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How to get the most from your classes

1 Circle your reaction to the statements.

a) If you are bad at languages,there isnt much you can do.
b) Its the teachers job to correct every mistake I make
c) We need to study and practice lots of grammar.
d) We should spend all the time in class speaking.
e) Extroverts are better language learners.
f) You must never translate.
g) I only want to talk to the teacher,not to other students
h) We dont have to study at home _going to class is enough

I agree /I disagree
I agree / I disagree
I agree /I disagree
I agree / I disagee
I agee/I disagree
I agree/I disagree
I agree/I disagree
I agree/I disagree

2 Read a teachers reaction to the statements.Match each reaction to the correct statements.

2_______ 3________ 4___________ 5________6_________ 7________ 8_______

3 Read the teachers reaction again.Are they the same as yours?

get the most from your classes

1 A lot of people think theyre bad languages,but just have bad habits.If you copy what good learners do,you can learn
faster.Good learners use all the opportunities they have to practice their English,and theyre not afraid to make
mistakes.And they understand that leaning a language requieres constant hard work
2 Introverts and extroverts both have good qualities for learning languages,Extroverts generally like communicating and
arent afraid to make mistakes.Introverts generally listen more and think more about what they hear.The important thing is
not personality,Its practice
3 Some students dont like speaking to other students in class,especially if they speak the same language.They are worried
that theyll learn the mistake that otther students make this isnt true.Talking to other students is,in fact and excellent way to
practice speaking.
4 Correction from the teacher is important,but you mustnt forget that mistakes are a natural part of learning a language.Its
good to correct some things,but other mistakes come from language youre not ready to learn at the moment,its best to
ignore these mistakes and continue talking
5 Going to class is obviously a good way to learn a language ,but its also important to find time to study outside class.To
start using new language naturally,you need to see and use it again and again ,so self_study homework activities can help
you learn faster.
6 Most students want to speak English,so its good to spend plenty of time in class doing conversation activities.But other
activities are useful,too.Reading is a good way to learn vocabulary and see grammar in context,and writing is good because
the teacher can give students individual help.
7 When you learn new grammar,you need time to assimilate it,and for this to happen you need to use it again and again in
real communication.Its probably better to do less grammar work but recycle it more often.Grammars important,but
vocabulary is even more improtant for communication
8 Some people think that translation is bad because it stops you thinking in English,but translation can be useful,Its often a
quick way to explain the meaning of new language,and its a good way to see the differences in English.But translating
everything when you speak is obviously not a good idea.
4 Write a lits of things you can do to get the most from your class
Example: I should study at home between class.