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Expression Tree Editor

When an expression editor is opened, the user is presented with the

Expression Tree.. The expression tree may contain many logical
and comparison expressions. The expression tree is also called a filter.
The expression tree editor provides an overall view of the filters
and supports the creation, editing, and deleting of the trees nodes.
The first node of the tree is called the root expression. The root expression
cannot be deleted. It is an anchor that can be used to add the first
or logical expression. The root expression can contain only one child
Comparison Expression Nodes
Comparison expressions test an attribute against a given value. For example,
the user can test Severity equals Critical with a comparison expression. A
comparison expression may be added to any AND or OR expression, or in the
simplest case, to the root expression. Each of the three Tests is a
comparison expression.
Valid context menu items for the Comparison Expression Node are:
l Edit
l Delete
Comparison expressions are leafnodes; they cannot contain other
Logical Expression Editor