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Vol. 139, No. 51

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lehigh Council hires City Clerk;

Sonya Bailey has roots in Lehigh

Since 1877!

Council members assist Bailey. . .

Sonya Bailey, Lehigh, has been hired as the new
City Clerk in Lehigh. Sonya started her training on Dec.
7 and her first official day was Monday, Dec. 12.

Sonya was born and was raised in Lehigh, but
left her high school days and graduated from a Colorado
high school.

She attended Northwest State University in
Maryville, CO.

She came back to Iowa and was employed
at Electrolux in Webster City for 22 years. Later she
worked at Hach Chemical in Ames for five years.

Sonya will work out well for our city of
Lehigh, stated Mayor Phil Richardson. She has done
well so far. She is a good worker.

Sonya was trained by Catherine Thomas who is
the city clerk in Grand Junction. Catherine worked a few
afternoons each week in Lehigh to assist the city. Lehigh
was without a full-time city clerk for about one month.

Sonya has had good assistance from the Lehigh
City Council including Dave Hrubes who is retired and
has been in the office several times.

But everyone has helped including council
members Paula Martin, Doug Dellachiesa, and Melissa
Rude. And on Monday of last week the Lehigh City

Council appointed Charles Gilliand to the council.

Sonya enjoys
her horses, dogs. . .

Sonya Bailey is an avid horse enthusiast. She
currently has four horses on her acreage. She enjoys
horseback riding and corgi dogs.

She often does horse riding in Brushy Creek
State Park.

Sonya is a past member of the Dayton Wranglers and she has been a member of the Iowa Associated
Saddle Club and the American Quarter Horse Association.

AJ, Kellie Blair, Dayton, receive 2016

Environmenal Stewardship Award
Iowa Cattlemens Association Award. . .

The Iowa Cattlemens Association has named
AJ and Kellie Blair, Dayton, as winners of the 2016 Iowa
Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP).
The Blairs show a dedication to the environment on their
modern, diversified livestock farm, and have added cattle
to the farm because of the conservation benefits they have
to offer.

AJ and Kellie are now the 4th generation on the
Blair family farm and their children, Wyatt and Charlotte,
are the fifth. In 2010, they brought cattle back to the farm
with a 400 head monoslope finishing barn and in 2014,
they began building a herd of SimAngus cows, as well.

The Blairs have a holistic, systems approach
to reaching their goals, building on improvements until
the entire process makes sense from a farm management,
environmental and financial standpoint. Its a long-term
process. Every year we do a little more. Its hard to know
what components are helping with the year to year variables we face, but we try to make changes that will be a
benefit in the long-run, explains Kellie.

Every aspect of the Blair farm works in more
than one way to improve the farm, grow more food more
efficiently, and help maintain profitability even in tough
times. For example, cover crops are used on the farm for
soil health, water quality, and grazing cattle.

The monoslope barn provides another income
stream, utilizes corn and soybean residue as bedding, and
provides natural fertilizer for the fields. The corn crop is
used for earlage, and wet corn and ethanol co-products
are part of the feed rations.

Often times, it seems as though increased sustainability can decrease profitability. But the system the
Blairs have worked out is intended to increase both factors. As AJ explains, Production agriculture is a business. You have to make enough money to farm again next
year. The hard truth is that farmers dont care about soil
health or water quality if they cant afford to farm again
the next season. So true sustainability means that you are
making a profit.

We do a lot of enterprise budgeting and in that
process you find yourself questioning why you are creating each expense and whether its really necessary. And
for us, conservation sits right on the table with the numbers.

The Environmental Stewardship Awards Program is supported by the Iowa Cattlemens Foundation,
National Cattlemens Foundation, Dow AgroSciences,
USDAs Natural Resources Conservation Service, and
the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

City Clerk Sonya Bailey enjoys riding her horse in
southern Webster County.

Lehigh Mayor expresses

thanks to council, citizens
for working together
City makes adjustments. . .

Phil Richardson, mayor of Lehigh, is pleased
that the City of Lehigh has hired a new City Clerk (Sonya Bailey) and on Monday of last week council member
Charles Gilliand was appointed.

We need to recognize our Lehigh City Council members for the extra effort they provided during the
month-long period we were without a city clerk, said

I want to also extend appreciation to our citi-

Lehigh thanks council continued on page 9...

AJ Blair family rides the two horse sleigh in Oak Park, Dayton.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas brings joy,

but tragedy can strike anytime. . .

Merry Christmas to everyone! This is the season for great joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This is the season for giving and for humility.
The wise men came and brought gifts to Jesus and Christ
was born in a manger since there was no room in the inn.

For most of us Christmas is a warm, wondrous
season as we indulge in the holiday spirit. We attend
Christmas programs at our churches and schools, we send
and receive Christmas cards, and we get together with
family members. Presents are given and received.

For others, Christmas is a sad time because of
unpleasant memories in the past. These bitter experiences can cause some emotional pain that can last for years.

We need to forgive. We need to love and help
others, and if we do that we will help ourselves in return.
This is easier said that done of course.

I am a member of a wonderful Christian family
and my memories of Christmas are truly fond memories
of happy moments. But last week our family experienced a painful, tragic event.

My first cousin Tracy drove herself to a Twin
City hospital. She was so ill that she was soon taken to
the Intensive Care Unit, ICU. She was there for several
days before anyone even knew what happened.

Tracy went into a coma but was able to regain
consciousness as some family members arrived. She
couldnt talk, but she seemed to understand conversation.
A physician told family members that Tracys liver had
shut down and her kidneys were functioning at only 20%.
There wasnt much hope.

Over several days out of state family members
were called. We were all talking with one another, and
we were all in shock.

Tracy was only 51. She was a nurse and she
owned two homes, inheriting one from her deceased
mother. How could this happen?

Doctors advised family members that Tracys
chances to live werent good. If she did live she would
probably spend her remaining life in a nursing home.

And then a few days later my cousin Nina called
me. Tracy had died that afternoon she said.

Through several days of discussions with family
members I learned that Tracy had a drinking problem.
She had been a nurse all her adult life but the hospital
advised her to get help. Apparently she didnt follow this

Earlier this year Tracy was terminated at the
hospital. Her drinking problem continued and even got
worse. It was said that Tracy really missed her mother
who died in 2012, and her mother Esther had drinking/
alcohol problems also.

Indeed, the entire family suffered. Her father
died early in life, and he had an alcohol problem. I had
always liked Rod (her dad) and I remember at family
gatherings he would be drinking screwdrivers (vodka and
orange juice) while telling my grandmother that he was
drinking orange juice. My grandmother at one time was
president of the WTCU. We snickered at that Rodneys
joke on Grandma, but now it doesnt seem so humorous.

Thankfully my aunt Ruth, her husband Bill, and
two of her children were with Tracy when she died. Tracy had no siblings, her parents had died, and she wasnt
very close with any other family members.

Somehow our family should have helped her
more during her tragic life, especially after her moms
During this glorious holiday season lets all
pause to think of family members and friends who may
need an encouraging word, a thoughtful gesture.

Quite often a small deed does wonders. And
please pray for our loved ones and give thanks to God for
all of our blessings.

~ Email your news to daytonreview@lvcta.com ~

Dayton Review

Area church ministers meet

at Covenant Church in Harcourt

Members of the Soul Patrol Area Ministry Alliance met on November 30th at noon in the Covenant
Church in Harcourt. We welcomed Pastor Beth Morgan
who serves four Methodist Churches in the area, along
with Pastor Annette Kruse who serves the Methodist
Church in Gowrie.

The first topic of discussion was that of the
Christmas season and how we as pastors and our congregations are celebrating. It is such a beautiful time and one
to be treasured no matter how we celebrate it.

Next on the agenda was getting the youth of
our communities together. Since the holidays are already
so busy, we wanted to avoid setting another date in that
time frame, but we did decide to hold a youth event at the
Gowrie United Methodist Church on January 29th (Sunday) from 3:00-5:00 in the afternoon.

Charles Gillian appointed

to Lehigh City Council
Retired architect. . .

Charles Gillian, Lehigh, was appointed to serve
on the Lehigh City Council early last week.

Gillian is a retired architect who resided in
Lehigh for many years, moved to Texas for 13 years, and
then moved back to Lehigh about seven years ago to take
care of his parents.

Charles and his wife Carol celebrated their 50th
wedding anniversary in June of this year.

Gillian was an architect for 45 years. He was
an architect for churches, multiple housing projects, and
high rise residential buildings in Africa although he never
went to Africa.

Gillian has three brothers who reside in Lehigh.
Two of his brothers and two of his nephews race cars.

Mr. Gillian enjoys rubber band airplane models
and radio conrol airplane models. Ive enjoyed doing
this since I was five years old, he said.

He has built three model airplanes this past year,
all of which have crashed. He will start building another
model airplane next year.

Charles is a member of the American Institute of

This will be a great start to the new year and we
are really looking forward to it. There will be singing,
treats, stories and testimonials, and a good time of sharing by all. All junior and senior high youth in our area are
welcome to come. Bring a friend; share the love of Jesus

We will also be planning another event while we
are together. It is our goal to take the youth to Fort Dodge
to serve a meal at the shelter. This is a mission that is so
important, so please pray that that we are able to do this
and that the youth are willing to step out of their comfort

Prayers for the communities included: people
having the desire to fellowship at church where their relationship with Jesus the Christ can be strengthened, for
our country and our leaders both old and new, for us to be
faithful to our call, and of course we pray for all travelers
as they enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Our next meeting will be hosted by Beth Morgan at the Boxholm Methodist Church at noon on January
18th. All clergy and laity are welcome to attend and we
welcome your input on this very important ministry.

Blessings to you all and Merry Christmas!

Colten Bills, Dayton,

on trial last week
for vehicular homicide
After briefs are filed
Judge will make decision. . .

The trial of Colten Bills, 21, rural Dayton, was
held last week in Webster County District court.

Bills is facing two counts of vehicular homicide
in connection with the deaths of David Castenson, 56,
Harcourt, and his mother, Velma Castenson, 85, of Dayton.

The 2015 crash occurred a few miles south of
Dayton at the intersection of Samson Avenue and Highway 175. David Castenson was driving his mother toward
Stratford when the accident occurred.

Prosecutors allege that Bills was texting at the
time of the crash, which occurred while he was en route
to work.

Michaela Wenke , Eldora, testified she was texting Bills about her classwork on May 8, 2015. She said
the two had sent multiple texts back and forth until about
8:43 a.m. She further stated that Colten texted her 30
minutes later and said he had been in an accident.

James Frank, Stratford, was driving to Humboldt and was the first to arrive on the accident scene.

There was an expert witness called by the prosecution who testified about the timeline in regard to the
text messaging. Colten Bills did not testify and the defense did not call any witnesses.

District Court Judge Kurt Wilke presided over
the Bills trial and allowed both the prosecution and defense seven days to write briefs on the case.

He will schedule a hearing once he makes a decision.

Childlike Faith

Parents pushed and shoved their children, hoping the famous man would touch them. This famous
man had 12 assistants and they were trying to keep the
crowd away from Him. They felt the people probably
only wanted something from Him, like healing or a blessing. They tried to shoo the kids away, but the man was
irritated with his chosen 12 helpers. He said to them, let
the little children come to Me. And He took them in His
arms and He hugged them, and the little ones loved Him.

The important mans name was Jesus. He
showed His assistants and those around Him how important children are to God.
Question for Moms & Dads...do you make time for your
kids like Jesus did? Do you hug them and tell them you
love them? You are thinking that maybe you are too busy
for that kind of thing but Jesus lived an incredibly busy
life, but He was not too busy for the children.

Very often, a childs importance is shown when
we give a them a hug, when time is what they really want
and need. When it comes to your kids, ask the Lord to
help you be like Jesus. No job is more important than


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Twas the Tuesday fore Christmas Twenty Sixteen

At Dayton Elementary School. . .

By Dan Grandfield
Twas the Tuesday fore, the Tuesday
efore Christmas Twenty Sixteen.
,In the kitchen fixing breakfast,
-were the cooks: Nancy, Libby, Faye, and Nadine.
eToday was a breakfast favorite egg patty and toast,
sWhile lunch was hamburgers, French Fries for most.

eAt 8:30 in the morning, to start off the day,

eCale and Cole read our news and the Jaguar Journey Way.
oThen the students started classes, to do stuff students do.
sLearning Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies too.
Some went to Specials like Library, Art, Music, or PE,
eWhile others were in keyboarding learning Home Row
-and QWERTY!
rStill others came to see Angie, to collect Good Behavior
sAnd got to choose between cards or Dum-Dum flavored
candy canes.
yThough the wind chill was chilly, at sub-zero eight,
eThe kids had no worries - they were feeling just great.
Yes, the kids were excited and anything but grim,
Cause they knew it meant recess in their brand spanking
new gym.
When the afternoon came, to the buses they flew,
To Burnside, to practice their singing, bell ringing too.
Mrs. Scott and the kids had worked hard and long.
They were confident and sure, theyd WOW the gathering throng.

50 Years Ago...

Dean Bergman, who has spent the past two
-weeks visiting in the parental Herbert Bergman home
and with relatives here, left from Des Moines by jet Satfurday evening for North Long Beach, California. On the
-preceding Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. John Stark, Douglas and
dSteven and Miss Donna Miller of Boone were supper
guests in the Bergman home honoring Dean Bergman.
Douglas Johnson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
espent the weekend in the Delmar Johnson home, and attended the homecoming at Stratford Friday evening.
Edwin Ulrich and Dick Anderson of Des
dMoines were weekend guests in the parental LaVerne Ultrich and C Arvid Anderson homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Engstrom moved Satur0
day from the Alton Berggren farm residence near Stan-hope to the farm north of Stratford. A new house replaced
the residence destroyed by fire last winter. Tracey Stoner
-of Webster City, Messers and Mesdames Lester Johnson,
eLoren Patterson, Lynn Engstrom of Stratford and Mr. and
-Mrs. Dean Engstrom of Nevada assisted with the moving.
They were all dinner and lunch guests in the Mrs. Budd
rPatterson home.
The birthday of Mrs. Issac Chally was ob-
served in her home Sunday with a family dinner and
-lunch. Mrs. Chally received many gifts and cards and
Sunday evening the telephone rang and it was her grandson, Darrel Chally of West Covina, California, calling to
make her birthday a memorable and complete one. Those
present were Messers and Mesdames Glenn Chally and
Rex of Algona, William Thomas and Paul of Emmettsburg, Clifton Chally and Duane and Marvin Simonson
and Linda of Stratford.

Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Berglund went to Des
Moines Monday and met Mrs. Berglunds sister Mrs. Eddie Najera of San Diego, California who was called here
by the illness of their mother. They visited their mother
at Lutheran hospital, Des Moines before returning to
Stratford. Mrs. Najera was an overnight guest Monday in
the Berglund home

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gabrielson left Friday
morning from Des Moines by plane, to visit in the Gary
Gabrielson home at Barrington, Rhode Island. They are
returning by plane Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Longworth entertained at
a Christmas party for the employees of the Longworth
Implement Company and their wives at the Holiday Inn,
Fort Dodge Saturday, December 11. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Don Bass, Mr. and Mrs. Leonal Hall and
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rowen.

30 Years Ago...

Dennis and Gina Webb of Adel are the parents
of a girl, Any Lynn, born Saturday, Dec. 7, at Mercy Host
pital, Des Moines. She weighed 7 pounds, 4 1/2 ounces.

Grandparents are Charles and Linda Danielson,
Dayton, and Earl and Cheryl Webb, Cumming. Great-

At 6:00 in the evening, the concert time came.

Their parents whistled, shouted, and called them by name.
On Pre K! On TK! On K and One too,
Sing one and sing all, just like Wendy Lou and the Whos!
And with each child in their best Christmas bling,
To the top of their tiny little lungs they did sing.
They sang loud and sang long and danced little dances,
And some even did their best reindeer-prance prances.
It was now seven oclock, how the chorus - it grew,
For now was the time for grades 4, 3, and 2.
It was a classic Christmas story with twists and spins,
Which included Mrs. Franey, the staff,
and our Cus-to-di-ans!

Card of Thanks!

Special thanks to the
Angle Tree Committees at SWG and
PV schools, the WEBS at Zion Lutheran
Church, Holy Trinity Church in
Farnhamville and everyone who bought
gifts and donated their time to help make
the children in our communities
have a very Merry Christmas!
Security Savings Bank


Webster County
Yell & Dayton Townships
Thursday, January 12, 2017
10:00 a.m. Dayton Community Center
(104 1st St SW, Dayton, IA)

grandparents are Mrs. Viola Danielson, Dayton, Mr. and

Mrs. Keith Lockhart, Lehigh, and Anna Webb, Cumming.

Laurie Laree is the name chosen for the new
daughter of Phyllis Dutcher, Stratford. Laurie was born
at Boone County Hospital, Boone, on Friday, Dec. 6,
weighing 6 pounds 13 1/2 ounces.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dutcher,
Dayton. Great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
Dutcher, Dayton. Another child in the Dutcher family if
Jeremy, 8.

Blake Allen is the name chosen for the new son
of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Elsberry, Boone. Blake was born
at University of Iowa Hospitals, Iowa City, on Saturday,
Nov. 30, weighing 4 pounds 11 ounces.

Mrs. Elsberry is the former Patricia Bills of Pilot

Grandparents are Chads and Shirley Bills, Pilot
Mound, and Larry and Emma Elsberry, Boone. Greatgrandparents are Earle and Della Bills, Perry, and Harry
and Phyllis Gilliland, Rippey.

Alayna Anderson, Dayton High School junior,
was recently named on the All-State Honorable Mention
Class IA volleyball team. Anderson is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Anderson, Dayton.

Anderson helped the Tigers and coach Ruth
Hoogeveen capture the Iowa Heartland Conference title
with a 6-0 record. They finished the entire season with
eleven wins and only four losses. Alayna led the tigers
with 52 ace spikes for the season.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Angove of Stratford entertained Saturday and Sunday at birthday parties for Gene
Angove and David. Saturday they enjoyed a turkey dinner.

Sharing the occasion were Dr. Arthur Angove
and Michael, Milwaukee, Wisc.; Kick and mark Angove, Ames; Jim and Joy Angove, Lake City; David Angove, Joshua and Amber, Knoxville; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Yenger, Joyce and Joe, Mr. and Mrs. Don Peterson, Jody,
Lisa, Angie and Kristen and Kim and Kirk Leeds, all of

Dayton Review
Glenn Schreiber: Editor
Tonya Harrison: Graphic Designer
Mary Ann Young: Office, clerical, sales
Jeff Heck: Photographer

Farm Locations:
Tract 1 - From Dayton, go 2 miles North on Racine
Avenue, then 2 miles East on 340th Street
Tract 2 - From Dayton, go 1 mile North on Racine
Avenue, the 2 miles East on 350th Street, then 1 mile
South on Skillet Creek Avenue
Legal Description
Tract 1 - (S SE) 32-87-27
Tract 2 - (S SE) 8-86-27 and (N NE) 17-86-27
Tract 1 56.95 cropland acres - 74.4 CSR / 71.1 CSR2
Tract 2 119.35 cropland acres - 73.4 CSR / 76.4 CSR2

Contact Grant Aschinger or Nathan Deters

at Stalcup Ag Service 712-732-4811
or evenings at 712-490-6564
P.O. Box 67
Storm Lake, IA 50588
FAX (712)732-7371

We are Bursting with

Pride as we help sponsor our
great studentsCare

Southeast Webster
High School!
since 1949

Carson-Stapp Dayton


406 3rd St. NE

(515) 547-2512

Paper Plastic
Cans Class

Box 6 Dayton, IA 50530-0006

Ph# 515.547.2811 Fax 515.547.2337
E-mail daytonreview@lvcta.com

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dayton Review


Lehigh Valley
Cooperative Telephone

Association offers calling cards,
long distance service, and
internet service. They have the
latest in up-to-date equipment,
making their service to the area
excellent. They also offer features
such as 3-way calling, call forwarding,
call waiting, caller ID and anonymous caller rejection
to avoid nuisance calls.

Their predecessor companies and they have been
proud to serve this area since 1900.

If you have questions, or additional telephone or
internet needs, call LVCTA at 359-2211 and they will
happily assist you. Or, visit their business office at
9090 Taylor Road, Lehigh.

Sandholm Real Estate

Whether youre in the market for a new (or
different) home or youre looking at putting your
home up for sale, Sandholm Real Estate in Dayton
is the place to go. In business for over 65 years,
Sandholms will put every effort into making your
wishes a reality.

This is an ideal time to buy a home or acreage,
and there are several good listings available.
out. Just stop
in at 23 South
Main, Dayton,
or give them
a call at 515


Southeast Valley High School teachers

attend Professional Development
By Tamara Hanson, Leadership Coordinator

On December 7, 2016, Southeast Valley students were released early so the teachers at all sites could
attend professional development. At the high school,
teachers attended two sessions on the topics of student
engagement and technology and were given time to meet
with their Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

One of the districts goals is to improve student
collaboration and engagement in higher order thinking
skills. This goal was developed by the joint School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) in conjunction
with school board members and administration.

For the past year and a half, district schools
have been exploring student engagement and use of higher order thinking skills, such as analysis, critical thinking,
problem solving, strategizing, and synthesis, through the
Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI).

The IPI process, developed by Jerry Valentine
of the University of Missouri, involves trained teachers
visiting the classrooms of colleagues and collecting data
to reflect the activity in which the students are engaged.
This data is then compiled and shared with staff to inform
practice and spark discussion.

The high school staff spent time on the 7th
exploring and discussing the data from their recent collection. The data shows a 3% increase in students and
groups involved in higher order/deeper thinking when
compared to the first collection in October of 2015. In
addition, teachers feel they are benefiting from the opportunity to go into each others classes to observe new
and different teaching strategies.

In an effort to involve all staff in this benefit,
a goal was put in place to share out strategies to elicit
higher order and deeper thinking in the classroom at least
one time a week at high school staff meetings throughout
the rest of the school year. The IPI process takes place
in a 3-year cycle, in which the district is about half way
through. There will be continued follow-up and discussion for the high school staff after each of the next two
collections in the 2016-2017 school year.

Another district goal focuses on digital literacy.

The high school is supporting the development of digital

literacy through the building goal of increasing teacher
use of technology from emerging to beginning for communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity as measured by the Clarity survey which has been administered for the past two years and will be administered
again in the Spring of 2017.

Professional development was designed to train
teachers in the use of Google Classroom and Google
Forms, which are both part of the G Suite for Education
platform used by the district.

Travis Nuss led a hands-on workshop on how to
set up and utilize Google Classroom, which is a blended
learning platform for schools that allows teachers to create, distribute, and grade assignments in a paperless way.
Devon Walker led a separate workshop demonstrating
how to create graded tests and quizzes using Google
Forms, a survey tool. Both experiences gave staff members useful skills to build their practice and support digital literacy in an ever-changing technological world.

The skills and knowledge gained at this months
professional development will be revisited throughout
the school year and further developed on future in-service

Community Grocery

Carson-Stapp Funeral Home

provides caring service

Fun day during holidays

offered by Webster
County extension

The Webster County Extension Office will
sponsor a fun filled day for youth in 2nd and 3rd grades
at the Webster County Extension Office on Tuesday, December 27th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Kids will get
to experience the star lab, make crafts, play games, and
much more! Lunch will be provided along with snacks
for the day for $10.

Participants must pre-register by calling the
Webster County Extension Office at 576-2119 by December 21. Registration is limited.

Grandview Health Care Center in Dayton is

a skilled care facility which also offers outpatient
services such as physical, occupational and
speech therapy.
Please stop in and meet Jade Olson,
Administrator and Kris Richman, Director of
Nurses. They are confident the facility can
provide the personal care needed to make you
and your loved ones feel at home. The entire staff
are dedicated to the needs of the residents.
You are invited to visit Grandview Health
Care Center at 508 2nd Street NE in Dayton.
Become acquainted with the staff and the
residents. Bring a friend or neighbor; the coffee
is always on.

Offers complete service

Dayton is fortunate to
have a clean, convenient
grocery outlet with a full-time,
dedicated manager, Lori Heun.
Lori took over as store manager
Oct. 2014. Lori is active in
every aspect of the business
and she, like all staff members,
is always ready to help you.

Community Grocery has an excellent selection of
canned goods, fresh meats and produce, bakery and
frozen items. In addition, they feature deli meats and
salads and Wonderoast chicken for those quick meals
we so often need during the busy Spring and Summer
Community Grocery is locally owned and
operated and will be proud to be your store of choice.

Funeral arrangements are an important part of life

planning. Carson Funeral Home in Dayton and Ogden
has a wealth of experience in providing personal,
caring services for final tributes and farewells. Their
personal attention to your needs and wishes will be a
welcome comfort in a time of loss.

Your wishes will be a genuine concern for the
directors at Carson Funeral Home. Call Rob Stapp to
make an appointment for pre-planning your funeral.
Surviving family members can be spared undue stress
when you prearrange your needs. Your wishes will be
a genuine concern for the directors at Carson Funeral
Home. Surviving family members can be spared
undue stress, when you prearrange for your needs.
Let Rob Stapp walk you through an easy pre-planning

Call Carson Funeral Home at 515-547-2512 for a
free consultation today.

Down Memory Lane




Wednesday, December 21, 2016


How will you spend christmas?

Where will you be spending or where did you
spend Christmas this year? If you are like me, when
growing up Christmases were pretty traditional and celebrated pretty much the same each year and in the same

When smaller I remember getting up on Christmas morning and Santa had been to my house and I had
slept through that visit. The stocking was one of my little
l long winter brown cotton ones and it had a peppermint
r stick of candy, maybe a big apple or orange and some
- peanuts in the shell. These were depression times and
- pretty much the same for the haves and have nots.
- There was usually just one big gift from Santa but it was
d always great. The year I got the big baby doll I named
her Yvonne for one of the Dionne quintuplets. When we
n travelled to Winterset to be with an aunt and uncle and
e family Yvonne went along wrapped in one of my old
n baby blankets Mom had saved. When we walked in my
Aunt looked surprised and exclaimed, I thought for a
o minute you had a real baby! Other years we went to
d Grandma Downs and most of the Downs kids and
- families showed up bringing their pots of good food and
. baked goods.
When we moved to Boxholm Christmases were
e held with my aunt, uncle and cousin on Christmas Eve,
- especially after Santa quit bringing me gifts (though
- strangely there was still some small item from him for my
cousin and me). Sometimes on Christmas Day Moms
s Marshalltown relatives would come to either our house or
t my aunt and uncles and occasionally we would go over
e there. The St. Charles treks were usually made a week
before or a week after on a weekend since all the Downs
siblings families were growing. This continued as long
as my Grandma was alive.

Strangely, all we cousins liked these gatherings
and really had always accepted that we did not get Christmas or birthday gifts from Grandma. I remember Dad
saying Christmas was when he and his six brothers and
sisters got their new winter underwear and socks.
Eventually all we cousins made it to adulthood
swith families of our own and those gatherings ceased af-ter Grandma was no longer with us. But new traditions
tsort of fell into place. When my children were younger
dwe always went to Grandma and Grandpa Downs on
sChristmas eve and had a big meal with my aunt, uncle
and cousins family and one of the Boxholm places. This
emeant a late night for us as the children had to be settled
-down and put to bed and then Santa had to come. We
learned one year never to have Santa select items that had
to be assembled. Ever try to be quiet while arguing on
how this should be accomplished. Tired as we would be
Christmas morning we had to pack up right after breakfast
and head out for either Ames or Marshalltown to be with
Dads side of the family on Christmas Day. In later years
when all cousins were getting older we opted for family
gathering on a different day and reserved Christmas for
our own growing families. Of course after Grandma was
put in a nursing home we stopped it altogether and had
our own family times and visiting Grandma.

It has come to the place where my immediate
family has grown and each of my children are grandparents and so changes have been made. We make an effort
to have a family gathering near Christmas with as many

as possible attending. I no longer have the space but

this year two of the boys have graciously offered two
different options. Each family does their own thing
too and have to make concessions for the kids in-laws
too. Such it is when families grow and change and as
they marry have to entwine new holiday traditions while
making some of their own. I am so fortunate that they all
want to be sure to include me and I am thankful for that.

I think of my Boone County days and friends
talking about Grandma making the lutefisk and oostekaka (how do you spell that?) and lingonberries and spritz
and rye bread and potato baloney and brown beans and
all that good stuff (maybe with the exception of the lutefisk and oostekaka). There are no more pre-Christmas
Swedish suppers and I enjoyed going to them and eating
especially the brown beans, rye bread and spritz. My
mom made some of the best Swedish rye bread and spritz
around and neither I nor my girls could do the bread but
I used to make spritz. Today my daughter makes really
good Norwegian kringla so I let her. None of us mastered lefsa and can no longer find it in local markets.
Too bad as most of us like that too.

As I write this, I am not positive exactly what
all Ill be doing or where all Ill be going but I know I
will not be neglected or overlooked on Christmas. And
there will be plenty of food and love to go around. I
do know my plans are to go to the early church service
on Christmas Eve and then spend that evening with my
youngest daughters family. Christmas day will be spent
with family, maybe several of them. Wherever you spend

Christmas and whatever family traditions I trust you have

created, I hope you will have a wonderful enjoyable time.
I also hope that no one will be alone during this season
and knowing the people I am around and the people in
your communities, they will not be alone.

A most Blessed and Happy, Merry Christmas to

save Now
with our


and 18 months at 1.20%

12 Months at

For a



Fort Dodge Lehigh Webster City

Southeast Valley
Schedule of Events
Week of Dec 21st to Dec 28th

Wednesday, Dec 21
6:30 p.m. SWG & PV Joint School Board Mtg. @
6:30 p.m. PV Regular School Board meeting
Thursday, Dec 22
4:00 p.m. JH Girls Basketball vs. SCC
4:00 p.m. JH Boys Basketball @ Rockwell City
7:00 p.m. FFA Winter Dance
Friday, Dec 23
Early Dismissal @ 1:20PM
PVES - NO PM Preschool
Monday, Dec 26
NO SCHOOL - Dec 26 thru Jan 2 - Winter Break
Tuesday, Dec 27
NO SCHOOL - Dec 26 thru Jan 2 - Winter Break
Wednesday, Dec 28
NO SCHOOL - Dec 26 thru Jan 2 - Winter Break
*Schedule is pulled from the SV website for your convenience*
***Schedules are subject to change at anytime***

Harcourt Equipment

Anderson Implements

Anderson Implements has been selling and servicing

farm equipment since 1951. If you have not stopped at their
3043 Madison Avenue location, youll be pleasantly surprised
when you do.

Lonne Anderson, Sales Manager, and Todd Anderson,
Service Manager, handle a wide range of equipment. They
have Deutz-Fahr tractors, Landoll tillage, Rem Grain Vacs,
Willrich tillage and sprayers,Gregson sprayers, Myers manure
spreaders, Feterl augers, Demco grain carts and wagons . .
and the list goes on and on.

Whatever your need, stop in or give Anderson Implement
a call at 515-547-2370. Hours are M-F 8-5 and Sat. 8-12.
Spring and fall, 24/7 says Lonne.

has good selection of new

and used equipment

Harcourt Equipment is always ready to

supply your farm equipment needs. They will
also happily repair your equipment. They have
trained technicians and the technology to spot
any problems
the time to visit
Harcourt Equipment
for repairs or to
replace that used
are located just
east of Harcourt on
Highway 175.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dayton Review

Jaguar Wrestlers tangle with three

respectable wrestling programs
Panorama, AC-GC and Ogden...

A cardinal seeks refuge under a giant spruce tree
in southern Webster County.

A cardinal feasts on sunflower seeds before the
first snow has melted near Skillet Creek.

On Thursday, December 15th, the Jaguar wrestling team traveled to Panora to tangle with three respectable wrestling programs, the host team Panorama Panthers, AC-GC Chargers(Guthrie Center), and the Ogden
Bulldogs. In the opening dual, the Jags were defeated by
Panora 48-27. In the second dual, the Jaguars clipped
AC-GC in a nail biter, 42-33. In the final dual, the boys
downed Ogden 45-24 ending the night with two wins
against one loss. In individual competition Trey Lawrence, Kyler Fisher, and Clayton McFarland finished 3-0.
Colden Bethel, Mason Goodwin, Carter Fluckiger, and
Kaelan Lundberg, finished 2-1. Sam Hemmestad, Calvin
Williamson, and Xavier Nichols won one match. Colton
Klingson and Jake Peterson faced tough opponents finishing 0-3

Its always a good night if the team can defeat
Guthrie Center, which is now sharing with Adair Casey
forming AC-GC and Ogden, two well established wrestling programs in the state of Iowa. Trey, Kyler, and
Clayton led the way for the Jags going undefeated for the
night. All three of them wrestled tough. Carter Fluckiger
came through in a close match at 160 after moving him
up from 152 to defeat his Ogden opponent. Clayton McFarland continues to improve as he pinned a good heavyweight wrestler from Panora in the first dual of the night.
Southeast Valley vs. Panorama @ Pan/ACGC/Ogden/
SEV on 12/15/2016.

Panorama (PANO) 48.00 Southeast Valley
(SEVA) 27.00 - 285: Clayton McFarland (SEVA) over
Dalton Bennett (PANO) (Fall 1:06) 106: Colden Bethel (SEVA) over (PANO) (For.) 113: Mason Goodwin
(SEVA) over (PANO) (For.) 120: Danny Nordquist
(PANO) over Sam Hemmestad (SEVA) (Fall 1:55)
126: George Appleseth (PANO) over Colton Klingson
(SEVA) (Fall 1:11) 132: Jacob Holwegner (PANO) over
Calvin Williamson (SEVA) (Fall 3:07) 138: Trey Lawrence (SEVA) over Noah Kirtley (PANO) (Fall 3:56)
145: Kaleb Stogdill (PANO) over Jake Peterson (SEVA)
(Fall 0:38) 152: Tyler Van Houten (PANO) over Carter Fluckiger (SEVA) (Fall 3:26) 160: Ondrej Komora
(PANO) over (SEVA) (For.) 170: Gunnar Grunsted
(PANO) over Kaelen Lundberg (SEVA) (Dec 4-2)
182: Kyler Fisher (SEVA) over Trevor Carey (PANO)
(Dec 8-3) 195: Dalton Holmes (PANO) over (SEVA)
(For.) 220: Brady Howard (PANO) over Xavier Nichols
(SEVA) (Dec 1-0)
Southeast Valley vs. Ogden @ Pan/ACGC/Ogden/SEV
on 12/15/2016.

Southeast Valley (SEVA) 45.00 Ogden (OGDE)
24.00 - 113: Mason Goodwin (SEVA) over (OGDE)
(For.) 120: Sam Hemmestad (SEVA) over (OGDE)
(For.) 126: Austin Flynn (OGDE) over Colton Klingson
(SEVA) (Fall 0:31) 132: Taylon Engleen (OGDE) over
Calvin Williamson (SEVA) (Fall 1:50) 138: Double Forfeit 145: Trey Lawrence (SEVA) over Jacob Kathman
(OGDE) (Fall 1:19) 152: Zachary McCloud (OGDE)
over Jake Peterson (SEVA) (Fall 1:54) 160: Carter Fluckiger (SEVA) over Garrett Bales (OGDE) (Dec 2-1) 170:
Kaelen Lundberg (SEVA) over Blake Haub (OGDE)
(Fall 0:23) 182: Kyler Fisher (SEVA) over (OGDE)
(For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Trent Ganoe (OGDE)
over Xavier Nichols (SEVA) (Fall 2:10) 285: Clayton
McFarland (SEVA) over Parker Stoneburner (OGDE)

(Fall 1:27) 106: Colden Bethel (SEVA) over (OGDE)

Southeast Valley vs. AC/GC @ Pan/ACGC/Ogden/
SEV on 12/15/2016.

Southeast Valley (SEVA) 42.00 AC/GC
(ACGC) 33.00 - 106: Easton Benson (ACGC) over Colden Bethel (SEVA) (Dec 7-1) 113: Blaine Beeler (ACGC)
over Mason Goodwin (SEVA) (Fall 2:49) 120: Zachary Fees (ACGC) over Sam Hemmestad (SEVA) (Fall
3:16) 126: Gabe Rowley (ACGC) over Colton Klingson
(SEVA) (Fall 3:50) 132: Calvin Williamson (SEVA)
over (ACGC) (For.) 138: Trey Lawrence (SEVA) over
Hunter Lynch (ACGC) (Fall 1:46) 145: Logan Scheurmann (ACGC) over Jake Peterson (SEVA) (Fall 3:00)
152: Carter Fluckiger (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.)
160: Double Forfeit 170: Kaelen Lundberg (SEVA) over
(ACGC) (For.) 182: Kyler Fisher (SEVA) over Cole
Stetzel (ACGC) (Fall 3:54) 195: Ben Kingery (ACGC)
over (SEVA) (For.) 220: Xavier Nichols (SEVA) over
Spencer Grove (ACGC) (Fall 47:00) 285: Clayton McFarland (SEVA) over (ACGC) (For.)

In individual competition Kyler Fisher finished 3-0 for the day during the Panorama Wrestling
Meet on Dec. 15. Photo by Emilea Lundberg.

Sam Hemmestad came up with a win on Thursday, Dec. 15 at the Panorama Wrestling Meet. Photo by
Emilea Lundberg.

Jaiden Foy
3rd grade

Mrs. Johnson's 3rd grade


Check us out!


Kaelan Lundberg finished 2-1 for the Jaguars Thursday, Dec 15 at the Panorama Wrestling Meet. Photo by
Emilea Lundberg.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A driver of the two horse open sleigh from Dream Carriage Rides, from Humbolt, steers the sleigh with Dayton
Mayor Brent Brunner, left, and Meredith Gallentine, right, on the sleigh through Oak Park, Dayton.

Light up your

Enjoy the bright lights that make

the holidays special.

Dayton Light & Power


Left to right: Katara Jondle, Santa, and Tucker
Stevens. Tucker Stevens, age 9, sits on Santas knee.

Wyatt Blair, son of Mr. and Mrs. AJ Blair rural
Dayton, sits on Santas knee at Oak Park, Dayton.

Charlotte Blair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. AJ
Blair, rural Dayton, sits on Santas knee at Oak Park, Dayton.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dayton Review

Southeast Webster Elementary Students Letters to Santa...

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How do you know what we
want? How do you know when we are sleeping? How
do you know when we are sleeping... Does it snow at
the North Pole? How are youur elves doing? How are
your reindeer doing? I am 10 years old. What I want for
Christmas is an electric guitar and some games and a
playstation VR.

Your friend, Will Comp
Dear Santa,
What kind of cookies do you like? Are the elves your
children? Can you give people your magic? How old are
you? For Christmas I want 2 rings, a watch, a drum set,
hot wheels, an RC car, and some candy.
P.S. Can I get some treats for my cat Fu Fu.
Merry Christmas, Alexius Lynn Gilliland
Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Who is your favorite
reindeer? What are your favorite cookies? Do you still
have Rudolf? Here is my Christmas list I would like an I
phon 6, Chrome book, American Girl doll that looks like
me, a big American Girl doll house and an American
Girl doll Accessories, pjs, clothes,sets, food, laptop and
that all I would like for Christmas. Can you heal my elf
please? Thank you,

Your Friend, Lily Reck

Dear Santa,

How are you? How do you know what we
want? How are your elves? What is Mrs. Claus doing?

This year for Christmas I would like a skateboard, some movies, 3DS games, American Girl things
and stuffed animals please.

You dont have get me everything, but the
thing I really want is the skateboard. But I would want it
around on the tips, not painted. Could you put a bulldog
on the bottom of it.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Ava Chase
Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? How are your reindeer?
How are your elves? How is your wife? What I want for
Christmas is a timber sled and a snowmowbeling cout
and pants.

Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Cole
Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are your reindeer doing? And your elves are they fine? How about your wife
is she fine?

Can you please get me a big Monster High Doll
and please get me a Barbie Doll.
Merry Christmas, From Rebecca

Leters to Santa continued on page 0...

Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? What is it like at the
North Pole? How are your reindeer? What do you do at
your work shop? This year for Christmas I want a Play
Station 4 with Madden 16 I also want a drum set and
also I want a Xbox 360 controler.

Merry Christmas, Brogen
Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing Santa? How are your reindeer doing? Hows the weather doing up there? Hows
Mrs. Claus doing?

I only want 6 things. A new I phone 5c, an I
phone 5c Chicago Cubs case, another I phone 5c Chicago Cubs Won World Series in 2016 An Chicago Cubs
sweatshirt, an Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt, and my final
thing that I really want is a New Australian Shepard
mini puppy. Thats a boy or girl it doesnt matter. And a
teal collar and leash for it since my puppy died, because
he got hit by a car. I would like it to be from Tammy
that I got Franklin from. Thanks!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, Shelly Lee Sorenson
Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? How are your elves and
reindeer? Are you ready for Christmas? Is it very snowy
at the North Pole? I want an Animal Jam membership
for Christmas. I want a new tablet and P.J.s. I want alot
of Beanie Boos. I want an Iowa State shirt.

Merry Christmas, Autumn

SSB Kid's Club winner...

Beau, son of David and Kari Lenning from
Harcourt, is the lucky Kids Club winner of the gigantic
panda bear, Perry. We hope you enjoy your new friend!
Photo by Security Savings Bank.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Des Moines Register

named Jaeschke 1st
Team All State WR

Mary Eager narrates twas the night before Christmas as the music played during the Southeast Valley High
school music program at the High school Monday. Dec. 5.
Photo by Lisa Peterson.

Congratulations to Dakota Jaeschke on making
the Des Moines Register 1st Team All State as a Wide

Coach Swieter said he is very happy for Dakota
to make this list because there is only a 1st team offense
and a 1st team defense so this is a very big honor and well
deserved achievement.

Dayton Museum. . .

Mr. Hyland presents Southeast Valley band in his
first Christmas concert. Photo by Lisa Peterson.

Midland Power Cooperative in conjunction with

Basin Electric and CoBank donated a total of $7,500 this
month to the Dayton Historical Museum. The museum is
housed in the old Light Plant Building, which has been undergoing updates. Pictured are (left to right) Kenny Sanders, President of the Dayton Historical Society & Bill McKim, CEO of Midland Power Cooperative.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Devynn Wilson
Mrs. Johnson's 3rd Grade

SV eighth grade girls

win, 7th graders now 2-2

The Southeast Valley JH Girls Basketball Team
traveled to Woodward-Granger Monday night. The 7th
grade came out very flat and suffered a 45-13 defeat at
the hands of a very talented WG squad.

Bright spots on the night was the hustle play of
Teighan Osborne off the bench and the defensive effort
of Haylee Welter despite battling early foul trouble which
was in part to coaching errors for failing to recognize the
number of fouls right away.

This was a good learning experience for the girls
which shows they need to continue to bring their A game
to every game as they have done for every game up until
tonight, however the sun will come up and this is still a
very talented squad that no doubt will rebound from this
tough loss. The 7th grade is now 2-2 on the season.

The 8th grade played probably the best complete
game of the season and coming away with a 44-19 victory. Emily Jaeschke led the way with 9 pts with Emily
Hemmestad right behind with 8.

The Jags received outstanding guard play from
the duo of Sydney Carlson and Chloe Hicks. The Jags
also received outstanding post play from the trio of Morgan Farnham, Brielle Haub and Kiersten Fisher. The
Jags also received quality minutes off the bench from Allison Bethel and Addie Corell. The 8th grade is now 3-1
on the season.

Dayton Review

Jags also received outstanding guard play from Hayley

Welter and outstanding defense from Madison Doyle and
Sadie Nelson. The Jags also received very solid post play
from Kyleigh Erritt and great hustle off the bench from
Ryann Shipley and Teighan Osborne. The 7th grade is
now 2-3 on the season.

The 8th grade came away with a 41-38 victory
however the score is no indication how in control the Jags
were for most of the night. Emily Jaeschke led and outstanding effort with 17 points on the night. Emily Hemmestad was right behind with 10.

The Jags received outstanding effort in the post
from the trio of Morgan Farnham, Brielle Haub and Kiersten Fisher. The Jags also received outstanding guard
play from the duo of Sydney Carlson and Chloe Hicks
and outstanding defense from Allison Bethel. The Jags
are now 4-1 on the season.

Jaguar seventh, eighth

grade girls win games

The Southeast Valley JH Girls basketball team
played East Sac at Burnside Thursday night. The 7th
grade could not overcome foul trouble and dropped a 4132 decision to the Raiders. However as coaches we could
not be more proud of the effort and teamwork of these
young ladies tonight.

Laney Clancey led the way with 15 points. The

Double win for Jaguar

boys basketball team

Tucker Stevens
Mrs. Johnson's 3rd Grade

Emma Maison Mckibban

Mrs. Johnson's 3rd Grade

Nolan Johnson gets some air as he puts in a nice
jump shot. photo by lisa peterson.

Haylee Kraft dripples around the defence Thursday, Dec. 15 in Gowrie. Photo by Lisa Peterson.

The SV Varsity Boys Basketball team defeated
South Central Calhoun by the score of 58-43 on Monday,
Dec. 12.

Leading statistical leaders for the Jaguars were,
Kaleb Jondle 19 points, Myles Davis 11 points, Keegan
Goodwin 9 points, Dakota Jaeschke 4 points and 12 rebounds, Nolan Brand 4 points and 8 rebounds, Alex Pliner 4 points, Nolan Johnson 3 points, Tommy Lennon 2

points, and Keenan Ferry 2 points.
Manson Northwest-Webster

The Varsity Boys Basketball team defeatedt
MNW by the score of 81-37 on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Leading statistical leaders for the Jaguars were
Dakota Jaeschke, 21 points and 14 rebounds; Keegan
Goodwin, 12 points and 3 assists; Tommy Lennon, 9
points; Kaleb Jondle, 7 points; Nolan Brand, 7 points;
Myles Davis, 6 points; Jaden Cline, 6 points; Keenan
Ferry, 5 points; Lucas Pontius, 3 points; Nolan Johnson, 2
points; Alex Pliner, 2 points and 7 rebounds; Carter Lane,
1 point.

The Jaguars Varsity record is 6-0.

Jaguar seventh, eighth

grade girls win games

The Southeast Valley JH Girls basketball team
played East Sac at Burnside Thursday night. The 7th
grade could not overcome foul trouble and dropped a 4132 decision to the Raiders. However as coaches we could
not be more proud of the effort and teamwork of these
young ladies tonight.

Laney Clancey led the way with 15 points. The
Jags also received outstanding guard play from Hayley
Welter and outstanding defense from Madison Doyle and
Sadie Nelson. The Jags also received very solid post play
from Kyleigh Erritt and great hustle off the bench from
Ryann Shipley and Teighan Osborne. The 7th grade is
now 2-3 on the season.

The 8th grade came away with a 41-38 victory
however the score is no indication how in control the Jags
were for most of the night. Emily Jaeschke led and outstanding effort with 17 points on the night. Emily Hemmestad was right behind with 10.

The Jags received outstanding effort in the post
from the trio of Morgan Farnham, Brielle Haub and Kiersten Fisher. The Jags also received outstanding guard
play from the duo of Sydney Carlson and Chloe Hicks
and outstanding defense from Allison Bethel. The Jags
are now 4-1 on the season.

The Southeast Valley Pep Band does a great job entertaining the crowds during the half time of the ball games in
Gowrie. Photo by Lisa Peterson.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jaguar JVR boys

host Carol Kuemper


On Thursday, December 15, the Jaguar JVR
yBoys Basketball team hosted two basketball games
sagainst the JVR teams from Carrol Kuemper.
In the early game, the Jaguars were defeated
-by the total score of 45-27. Leading scorers for the Jags
were Ross Halligan with 10 points, Adam Dellachiesa
twith 5, Dillon Systma with 4, Lucas Samuelson with 4,
-Kyle Zeka with 2, and Brock Fleming with 2.
Playing meaningful minutes for the Jags and not
sscoring for the Jags were Jacob Slininger, Lincoln Millser, and Gavin Richman. After trailing at halftime by the
score of 32-8, the Jaguars continued to battle, and closed
the second half on a 19-13 point advantage.

In the second game of the night, the Jaguars lost
to Carrol Kuemper by the score of 45-50. Leading scorers for the Jaguars were Carter Lane with 19 points (5
3s from beyond the arc), Hunter Kruse with 19, Robert
Jepsen with 4, and Ross Halligan with 3.

Playing meaningful minutes and not scoring for
the Jags were Ethan Pliner, Joel Lambert, and Lincoln
Miller. After trailing at half by the score of 25-16, the
Jags were able to win the second half and worked hard
defensively to disrupt passing lanes and causing deflections. The JVR is now 3-3 on the early season.



Lincoln Miller drives past the Caroll Kemper defense as he gets a fast break down court. Photo by Lisa Pedterson.


Members of the Stewart Memorial Community Hospital obstetrics department were honored to receive the Womens Choice as one of Americas best hospitals to receive obstetric care. Staff shown with the award are (seated) Katie Riehl,
Lara Cornelius, (standing) Jenni Macke, Ashley Mork, Director of Nursing Zacharina Winker, Laura Roberts, Megan
Grodahl, PA-C, and Dr. Derek Duncan.

SMCH Receives 2017 Womens Choice Award

one of Americas Best Hospitals for Obstetrics

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital
(SMCH) recently earned the 2017 Womens Choice
Award as one of Americas Best Hospitals for Obstetrics. This places SMCH among the top 15 percent of
hospitals considered the best in which to have a baby.
Approximately 400 hospitals nationwide met the awards
robust evidence-based criteria that consider female patient satisfaction data, clinical excellence and feedback
from women about what they want from a hospital.

We are pleased to receive this award, said
Jenni Macke, SMCH Manager of Obstetrics. Birth is a
celebration of life and our staff understands and anticipates the needs of moms-to-be. We partner with them to
support their birthing choices and women can trust that
our caring hands will deliver their miracles in a healing,
family-centered environment.

SMCH is known for its family focus, which encourages family members to participate in the birthing
process. As part of this approach, exclusive breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact are promoted, enhancing the
bond between mother and child.

New moms have many choices when it comes
to having their baby, so choosing the best birthing experience is right up there with choosing the best doctor.
Weve made it easy for moms to select a proven hospital
to deliver an outstanding experience, says Delia Passi,
CEO and Founder of the Womens Choice Award.

In 2015, the hospitals auxiliary raised funds
to purchase two new labor and delivery beds for the obstetrics department. The new beds are designed with the
safety of expectant moms in mind. Ergonomic features
of the new beds help the mom with multiple positions for
comfort during labor and delivery. The dollars raised by
the Auxiliary represent a commitment to provide an exceptional experience for moms and babies, says Macke.
We are grateful to the Auxiliary for its efforts in ensuring our patients continue to receive the best care possible.

According to the Womens Choice Award organization, award winners offer exceptional obstetric services which ranked above the national average for patient
safety. The scoring process is also unique in that it is the
only national list that is evidence-based and focuses on
female patient satisfaction. Awarded hospitals ranked
above the national average for patient recommendations,
as indicated by the data reported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
(HCAHPS) surveys. Additional considerations included
having a NICU on-site and a low early elective delivery

SMCH has been serving the patients since 1962.
To learn more, visit www.stewartmemorial.org, call 712464-3171 or follow us Facebook.

Jaguar JV boys
edge MNW 41-36

The Jaguar JV Boys defeats Manson Northwest
, Webster Tuesday, Dec. 13 at Manson 41-36. The Jaguars
got off to a good start and was up 17-10 in the first quarter. Scoring for the Jaguars were: Jackson Housken, 6;
Kenny Blunk, 2; Max Davis, 4; Jaxon Myers, 4; Nyles
Johnson, 6; Zach Graves, 8; and J.J. Graves, 6.

The boys defense was tremendous in the fourth
quarter holding the Manson offense to only two points,
said Coach Gutshall The offense passed the ball really
well in the first and fourth quarters.

The Jaguar JV team is now 5-0 for the season.

Robert Jepsen goes up strong for a short jump

shot for the Jaguars. Photo by Lisa Peterson.

There are more than 100,000 lights at a Dakota City mans residence and on adjacent lots. Dakota City is west
and adjacent to Humboldt. The huge display includes a nativity scene, merry-round inside a large gazebo, a large Merry
Christmas greeting, and many other displays. It is all free and the same many has been doing this huge project for 52 years.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Worship Schedule


9 a.m. Sunday School; 10 a.m.Worship;
9:30 a.m. Adult/youth Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. worship
8:30 a.m. Worship; 9:45 a.m. Coffee hr. & Fellowship.
9:15 a.m. Sunday School
9:30 a.m. Coffee; 10:30 a.m. Worship
9:30 a.m. Worship
8:30 a.m. Worship; 9:40 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Worship & Childrens Church
10:30 a.m. Worship Service
10:30 a.m. Worship Service
9a.m. Worship;
Lehigh--9.30 a.m. Sunday School; 11 a.m. Worship
Otho-- 9 a.m. Worship; 10 a.m. SS
10:15 a.m. Sunday School; 9:00 a.m. Worship
9:30 a.m. Fellowship; 10:30 a.m. Worship.
9:30a.m. Worship;
10:45a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Worship Service; 9:15 a.m. Sunday School.
9:30 a.m. Worship
10:30 a.m. Worship; 9:30 a.m. Fellowship
10:30 a.m. Worship
10:00 a.m. Fellowship Time 9:00 a.m. Worship;
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Sundays: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship

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Dayton Review

Christmas Eve Dinner for a Train Crew

Memories of a young girl growing up in Gowrie...

Clarice (Carlson) Burkgren grew up in
Gowrie and her husband Robert grew up in Dayton.
Both Graduated from their respective schools in 1953
and were married in 1957.

She and her husband now live in La Porte
City and have lived there for over 50 years. Robert
was a teacher their for 30 years while Clarice taught
for 7 years and subbed for 13 additional years.

They both have continued to read their
hometown papers. Roberts the Dayton Review and
Clarices The Gowrie News. They enjoy reading their
own paper and then discussing the various articles.

They still have close ties to both their communities. They return yearly for the Gowries 4th of July
parade and have rarely missed any Alumni banquets
in both communities.

Clarices Dad was well known county supervisor in the 1950s and even now she has only to mention her dad as Cash Carlson and most people will
know her family.

This is Clarices story as told by her about a
very special Christmas that will forever stand out in
her mind.

My intense interest in trains began around 1940
when in my kindergarten class had a model train (made
up of an engine, coal car and caboose) which became a
centerpiece of our classroom as we studied various kinds
of transportation. It was big enough to hold an engineer,
the brakeman and in the caboose 3 or 4 passengers could
be seated.

We also had a two-passenger airplane with a
working propeller as part of our study. I probably didnt
get to enthused about an airplane as I didnt travel by air
until well into my 60s.

As part of the unit on Trains the class rode the
train on its westward journey one day to Farnhamville.
A school bus returned us to school. But my love for trains
didnt end there.

My home was located on an acreage that had a
Chicago and Northwestern railroad track bordering on
our land that was basically an east-west route.

There was a daily freight train, as well as a passenger train that traveled twice daily through town. It was
the afternoon freight train that I took a special liking.

I would leave anything I was doing and run to
the fence to wave at the crew. They would wave and blow
the loud horn and occasionally really scare me when they
released a blast of steam (but I loved it)!

I had a lantern to wave if it was after dark when
they made their run past my house. My Mom promised
to wave the lantern if I had to be in bed before their night
run. I never missed a day it seemed, because in those days
one didnt go far from home.

Once in a while I would go with my Dad when
he went to the local elevator for his afternoon gossip/
coffee session with the men. If the train was coming in
soon Id go to the train station and talk to the depot agent
working there.

When the train arrived I got to visit with the conductor in the caboose. Sometimes I even got to ride in
the engine as the engineer and brakeman switched cars
or watch the fireman fill the coal car so they would have
plenty of coal and water (for steam) to fire up the train
on the rest of their journey.

Occasionally the train crew checked with my
Dad and I was allowed to ride either in the engine or the
caboose to the next town (in this case it was Harcourt)
and my Dad would drive over to bring me back home.

Their stop in Gowrie was always in the late afternoon and often I got to join them in the caboose as they
ate their supper. Food was often delivered by the Depot
Agent from a cafe in town.

Christmas Eve was coming and I suddenly wondered were the train crew would be for their Christmas
Eve dinner. Cafes close early in small towns on Christmas Eve!

I had an idea! My Mom could prepare a Christmas Eve Dinner and Dad and I would take it to meet
the train on Christmas Eve! Dad checked with the depot

Tim & Staci Blair


406 3rd St NE (515)547-2512


601 Division St. 275-2702


Harcourt 354-5570

Check us out!


Clarice talks with her friends by one of her beloved trains. Clarice is near the front facing away from the

agent and with the train crew, and everything was made

On December 24th my Mom fixed a roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, scalloped corn,
Jell-O salad, and pie.

That afternoon when the train pulled into the
station Dad and I were there waiting. They enjoyed the
meal in the caboose. It made me very happy, but little did
I know or realize that I really was only delaying them in
getting them home to their families on Christmas Eve.

Imagine my surprise though, when on Christmas
morning the depot agent from in town came to our house
with a present for me!

A beautiful doll and a card signed by every
member of the train crew: Ralph Wood, engineer; Hugh
O. Clay, fireman; L. P. Baker, conductor; Francis Ryan
and J. M. Crandall, brakemen.

The card envelop read Miss Clarice Carlson;
also Mom and Dad Carlson; Thanks a million; from The
Train and Engine Crew. Seventy-five years later I have
the card! I couldnt have had a happier Christmas, along
with a very special new doll.

This love of trains gained in kindergarten continued with the train crew for at least 3 more years, including the Christmas Eve Dinner until we moved out to
a farm east of Gowrie. By then, some of the original crew
had also left.

This one particular Christmas is still in my
memory, each and every time we drive by the house just
north of the railroad tracks on the east edge of Gowrie...
my hometown.

This is the kindergarten train that started Clarice
(Carlson) Burkgrens love for trains. Clarice is seated in the
caboose, second child from the right.

Farm ponds in central

Iowa are freezing over

Central Iowa ponds are beginning to freeze over
as of Dec. 8th. Anglers looking to get some ice fishing in
before the larger lakes are ready will likely be able to get
out by the end of the weekend or early during the week of
the 12th.

Farm ponds and small lakes are beginning to
freeze over in central Iowa. Larger lakes are all open as
of Dec. 8th. More fishing reports will become available
when the ice fishing season gets under way. For information on Central Iowa lakes and rivers, contact Andy Otting or Ben Dodd at 515-432-2823.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Don Williams Lake

frozen, area farm
ponds also frozen
Ice fishing begins soon. . .


Don Williams is completely froze over, but no
ice fishing had occurred as of Wednesday, Dec. 14th. Ice
fishing will likely begin soon. Check ice thickness often
when going out.

As of Wednesday, Dec. 14th farm ponds and
small lakes are froze over in central Iowa with 3 to 5
inches of ice. Larger lakes had variable conditions from 3
inches to large areas of open water. More fishing reports
will become available soon as anglers start getting out on
the ice. For information on Central Iowa lakes and rivers,
contact Andy Otting or Ben Dodd at 515-432-2823.

Snowmobile, ATV,
motorcyle registrations
- need to be renewed


The Iowa DNR is reminding owners of offo

vehicles to renew their registrations by Dec. 31,

2016. Vehicle types include: all-terrain vehicles (ATVs),

off-road utility vehicles (ORVs), off-road motorcycles
(ORMs) and snowmobiles.

Registrations can be renewed through any county recorder office or by going directly to the DNRs online sales and registration site. OHV owners can also find
a link on the DNR site www.iowadnr.gov.

After Dec. 31, customers can still renew their
registrations but will pay a $5 penalty.

Lehigh thanks council...

continued from front page...
zens who were without city clerk services for a month,
said Richardson.

Mayor Richardson also expressed his appreciation for Catherine Thomas who worked a few afternoons
each week handling city clerk duties. Catherine is City
Clerk in Grand Junction.

With the appointment of Charles Gilliand to the
City Council last week, the city of Lehigh now has a full
city council working with a newly hired city clerk.

Everyone seems to working together, said
Mayor Richardson. We have a good team. We want to
work together with our citizens and give everyone good
service. We want input from everyone.

He added, We are moving forward. And together we will succeed.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Public Notice
Your Right to Know
Lehigh City Council

City of Lehigh, IA 50557

Regular Council Meeting
Monday, December 12, 2016

Mayor Richardson brought the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Doug Dellachiesa, Dave Hrubes, Melissa Rude, Paula

Motion by Dellachiesa to approve the agenda, second Martin.

Motion by Dellachiesa to approve the Consent agenda, second

Jeff Heum Fire Chief gave budget report for 2016 2017.

John Anderson presented to the Council a process change pertaining
to Fire Department incoming bills. A motion was made by Rude to have all
bills approved by the Fire Department before paid, second Martin. Aye:
All motions carried.

Jeff Heum was re-elected as Fire Chief. Motion to approve made by
Rude, second Hrubes. Aye: All motions carried.
New Business:

A resolution to fill the council seat, motion to appoint Charles Gilliand
made by Rude, second Hrubes.

Hrubes made a motion to pay Ernie Terwilliger 50 hours in comp time,
second Rude. Aye: All motions carried.

Dellachiesa made a motion to contact Tim Anderson for a quote to
perform an audit on city books, second Rude. Aye: All motions carried.

Martin made a motion to add additional if needed or update current
signs on main street, second Hrubes. Aye: All motions carried.

Rude made the motion to credit McFarland the amount of $204.83
plus any penalties accrued to utility bill, second by Hrubes. Aye: All motions

Rude made the motion to deduct $72.61 from deposite for Don Willie,
second Dellachiesa. Aye: All motions carried.

Martin made the motion to adjust Avey water bill $549.40, second Rude. Aye: All motions carried. Aye: All motions carried.

Rude made motion to adjust Brundage electric bill $2478.51, second
Dellachiesa. Aye: All motions carried.

Rude made motion to adjust Riverside water bill $290.80, second
Martin. Aye: All motions carried.

Dellachiesa made motion to approve renewal of Liquor License for
Lehigh Valley Caf, second Hrubes. Aye: All motions carried.

Rude made the motion to not hire a part time Maintenance worker
now, second Martin. Aye: All motions carried.

Rude made a motion to accepted Roger Smith as a part-time on
call temporary Maintenance assistant, second Martin. Aye: All motions

Motion by Martin to go to a closed session, second Hrubes. Aye: All
motions carried.

Council returned to regular session and a motion to adjourn made by
Rude, second Dellachiesa. Aye: All motions carried.

Dayton Review
MILAGE 10/27-11/3


Late muzzleloader
season begins now
in Webster County, Iowa

Iowas late muzzleloader deer season begins
Dec. 19, which is the final season that any-deer licenses
are available.

Nearly 30,000 hunters participated in the late
muzzleloader season in 2015 and the DNR expects similar numbers again this year. Archery season also re-opens
on Dec. 19 so bow hunters with unfilled tags will likely
be heading back to their tree stands as well.

Hunters are required to wear blaze orange during the late muzzleloader season but party hunting is not

If hunters are seeing fewer deer where they hunt
they may want to refrain from harvesting extra does.
Hunters should check with landowners to see if deer
numbers are at an acceptable level and tailor their harvest

Hunters are reminded to report their harvest
within 24 hours of recovering their deer. This information
is an important part of the data needed to manage Iowas
deer herd.

Sonya Bailey,
City Clerk


Dayton Police Report

**Nov. 07, 2016- Dec. 10, 2016**
Monday, 11/07/16 - 3500 blk Paragon Ave. Cows
in ditch. Owner notified and removed them
Wednesday, 11/09/16 - 300 blk 2nd Ave NE. Animal Complaint. Handled
Thursday, 11/10/16 - 3200 blk Samson Ave. Vehicle unlock. Handled.
Thursday, 11/10/16 - Complaint that the waste
water lagoon was unsecure. Handled.
Tuesday, 11/15/16 - 200 blk 2nd Ave NE, Medical Assistance
Tuesday, 11/15/16 - Met complaintant reference
stolen bicycle. Declined report at the time.
Wednesday, 11/16/16 - Met same complaintant
reference stolen bicycle. Report taken #16-0030
Friday, 11/18/16 Hwy 175 and 169 Harcourt, Vehicle accident. Assisted WCSO.
Saturday, 11/19/16 - 10 blk W Skillet, A harassment was reported. #16-0031
Sunday, 11/20/16 - Spoke to complaintant reference 16-0031, requested extra patrol at various
Tuesday, 11/22/16 - DHS regarding case number
Tuesday, 11/22/16 - 300 blk Larch St Harcourt
reference a sex abuse. Field report completed.
Tuesday, 11/22/16 - Casey's reported a theft #160032
Wednesday, 11/22/16 - Follow up completed reference #16-0032
Saturday, 11/26/16 - 300 blk 2nd St NE, A theft
was reported. #16-0033
Friday, 12/02/16 - Traffic Stop 10 blk 5th Ave
NW. Citation for expired registration
Friday, 12/02/16 - City of Dayton reported criminal mischief #16-0034
Monday, 12/05/16 - 100 blk 3rd Ave NW, Open
door at residence. Message left with owner.
Tuesday, 12/06/16 - MACH training
Saturday, 12/10/16 - Snow ordinance enforcement - 13 warnings issued.
*Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are
presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

In The Spirit
Of The Season..

Wed like to extend our sincere appreciation

to our many valued customers.
Without your support we wouldnt be a part of
this wonderful community nor have the opportunity
to wish every one of you a happy, healthy and
memorable holiday season.

State Bank
Your Full Service Bank

THE Dayton

Dear Santa,

Hi, How are you? How are things at the North
Pole? This year for Christmas I want a PS3, snake, lizard,
spider, and as many wishes I could ever want, and a 20
dollar gift card from Target and everyone in our world to
have a home, food, water, family, a life. Also 2 pairs of
Ma yick tracks. A remote control helicopter, and a pair of
KD as sneakers, and a flat head of Jerry Rice and of Joe
Montana. A baby tiger as a pet. Thanks!

Sincerely, Gauge Jones
Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa? Are your elves working hard? I have always wondered is there alot of snow at
the North Pole for Christmas? I want a pair of Beat head
phones, and an I phone 5, PS4 and a pair of Kevin Derant
shoes size 7.
Merry Chrismas.

From Caleb
Dear Santa,

How are the elves at the North Pole? What kind
of cookies do you like? How are the reindeer? Thank you
Santa for all the presents you have given me. How is Mrs.
Clause? The top 5 things I want from you are a lime green
mountain bike, a playstation VR, Go-Pro Hero 5, Jenga
boom, and Star Wars Jedi academy books.

Sincerely, Ryan Wicklein
Dear Santa Clause,

How are you? Ive been wondering if you would
accept my application to work as one of your elves. I have
a few more questions. Do you have schools at the North
Pole? How are my reports from my elf. My thing I would
want for Christmas are a phone, tablet, hoverboard, computer, and VR head set.

Love, Annabelle MacRunnel
Dear Santa,
How are you Santa? Can I have a Xbox for Christmas?
Also Minecraft to put in a Xbox. Can I have a tv and a
Barbie house and some Barbie boy dolls. Whats the temperature in the North Pole? Did you love the cookies you
got? How many Reindeer do you have? Is Rudolf real?

Merry Christmas, Addison
Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? How do you get to all the
peoples homes? How are the reindeer? How are the
elves? Does Rudolfs nose really glow? These are the
reasons why I have a wish list. I will be respectful and
responsible and safe So here is my wish list. I would like a
Hoverboard, toy helicopter, a toy car and a trampoleen.

Merry Christmas! From Gabe Griffin
Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? What is your most favorite
reindeer? How are your elves doing? How are the reindeer
doing? Can you please bring Infinity Warfare for Xbox
one and a Xbox one controller, and a RC car. Thanks.

Sincerely, Colten
Dear Santa,

How are you? I bet it is cold in the North Pole.
How are the elves & reindeer? How bright are the Northern lights from the North Pole? Are you ready for your
flight this month? This year I dont want as much. All I
really want is a 3DS could you get that for me please?
If its not too much trouble, could you get my mom a
replacement for the knife that broke?

Merry Christmas! Nina
Dear Santa Claus,

What is one of your elves names? What is your
favorite kind of cookie? Am I good or bad? Do you have
more girl elves or boy elves? Here is my Christmas List.
I want a stuffed animal reindeer and orbeez or ant stuff. I
like Christmas alot! I hope you like my letter!

Your friend, MaKenzie
Dear Santa,

How are things doing up there in the North
Pole or South pole Santa. I want a Lego Navy Ship and a
remote helicopter and VR. How are the reindeers doing?
How are the elves doing? Are the elves ready?

Merry Christmas, Nathan K.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Dear Santa,

What is it like at the North Pole? Do you have a
lot of snow at the North Pole? Is it fun making presents? Is
it cold at the North Pole?
Sincerely, Owen Steck
Dear Santa,

How are you? How are your reindeer? What
kind of cookies do you like? How is the North Pole going?
All I want for Christmas is to have all my family together.
I dont want any presents Guess what, my elf on the shelf
was in between the wall and our picture isnt that funny.
Have a great Christmas!

Love , Abbigale
Dear Santa,

Hi Santa How are you? Are any elves being
bad? What is your favorite cookies? Do the reindeer love
cereal? My wish list is to let my baby doll to have a sister.
I would also like to have shoes for them and me. Orbeez,
chocolate pen, and a bike with my name on it.

Sincerely, Jazzy
Dear Santa,
I have been good. I want two toy dirt bikes. How is Rudolph doing?

Your friend, Deegan
Dear Santa,

I had a good year can you get me something I
realy want. I want cool boots and clothes please I wish you
a Marry Christmas and a good New Year.

Your friend Lexis
Dear Santa,

Can I have a toy keyboard and a telescope please
and a Divo Trales.

Your friend, Ayden Bintz

Its the time of the year

for eggnog, candles,
cakes, songs, reindeer,
carols, laughter and
most importantly LOVE.

Diehl s of Dayton
Dayton - 547-3333

Dear Santa,

I had a good year Santa and I want a robot that
can spi on people and a hachumerl and a uther robot that
can grab stuff and bout of nuts thank you Santa and I hope
you have a good Christmas

Your friend, Ethan
Dear Santa,

I want a doll, a phone, a tablet, and a nutcracr, a
deese, a tv, a Hawkeyes hat, a pupy, a kitten, a horse, some
clay, rubrbands, a beibbes, moves, a hat, a robot that does
my homework, a rocker, a flip-a-zoo,

From your frinde Angelina
Dear Santa,

Can I ples have a five nights at Fredds stuff
anmle and movie and a phone and a new tablet

your frend Colin
Dear Santa,
I hope you and your elfs have a good year! I wood realy
like a tablet and a nutcracker.

Your friend! Hayden
Der Santa

Im working hard. I want a puppy and a Amarcen
Gril Doll. and Orbes I hope you have a good Christmas.

From Lucy
Dear Santa,

I hope you have had a good year! I would appreciat this for Christmas is art supplies, a piano, star wars
dolls and a stuffed animal fox.

Your friend, Anna Fritts
Dear Santa,

I have been good. Becareful on your snowy tripes
around the world. I want a tablet a red one. And some
Xbox ggames.

from your friend, Kale
Dear Santa

What I want froor Crismas is my 2 front teeth
lol sorry...What a achsuley want for Crismas is a cozmo

By Alex
Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. Merry Christmas!

Your friend, Noah

Dear Santa,

I have ben good the year? The elfs and you
work hard. Can you make a remot controll truck? Can
you make a air brush. Are the ran dear lerned. is the
sleigh Clean?


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dayton Review

Emanual Lutheran Church, Dayton, is blessed to have so many children at church. Here the younger children of
Emanual Lutheran Church are performing This little light of mine. Photo by Jeff Heck.

The choir of Emanual Lutheran Church sang during the Emanual Lutheran Church Sunday school program.

Iowa deer harvest

about 54,000 through
first weekend of season
Register your deer. . .

Iowa hunters have reported harvesting nearly
54,000 deer through the first weekend of the first shotgun
season. First shotgun deer season ends on Dec. 7.

Second season shotgun deer season is Dec. 1018, offering hunters two weekends in the field. The second shotgun season typically has about 50,000 hunters
but could see an increase in hunter participation by hunters who normally go during the first season, but opted for
second season due to the warmer weather.
Report your harvest

The deer is down, tagged and on its way to the
truck. But the harvest is not complete until the deer is
registered; either online, over the phone or at a license

Wed like to join our
good friends everywhere
in a wish for peace on
earth and goodwill
towards all this holiday
For the goodwill youve
shown towards us we
are deeply grateful

Harcourt EquipmEnt
John Deere Professionals
Harcourt, Iowa 50544


Online, it takes just a couple minutes. Go to
www.iowadnr.gov/deerhunting and click (left margin)
on Report Your Harvest. From there, scroll down and
follow instructions. Be ready to enter your tags nine-digit harvest report number. By phone? Call 800-771-4692.

The deer should be reported by the hunter whose
name is on the tagand it must come before midnight,
the day after the deer is tagged.


Thank you for playing a

supporting role in our
success. With best wishes to
all for a happy and healthy
holiday season.

Dayton Community