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Rays of hope are always alive. Likewise the manifestation of the sun on mirror can enlighten any
darkness and instill the vigor and hope of life. This is being reflected in every act of “Shri
Saurashtra Medical Charitable Trust”, Rajkot with sanctified endeavor of contouring healthy and
vigorous society.

Shree Saurashtra Medical Charitable Trust is mouthpiece of erudite and steadfast doctors,
leading business fraternity, great entrepreneurs and altruist socialists.

The trust was established in the year 1990. Since time immemorial the trust has organized many
healthcare and patients awareness programs, free medical diagnostic camps for poor, pulse polio
vaccination camps, blood donation camps, medical education, and campaigns for restoration of
addiction free life, treatment and presentation of state of the art technology in diagnosis of fatal
diseases have given a philanthropic standing to this trust. The tribute of success of these pious
deeds goes to all who have put forward their generous financial mobilization for humanity and
untiring efforts in the noble cause of social upliftment.

As Shri Prabhashankar Patni quotes, “keep your heart and soul pious and give a tender gentle
touch of love, warmth and care to the one who is a sufferer”. Shree Saurashtra Medical
Charitable Trust has become the patronage of many such sufferers.

The trust bejewels the philanthropic services from the all the classes of society since last two
decades with understanding the needs of society and offering the ultra modern medical facilities
at very affordable rates. With this dignified intention we have conceptualized multi specialty
general hospital at the portals of Rajkot. It is being strengthened by the highly learned team of
super specialist doctors in the hospital. The base and values of the trust are being reinforced by

“Shivanand Mission” renders benevolent activities for humanity and has proffered vision to lacs
of people through cataract operations. The trust has its long standing history of medical
experience and expertise. Moreover it has asset of dedicated and devoted team of volunteers.

As Gandhiji said, “TILL THE LAST MAN OF SOCIETY…”, Shivanand Mission and Shree
Saurashtra Medical Charitable Trust, Rajkot jointly creating new medical opportunities for
spreading its benevolence in society irrespective of cast, color and creed.

Shivanand Mission’s initiated Eye Hospital would be converted into multi specialty state of the
art hospital for the treatment of different diseases at the doorsteps of poor and needy patients of
Saurashtra and Gujarat

An exceptional feature worth noting about the trusts is that it is a circle with no circumference
with love for humanity or Atmiyata at its centre. Your valuable contribution will facilitate
someone to realize the dreams. Let us join hands in a righteous and dignified cause of restoring
the health of society. Society needs your help. Humanity needs you for the reason that Service
unto Humanity is Service unto God.

Looking forward to an optimistic response

Truly yours

Dr Rajendra Trivedi; Dr Sushil Karia; Dr Bhaumik Bhayani; Dr Devvrat Sukhwal; Bharat Gangdev

(Board of Trustees)

• We accept your generous contribution in the name of Shree Saurashtra Medical

Charitable Trust, through crossed cheque or demand draft only

Features of Hospital Project

• 15,000 sq ft state of the art construction

• Facilities of 55 beds
• Excellent medical care through team of doctors of different specialty
• Round the clock emergency services and trauma care center
• Special facilities for the patients by the instruction of donor (within certain limits)
• 10% discount on medicines of the patients. (Donor can recommend for more discount in
special cases)

List of donation scheme:

Amount of Special Facility Duration of Facility

Rs 1,50,000 Donor can recommend one patient for free treatment up For 10 Years
to Rs 15,000 each year

Rs 50,000 to can recommend for free treatment up to Rs 5,000 to Rs For 10 Years

Rs 1,00,000 10,000 each year

Rs 15,000 can recommend for free treatment up to Rs 5,000 For 1 Year

Rs 5,000 can recommend for free treatment up to Rs 3,000 For 1 Year

Donors can also contribute in the construction of Hospital Building in following way:

Area of Contribution Felicitation Amount of Contribution

Complete Flooring Work Suggested name in a frame for entire Rs 1.25 crore
floor work

Construction of wards Suggested name in a frame for Rs 40 lacs

construction of wards

Operation Theatre Suggested name in a frame for Rs 50 lacs

construction of Operation Theatre

ICCU Suggested name in a frame for Rs 40 lacs

construction of Unit

Laboratory Suggested name in a frame for Rs 15 lacs

construction of Laboratory

OPD Unit Suggested name in a frame for Rs 20 lacs

construction of Unit

Emergency Unit Suggested name in a frame for Rs 10 lacs

construction of Unit

Pharmacy Unit Suggested name in a frame for Rs 10 lacs

construction of Unit

Library Unit Suggested name in a frame for Rs 10 lacs

construction of Unit

Room Construction Suggested name in a frame for Rs 4 lacs

construction of Unit


• Donations for individual expensive equipments will be accepted separately

• Suggested name will be indicated as per the donor’s wish