though I did, and I
also listed King
instead of Aufses in
the collection citation.
When I could, I
corrected my mistakes
in the essay.

6. To Kill a
Argumentative or
Expository Essay

Reading- Determine a
theme or central idea of
a text and analyze in
detail its development
over the course of the
text, including how it
emerges and is shaped
and refined by specific
details; provide an

The class could choose

from seven different
prompts ranging from
challenging to the most
challenging. I chose a
prompt from the most
challenging category.
My prompt was to
discuss who

Look at
Find a
couple good
quotes and
choose from

objective summary of
the text.
Writing- Develop and
strengthen writing as
needed by planning,
revising, editing,
rewriting, or trying a
new approach, focusing
on addressing what is
most significant for a
specific purpose and

experiences ethical
dilemmas in the novel
To Kill a Mockingbird.
The ethical dilemmas I
chose were Atticus
defending Tom
Robinson, Dolphus
Raymond pretending to
be a drunk, and Heck
Tate choosing not to
recognize Arthur radley
as the savior of Scout
and Jem. I got a 4 on
the assignment.

down sources
to reference