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Water$ave Flobind Catalogue

About Us
Specialists in cost effective super absorbent, lineal & flocculating polymers to assist in the management & efficient use of water, soil & pollution since 2000. Initially producing polymers to assist local mines with day to day functions developed into creating polymers to seal dams, assist local agriculture & reclaim pollution from local coal mines. Nowadays, Polymer Innovations is one of the most unique greentech companies in Australia. Our products seal leaking dams, save water, prevent soil erosion, control coal sludge, stabilise run-offs or maintain roads & crops. While still maintaining the original polymers that make artificial snow, assist with gardens, parks & landscaping or stabilising floral arrangements for your displays. All products are manufactured at the highest quality, environmentally friendly, biodegradable & non toxic. Polymer Innovations is located in Singleton, NSW, Australia. The heart of the Hunter Valley.

Polymer Innovations Pty. Ltd.

Location: 2/129 Maison Dieu Rd Singleton NSW 2330 AUS Postal: PO Box 431 Singleton NSW 2330 AUS Phone: Fax: Skype: Email: Website: Online Store: +61 65 715 177 +61 65 712 505 polymerinnovations info@polymerinnovations.com.au www.polymerinnovations.com.au www.polyinn.com.au

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A lineal polymer in powdered form that instead of forming a gel, Flobind turns into a slime. This slime infiltrates water quicker & controls finer soil particles more effectively such as dust. When mixed with other blends it allows us to be even more effective. Improving & customizing polymer blends for soil erosion, sediment control, dust pollution, dam sealing in more porous soils & binding assistance with hydroseeding.

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Soil Control
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Water$ave Flobind
Key benefits include:
Reduces soil erosion by up to 95%. Enhances plant seeding, growth & survival. Increase the water holding capacity of soils. Protect the against drought & groundwater pollution. Protects fertile top soil & ensures a sustainable crop . Improve physical properties of compact soil. Limit leaching of nutrients & fertilisers by up to 90%. Improves soil infiltration & light soil control. Reduces evaporation, no continuous water applications. Proven time & equipment saver. Dust exposure is quickly & accurately reduced. Full documentation & backup support. Non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.

Why Polymer Innovations?

All polymer products are 100% non toxic. Environmentally friendly & biodegradable. Simple & easy for you to use. Our polymers are designed to save you time & money. High quality polymers manufactured in Australia. Sourced from the best suppliers in the global market. Customised solutions. We manufacture polymers to suit your specific requirements. Ongoing technical support. We work with you to get the best performance from our polymers.

Sizes Available: 2.5kg bag or 5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 18kg pails

Water$ave Flobind is extremely versatile & can assist with all water & pollution issues. Whether it is used on its own or mixed with other blends our ability to cater a solution for you is assured.

How Much W$ Flobind Do I Need For Fine Soil Dam Sealing?

For fine soil dam sealing Water$ave Flobind is applied at a simple constant rate. A representative can customise the correct application rate of Flobind for other projects. Application rate of Flobind for Dam Sealing = 1kg/1000ltr water (or 1m3 of water)

Material Safety Data Sheets & Technical Data Sheets available upon request.

Call: +612 65 715 177

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Visit: www.polymerinnovations.com.au