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7th & 8th Grade Reading Intervention

October 19-January 29

Paired Selections
Crowdsourcing is Great, but so are Experts & The Set is a Relic.
Now We Google, (informational) pages 166-172 (persuasive
text/mini test)

The Ruby and The Happy Mans Shirt pages 109-114 (themes,
summarize, paraphrase, synthesize tests, & make connections)

Arachne Spins Her Web: a Greek Myth and The Curse of Ra: An
Ancient Egyptian Legend, pages 124-129.

Money! and From Bartering to Bills: The History of Money,

(informational) pages 139-140.
Assessment & Participation:
*With any of the following readings, you can have students give their
answers using:
Stock market game
Four corners (go to the corner with the letter chosen and be ready
to justify/support answerstudents may change answer if they are
A, B, C, D cards

Week 1: Main Idea & Summary

1. Fill out goal sheet and staple into file/folder
2. Go over 4P Power point
Write the 4Ps on index cards
Write answer cardsABCD
3. In the Measuring Up book, turn to page 287 and go over the bolded words
about main idea, summary, and relationships
Do the Guided Instruction story on page 289 Fear on the Brain. Use
the answer cards to go over answers
4. Do the Individual Practice passage on pp. 293-296Dont Mind my Dog. . .
Shes Got a Strange Personality.

Go over answers if time allows

Week 2: Context Clues/Dictionary Use

Go over Main Idea PowerPoint for a quick review
Review context clues on pages 61-62 of workbook
Model how to use a dictionary to look up a word or its synonym

Students will read The Spirit of Invention, pages 66-69 and answer the
questions that follow
You may want to have students in pairs answering questions, so they can
help guide and explain their choices and reasons.
If time permits-- Students will apply their knowledge of dictionary skills and
using context clues. Students will read Clara Driscolls Rescue Mission on
pages 98-99 and answer the questions on pages 100-102.

Week 3: Plot & Conflict

Go over the Plot and Conflict Power Point or Re-teach the plot diagram and
conflict on pages 236-37
Go over the Power point with conflict examples
Readpp. 238-241 Sylvia, Tree Dancer, out loud
Students will answer the questions in the margin of the workbook
Stop periodically and ask students for their answers/reasons.
In pairs, students can answer questions on pages 240-241.
Do the Individual Practicepp. 242-245 The Day I Caught Willie Cooper
Week Four: Imagery and Figurative Language/Poetry
Re-view/reteach imagery & figurative language on pages 173-174
Read the poem Winter Wind as a class, answering the margin question on
page 175
Answer the questions over the poem on pages 175-176
Students will read Newly Hatched, page 177, on their own
Students will answer questions on pages 177-179.
After students have answered questions, have them get in pairs. Give each
student a set of A, B, C, D (F, G, H, J) notecards. They will play showdown.
On the count of three, students will place their answer on the desk. If their
answers are different, then they will explain/justify and see if an answer
needs to be changed.
Week Five: Assessment
Have students take the mini test on The Three Tall Men, pages 214-217
Use of 4 corners after taking the test. Have students go stand by the letter
they chose for question 1. Make students justify why they chose an answer.
If students want to change an answer at this time, they can. Repeat for the
remaining 5 questions.
Students will then return to desk and give paper to a peer grader.
Teacher will read the answers out loud and students will grade. Explain the
reason for each correct answer.

3 mini tests from the Measuring Up book22 questions
Clara Driscolls Rescue Mission pp. 98-1028 questions (covers vocabulary)
TEKS 8.2.E, 8.2.A, 8.2.B, Fig.19.D, Fig.19.E
Following the Herd pp. 332-3388 questionsTEKS 8.2.E, 8.10.A, 8.10.C,
8.10.D, Fig.19.D
Live Free and Die pp. 350-3557 questionsTEKS 8.11.B, Fig.19.D
If students finish early, they can do mood and tone word sorts or work on other
items in the Measuring Up book.
Week Six: Theme
Introduce/reteach the concept of theme on pages 103-104
Show or post some pictures around the room and have students write the
topic and theme (universal truth or message) for each one. Ask them to pick
the two most similar; the two most opposite and explain.
Guided instruction: read Throwing Fire out loud pages 105-106
Complete the questions in the margin as you read
Answer the questions at the end of the story, pages 107-108 (Read question
4go to website and print a copy of The Lion and the Hare so students can
c/c using a Venn diagram.)
Week Seven: Paired Selections & C/C
Read The Ruby on pages 109-110
Read The Happy Mans Shirt on pages 110-111
Students can complete a t-chart of a Y chart showing similarities and
differences in the two stories
Answer questions on pages 112-114
Week Eight: Paired Selections & C/C
Students will read two different genres: Arachne Spins Her Web: a Greek
Myth and The Curse of Ra: An Ancient Egyptian Legend (drama) on pages
Students will answer questions on pages 129-132.
Week Nine: Theme & Authors Purpose
Students will take the mini test Fairy Tale About the Wicker Chair, pages
199-204 (theme, authors purpose)
Use one of the participation/assessment games mentioned earlier and see
how students are doing.
Week 10: Paired Nonfiction Selections
Read Crowdsourcing is Great, but so are Experts & The Set is a Relic. Now
We Google, pages 166-172 (persuasive text/mini test)
Students will answer questions over the paired selection.

Week 11: Drama

Review the term drama, dialogue, stage directions
Students will read I Remember Mama on pages 229-233
Students will answer questions over the drama excerpt on pages 234-235.
Week 12: Informational Text and Authors Purpose
Review informational texts and authors purpose on pages 133-134
Read Money! and From Bartering to Bills: The History of Money on pages
Answer the questions on pages 142-143.