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It was the most cozy place on this Universe; engulfing you with
poignant winds of compassionate warmth,
It was the most impregnable place on this Universe;
magnificently sequestering you from every kind of acrimonious
It was the most mesmerizing place on this Universe; where you
had the time of your life; fantasizing in a land of impeccable
fairies and mystical charm,
It was the most divinely place on this Universe; where the
Omnipotent aura of Almighty lord lingered every instant,
It was the most playful place on this Universe; where you
bounced and tossed wholeheartedly; to your ultimate hearts
It was the most courageous place on this Universe; where you
took the most stupendously exhilarating of initiative; and yet
emerged full guns blazing,
It was the most opulent place on this Universe; fostering the
richest elements of this planet; in its miraculous warmth,
It was the most blissful place on this Universe; where you rested
in complete oblivion from the vagaries of this commercial planet;
incessantly chanting the mantra of success,
It was the most spell binding place on this Universe; where each
of your pious wishes manifested themselves into a perpetual
It was the most vivacious place on this Universe; where you
indulged in flurry of boisterously innocent activity; every
unveiling second of the day; even late
hours past the heart of midnight,

It was the most sparkling place on this Universe; where your

diminutive soul floated; bereft of the slightest of dirt and
manipulative malice,
It was the most candid place on this Universe; where you came
face to face with each hidden attribute of your impoverished
It was the most melodious place on this Universe; where the
tunes of absolutely fabulous heaven; transited you into an
unconquerably celestial slumber,
It was the most cherished place on this Universe; for which even
the strongest entity alive; ardently wished to inhabit once again,
It was the most grandiloquent place on this Universe; with each
of its walls; deluging you in a world of incredulous royalty and
oligarchic majesty,
It was the most enticing place on this Universe; inevitably
retracting you from realms of treacherously lecherous and
strangulating captivity,
It was the most humble place on this Universe; relentlessly
teaching you to disseminate the essence of philanthropic love
and peace; to the most remotest
corner of this Universe,
And it was the most immortal place on this Universe; not just
harboring you for a numerical tenure of nine months; but
instilling in you the unprecedented tenacity to take birth a
countless times once again; and still be alive,
No it wasnt any castle; or sky; or paradise; as you might
presume; but a place where you actually came from; the place
now indispensable to procreate your own progeny; the place
none other than the GODLY WOMB.