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*Appearance: Captain Spain is a female named Maria.

Her uniform is based on

traditional and contemporary clothing in Spain. Traditional wear for women are
bright, bold, and feminine with tight bodices and layered sleeves. As a superhero,
layered sleeves and long dresses can be an issue while in battle, so Maria does not
have those aspects in her uniform. Her uniform colors represent the flag of Spain
(yellow and red). Captain Spain is 54 and weighs 120 lbs. Captain Spain is
courteous, proud, honest, noble and has a strong love for her country.

*Characteristics: Captain Spain values honesty, religion, and most of all family.
Just like most of her country, Maria is a Roman Catholic.

*Accessory Pack: Captain Spain has a sword and a crown. The sword is to help
protect her country from others. Her crown is to symbolize the current and past
history of royal families in Spain.

*Allies: Captain Spain shares the allies of her country. These include those in NATO,
such as Portugal, Italy, and Greece.

*Enemies: Captain Spain has no enemies currently.


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