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C O M M A N D & C O N Q U E R :
R E D A L E R T 2
Mastertronic ReadMe V.3.3.1 ENGLISH

Contained in this 'ReadMe' file:
1. Installation Instructions.
2. How to Start the Game.
3. Known Issues, FAQ's & Last Minute Information.
4. Troubleshooting.
5. Contact Technical Support.



The following is the complete step-by-step loading instructions


1. Insert the 'COMMAND & CONQUER : RED ALERT 2' CD/DVD in your
CD/DVD-ROM drive.
2. The Autorun should automatically launch the installer, if it
does not come up then follow these instructions:
Click 'START' on your Windows taskbar,
Select 'RUN' or 'Start Search' (Vista users) and then type:
(Where D: represents the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive)
Click OK.
If you still cannot see the installer then please refer to
Section 4 (Troubleshooting) later in this file.
3. Click on the 'INSTALL' button.
4. Read through the licence agreement and if you accept the
terms, click on 'I ACCEPT', then click 'Next'.
5. Click 'Next'.
6. Click the orange button to accept the Terms and click 'Next'.
7. Enter Key Code and click 'Next'. This can be found on the
inside of the DVD case.
8. Select the components you wish to install and click 'Next'.
9. Click 'Next' to accept the default location for the game
(recommended) or click 'Browse' to select your own location.
10. Choose the Program Folder you wish to install the game to.
Click 'Next' to accept the default location (recommended).
11. Click 'Next' to accept the default location for the Internet
components (recommended) or click 'Browse' to select your
own location.
12. Now you must choose the Program Folder you wish to install
the Internet components to. Click 'Next' to accept the
default location (recommended).
13. Click 'Next' to start copying files to your PC.
14. Please wait while the game files are now copied to
your machine.
15. If you wish to sign up for a Westwood Online account click
'Yes' otherwise click 'No' (recommended).
16. Select an option and click 'OK'.
17. If you have installed DirectX, you will need to restart your
PC before running the game.




Click on the 'PLAY' button to start the game, if this fails to

start the game please follow the below instructions.

Go to the 'Start' button on your Windows taskbar,

Select - 'Programs' or 'All Programs' (XP/Vista users),
Select - 'Westwood',
Select - 'Red Alert 2',
Then click - 'Red Alert 2'.




If you are experiencing any technical problems try installing

the Patch.
To install the patch do the following:
1. Insert the COMMAND & CONQUER : RED ALERT 2 Disc.
2. Select 'Run',
3. Type:- D:\Patches\RA21006_Patch.exe
(assuming that the letter of your CD-ROM drive is D:)
4. Click 'OK' and follow the on screen instructions.

Fix List
- Chrono IFV no longer loses its target when selecting a target
further than his firing range. Now it moves within attack
range and fires without losing focus at any moment.
- Modified official maps are not transferred over Internet games.
- If a player disconnects 3 times in one game for durations more
than 25 seconds each, the game will finish and be awarded to
the non-disconnector at the 3rd time.
- If walls or other buildings block the Soviet Barracks exit, no
unit is built even if the user has a Cloning Vat. The cost is
refunded to the player.
- No other infantry units other than those with explosives can
blow up buildings when joining to a Tanya command waypoint.


New Features:
- NAT (Network Address Translation) and Firewall support
(Notice: See Firewall & NAT Support later on this document)
- In 4 player Internet games, Red Alert 2 now behaves correctly
and continues the match with the remaining players when the
host loses connection.
- The game now behaves correctly by continuing 4 player Internet
games when the host gets disconnected from his ISP but is able
to reconnect in time.
- In-game chat, whenever the user types a message longer than a
screen width the text is transmitted and displayed properly.


- Red Alert 2 now automatically supports firewalls and
network address translating (NAT) while playing on Westwood
Note: in this document the term "firewall" is used to refer to
both firewall and "network address translation" products.
The following hardware/software was used in testing:
Linksys BEFSR11 / BEFSR14
Netgear RT311 / RT314
DLink DI-701 / DI-702
SonicWall Tele / Soho2
Windows 98 ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)
Sygate Home Networking 4.0
NAT32 Plus 1.4 (build 1-16-01)
Even if your firewall was not listed, it is likely that it will
work with this patch. Many firewalls have the same behaviour.
Automatic Firewall/NAT support
- Red Alert 2 now automatically supports the above firewalls out
of the box, with no need to configure esoteric settings on the
firewalls, such as port forwarding, triggers, static mapping
or any of the other complicated settings that might otherwise
be needed.
Support is complete and transparent, including the following
- Supports hosting or joining any game when behind a firewall.
- Supports multiple players behind the same firewall; if you
have more than one system on a home LAN sharing a cable modem,
DSL or other connection you can now play against each other or
against other players on the Internet.
Now when a game is launched on Westwood Online, you will see a
"Connecting To Other Players" dialogue box. Here you will be
able to see your connectivity to the other players in the game.
If any player cannot establish a connection with another, the
game will not launch. A message will appear explaining who is
having difficulty connecting.
It is necessary on some firewalls to wait for packets to be
received from other players before trying to connect. If your
firewall has this behaviour, you will need to enable
"Send Delay" in the network options. From the main menu, select
"Options" then "Network". Using this setting may cause
connection problems with other players if used unnecessarily.
Please refer to your firewall documentation to see how your
firewall operates. (note: Netgear firewalls model numbers RT311
& RT314 were found to require this setting during our testing)
Manual Firewall/NAT support
In addition to the automatic firewall support features listed
above, we have included an advanced setting for advanced users
that can be used if all else fails. From the main menu, select
"Options" then "Network". Under the "Internet Firewall Settings"
section you'll see a "port number" option, which can be used to
instruct Red Alert 2(tm) to always use the port specified here.
You should use a port number between 1024 and 65535. Every
computer that you want to play the game on should be given a
different port number if they are all behind the same firewall.
To return to the automatic mode, remove the port number from the
"port number" edit box.
If you specify a port for Red Alert 2(tm) to use then you will
have to manually configure your firewall with static IP and port
forwarding to route packets to the correct computer. Each
firewalls configuration method is different so consult your
firewalls documentation for instructions on how to do this. You
will probably have to assign a static IP to each computer
connecting to the firewall otherwise the static forwarding rules
may not work after restarting a computer or firewall.
Dual Network Cards in Windows 98
A Windows 98 client can only have one gateway at a time. This
means that if you are running Red Alert 2 in a Windows 98
machine that has 2 or more network cards you will need to get
sure that the traffic is going through the right one. The best
way to do this is disabling all network cards except the one who
gives you the connectivity to the Internet/LAN. Otherwise you
can have connectivity problems when running Red Alert 2.


FinalAlert 2 beta is a mission editor for Red Alert 2. It can
be downloaded from the internet free of charge. Westwood
Studios and the original FinalAlert developer have been hard at
work adding and improving functionality. Here are some of the
items we've been working on.
- Framework mode is now included.
- Allows raising and lowering of tile placement heights.
- Randomizes land tiles within the editor to improve open area
aesthetics in the map.
- Fixes bugs for raising/lowering terrain. FinalAlert 2 used to
create map holes that are very difficult to detect and fix.
Framework mode helps with this a great deal also.
- Includes an indication of current terrain height.
- Includes an indication of current ore/gem count on map.
- Includes Uninstall.
- Increased time allowed on Westwood Online to transfer maps
between players. Now up to 3 minutes.
- Only allows FinalAlert 2 map sharing in non-tourney games.
- Allows sharing of map names.
- Includes random tree placement tool.
- Optimizes the FinalAlert 2 map load times, especially when
there are lots of custom maps in the game folder.
- Red Alert 2 will not add starting spots to a FinalAlert 2
map if it has 2 or more predefined starting spots.
- Red Alert 2 now can now use maps created with FinalAlert 2
in all game modes.
- Allows map names to appear when using FinalAlert 2 (User
created) maps.
Please note: When a custom made map is transferred to a guest
player, it will not become available in the map listing until
Red Alert 2(tm) is restarted. Therefore, if more than one game
is going to be set on a custom map, it is recommended that the
guest(s) quit the game after the first match (once the map has
been transferred). Otherwise the map will be transferred every
time a new game is started.

Note: v1.004 changes/fixes

- RA2 now allows you to play "Free for All" in Skirmish mode.
Now the AI can attack each other and not just the player.
- Hotkeys and Interface changes added
- Observer Mode: RA2 now has an Observer Mode that allows 1
player to watch other player's games. Particularly useful for
Korean television shows and tournaments.
- There is a new checkbox at the top of the bunkers that players
can check to observe games.
- Dreadnaughts can now break bridges with missiles.
- Now players can destroy a unit flying over an Iron Curtained
- If the player has a Cloning Vat, an Engineer, 2 infantry units,
and a Tech Hospital he will no longer get a complimentary
unit out of his Cloning Vat for every unit healed.
- The edges of the Radar Screen are now visible.
- Enabled the Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander(tm) to
work properly. We've also included the Westwood endorsed
- The Desolator will no longer continue to shoot the ground over
and over and keep building up radiation.
- Parts of buildings will no longer disappear on occasion.
- Structures no longer flash a frame of animation during
- Fixed the "Place Structure Anywhere" cheat.
- Super Weapon tab flashes when ready.
- Crazy Ivan and Tanya bombs now work on all bridges.
- Fixed a Terror Drone + Unpacking MCV problem that made games
never end.

Q. Do Joysticks or Gamepads work with Westwood games?
A. Westwood Studios does not support the use of any Joysticks or
Gamepads for their games. Westwood Studios games are purely
keyboard-and-mouse games.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We may choose to provide support
in the future.

Q. Why do I receive an error message "Cannot Find CD-ROM"?

A. The error "Cannot Find CD-ROM" is most commonly associated
with users having multiple CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW drives.
If you have two (2) drives, please put the second game CD in
the other drive. This should solve the problem. If you don t
have more than one (1) drive, then you most likely have put
the game CD into a drive that has no CD-ROM capability.
Please make sure the game CD is placed in the same drive
letter that you used to install the game. The only other
reasons why this would happen is if you have a defective disc
or if you have an illegal copy of the game.

Q. Why do I get disconnected from the game often?

A. Disconnects from WOL are caused by a few factors.
1. Internet Congestion - Which will cause WOL to drop
players with slow internet connections. Try playing during
non-peak times in your area.
2. WOL Traffic - When there are numerous amounts of players
playing on WOL, even in other games, there is bound to be
connection problems.
3. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having problems.
Please contact your Internet Service Provider for

Q. How do I store my saved games or maps for future use?

A. To use your saved games on a different computer or after a
reinstall: You will need to backup all of the .SAV files in
your install directory (Typically C:\Westwood\[game title
here]) to a disk.
In the future, when you are ready to load them, just copy the
files from the disk to the install directory. Note that if
you have any cheats, hacks or editors installed on the save
games or if you were using a different version of the game,
the saved games may not work. The saved games must be from
the same version as the current version.
To transfer your maps to a different computer or after a
reinstall: You will need to backup all of the .MMX or .MMP
files in your install directory to a disk.
In the future, when you are ready to load them, just copy the
files from the disk to the install directory.

Q. Why can t I install Red Alert 2?

A. Some of the symptoms include a small white box in the middle
of the screen shortly before the install crashes back to the
desktop and also if the set up causes any type of Windows
fatal exception error. Other symptoms include CD spinning in
the CD ROM without starting the install.
First, try copying the entire contents of the CD to your hard
drive and then run the setup.exe from your hard drive. Make
sure you still have the RA2 disc in the CD-ROM when you do
Second, try to change IDE transfer mode from DMA2 or PIO Mode
4 to PIO 1 mode or standard mode. Most of the new drives are
now shipping with DMA2 and PIO mode 4. This change can be
done in System BIOS set up if the BIOS setup allows.
Third, right-click on the "My Computer" icon and select
Then click on the [Device Manager] tab in the window that
appears. Click on the "+" next to the "CD-ROM" listing. From
whichever drive you're using to install, double-click on it
(or click once and select the properties button below) to
access the properties of the drive. Under the [Settings] tab,
make sure you turn *off* the checkbox for "DMA".
If it is already off, you may want to try turning is *on* to
see if that works too.
Fourth, from the same settings window as the DMA, try turning
*on* "Autodetect", if it's not already checked.
Fifth, if the DMA switch doesn't work, or if it's not an
available option for your CD-ROM, please check with the
CD-ROM manufacturer's website for an updated windows driver.
Sometimes in addition to the driver a company will offer
firmware code updates to the actual hardware in the CD-ROM.
Either of these have worked for other customers having the
same compatibility issues.
Note: for Windows 2000/NT users you may need to edit your
registry. To do this, change the DMA setting for NT (as the
DVD/CDROM is loaded as a SCSI(ATAPI)) device as below:-
Parameters\Device 1\DriverParameter
and change the key value from "DmaDetectionLevel = 0x1;"
to..."DmaDetectionLevel = 0x0;".
Finally, if all else fails, it could be something as simple
as a defective disc. If this is still occurring, please
exchange it for another copy at the store where you purchased
the game.



Video Problems
The vast majority of problems that you are likely to encounter
are probably related to drivers that allow the game to make
optimum use of your systems resources. In particular, video
games are most influenced by Microsoft s DirectX drivers, which
are responsible for various aspects of your system including:
video, sound, controller input, 3D graphic functions,
CD/DVD-ROM access and other functions. If you do experience
problems, always ensure that you are using the latest drivers
for these devices, and that your DirectX installation shows
these devices as being certified (with DXDIAG).
CD/DVD-ROM Problems
Make sure that the CD/DVD-ROM disc is in the correct drive,
with the label facing upwards. The CD/DVD-ROM disc must be
in the drive to install or run the game. If you have two
CD/DVD-ROM drives, the CD/DVD must be placed in the drive
whose drive letter comes alphabetically first for the game to
Ensure that the CD/DVD-ROM disc is free from any markings or
scratches which may interfere with normal operation. If the
disc requires cleaning, gently wipe the surface with a dry,
non-abrasive cloth.

Sound Problems
Make sure that your speakers or headphones are plugged into the
correct socket, and that the volume control is at an appropriate
level. If you are using powered speakers, ensure that the power
is on.
If you continue to experience problems, ensure that the Volume
Control taskbar icon (depicted by a small yellow speaker)
is present.
Double-clicking this icon will open the Volume Control window.
Make sure that the Wave and Master Volume controls are set at an
appropriate level and that the Mute feature is not enabled.

Debugger Detected Error

Q: When I try to launch the game I get the following error:
"Debugger detected - please close it down and restart.
Windows NT users: Please note that having the WinIce/SoftIce
service installed means that you are running a debugger." I do
not believe I am running a debugger. What could be the
A: This error is caused by DivX 5.1. The issue you have mentioned
is a bug in this release of the DivX codec. The codec is
actually what`s showing the error, and shutting down Blaze
Media Pro because it is erroneously detecting the software as
a debugger. You can resolve the issue by updating to DivX
5.1.1 http://www.divx.com, and you will no longer have this
problem. If you do still have any problems please contact
Mastertronic Technical Support.

SETUP.NOW launch Errors

If any error messages occur whilst trying to run setup.now,
please try running the VBM60SP6.EXE file which can be found in
the \SONOW\BIN directory on the CD/DVD

The installer does not load

For the installer to work you must have the following
configuration on your machine:
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above
* Adobe Flash Player

If you get an error message on the Preload screen then click on

the 'AutoFix' button.

To bypass the installer and load the separate components on this

CD/DVD follow the instructions below.

The Game
To install the game you should do the following...
1. Go to the 'Start' button on your Windows taskbar,
2. Select 'Run' or 'Start Search' (Vista users),
3. Type:
(Assuming that the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive is D:)
4. Click 'OK'.
5. You should now refer to Section 1 from step 4, to
install the game.

Adobe Reader
To install Adobe Reader you should do the following...
1. Go to the 'Start' button on your Windows taskbar,
2. Select 'Run' or 'Start Search' (Vista users),
3. Type:
(Assuming that the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive is D:)
4. Click 'OK'.

To view the manual you should do the following...
1. Go to the 'Start' button on your Windows taskbar,
2. Select 'Run' or 'Start Search' (Vista users),
3. Type:
(Assuming that the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive is D:)
4. Click 'OK'.

To install DirectX you should do the following...
1. Go to the 'Start' button on your Windows taskbar,
2. Select 'Run' or 'Start Search' (Vista users),
3. Type:
(Assuming that the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive is D:)
4. Click 'OK'.
Adobe Flash Player
To install Adobe Flash Player you should do the following...
1. Go to the 'Start' button on your Windows taskbar,
2. Select 'Run' or 'Start Search' (Vista users),
3. Type:
(Assuming that the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive is D:)
4. Click 'OK'.




Customer Service is available on Monday to Friday

(except Public and Bank holidays) from 10.00AM to 5.00PM (GMT).

Address: Technical Support

2 Stonehill
Stukeley Meadows
PE29 6ED
United Kingdom

E-mail: support@sold-out.co.uk
Website: www.mastertronic.com

Although Mastertronic believes this Game and any attachments to
be free of any virus or other defect which may affect your
computer, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure
that it is virus free and Mastertronic does not accept any
responsibility for any loss or damage arising in any way from
its use.