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Major Bulk Deal on NSE- 20tthh December 2016

Find below all the major bulk deals for 20th December 2016 on NSE.
BF Utilities
In a bulk deal on NSE yesterday IFCI Limited sold 323823 shares of BF Utilities at
the price of Rs 418.42 apiece.
During the trading hours yesterday, BF Utilities share price rose more than 4 per
cent. This morning the share price opened at Rs 406.40 from the previous closing of
Rs 404.10. BF Utilities is one of the top 500 stocks recommended by Dynamic
BF Utilities is a part of US$ 2.4 billion Kalyani Group. The company earlier operated
in two business segments Infrastructure Business and Investment Business. It has
undergone business restructuring by way of a Composite Scheme of Arrangement.
HOV Services
In a same day trade, Prasant Kumar Gupta sold 81,093 shares of HOV Services
Limited for Rs 113.39 apiece on NSE and bought the same number back at Rs 115.39.
HOV Services share price saw a massive surge of almost 7 per cent intraday,

yesterday. However in todays trading session, the share price has already dipped by
more than 3 per cent within the first 20 minutes of trade on NSE.

24,785 shares of HOV Services have been traded by 9.35 AM aggregating to a total
value of Rs 28.07 lacs.
According to Dynamic Levels HOV Services belong to the top 500 shares list, based
on its high liquidity.
HOV Services is a publicly quoted business process outsourcing company that
operates in North America with multiple locations in the United States and
international headquarters in Chennai of India.
RPP Infra
RPP Infra is another top 500 performing shares according to Dynamic Levels
research team.
In a bulk deal 1,30,000 shares have been sold by Nilima Desai for Rs 178.05 per
shares and Desai Shaileshkumar Balvantrai bought the same volume of shares for
the same price yesterday.
Today RPP Infra share price has move up by 1.10 per cent and is trading at Rs
180.00 apiece at 9.40 AM.
RPP Infra is strengthening its competencies through Joint Ventures partners and
with an asset light business model as well as strong relationships with equipment
rental agencies, the company is able to ensure faster mobilization of equipment,
quicker project liquidation and also lower costs.
Tree House
Let take a look at the bulk deals for Tree House on NSE yesterday.
Adroit Financial Services Private Limited bought 5,70,557 shares of Tree House for
Rs 20.25 apiece on NSE and sold 5,50,872 shares for Rs 20.28 per share.
JMP Securities Pvt Ltd bought 85,559 shares for Rs 19.92 and sold 2,27,059 shares
for Rs 19.00 apiece.
Tree House share price is trading at Rs 20.00 apiece on NSE, down by 0.25 per cent.

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Article Written by
Nabarupa Kanjilal