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Dwight A.

Chief Executive Officer
and General Manager
(513) 632-7510


December 16, 2016
Kenneth Westbrook
President Rail Division, Transdev
720 East Butterfield Road
Suite 300
Lombard, IL 60148

Cure Notice: SORTA Contract 43-14 Cincinnati Streetcar Operations

and Maintenance Section 2.28 (b) (iii)

Dear Ken:
The purpose of this correspondence is to notify you of that SORTA is considering
terminating the above contract between SORTA and Transdev Services, Inc. pursuant to
Seciton 2.28 due to Transdevs breach thereunder. This letter identifies the specific
breaches of Transdev, advises you of the cure period and notifies you of SORTAs action
regarding non-compliant work.
Breaches and Cure Period
You are hereby notified that Transdev has failed to perform its services in compliance
with the contract. Therefore, unless these breaches are cured within 90 days after
receipt of this notice, SORTA may terminate for default under the terms and conditions
of contract 43-14.
Transdevs failures that have necessitated this notice include:
1. Repeated rule and standard operating procedure violations;
2. Failure to develop, submit for approval and implement an acceptable fare
inspection plan (this item was due prior to revenue service commencing);
3. Staffing shortages, including contractually defined key positions;
4. Failure to maintain operational performance requirements (including minimum
headways); and
5. Failure to perform various contractual scope requirements.
SORTA Action
SORTA has issued a task order to its consultant, Transportation Resource Associates
(TRA), to assist in a full review of Cincinnati Streetcar operations. The intent of this task
order is to ensure that all scope requirements in SORTA contract 43-14 are being met
and that all records and required documentation pertaining to Cincinnati Streetcar
operations and maintenance are complete and accurate. It is anticipated that this effort
602 Main Street, Suite 1100
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2549

Mr. Westbrook
January 16, 2016
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will commence on site in Cincinnati in mid-January 2017. It is expected that Transdev

will cooperate fully with this effort and will provide TRA with complete access to all
documentation and staff.
In responding to this notice Transdev is required to submit to the SORTA Director of Rail
Services a plan of actions with specific timelines for how Transdev will remedy
performance. This plan should be submitted no later than close of business December
23, 2016.

Dwight A. Ferrell
CEO & General Manager


Darryl Haley, Deputy General Manager/COO

Paul Grether, Director Rail Services
TJ Thorn, Director System Safety