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Headquarter and production plants


Coating division

Work shop

Technical Dept is provided with
modern and efficient equipment
which represents the heart of
the company. Over the time,
the Technical dept has
developed and widened thanks
to the sources that the company
has put at its disposal to
promote the growth: new
workstations more and more
updated, refresher courses with
companies and suppliers
working in the same field.

Data processing system with
line connection of all company
depts by means of common and
specific software, assuring the
hole managing and producing
cycle control.


The quality control system
checks carefully all the
components and a lot of
mechanical parts coming from
external workshops. The
constructor itself assures the
accuracy to the constructive
drawing with a dedicated
certificate for the other parts.


All works of assembly and
equipping of the electric,
pneumatic, oleo dynamic, ect
systems are done by highly
qualified technicians. When the
job is finished it will be at
Customer Assistance Service
charge who will take care of the
test run and delivery .



BOPP tapes
PVC tapes
Mono-adhesive tapes
(PET, OPP..)

Masking tapes
Electrical tapes
Double side tapes
(foam, nonwoven, film)

Special products
Coating and laminating lines
Suitable to handle :
Solvent based rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, generally coated at 25-38% solid.
Adhesive is formulated and personalized in users mixing department.
Solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, formulated and personalized in users mixing department.
Primer / Release solvent based solutions if required on product application.
water based adhesives : with additional coating unit to produce in both technologies.
High quality and reliable machines and equipment
Studied to respect safety rules and to reduce energy consumptions.

Tecnimask 1000 : coating line dedicated to Masking tapes productions

Tecnicoater SW1000 : combi coating- laminating line to produce in solvent and water based adhesives

Tecnicoater S2000 : high productivity coating- laminating line for Carton Sealing, Masking, Double side, Laminated tapes.

Main standard characteristics

No-stop type or
Automatic Duplex Unwinders

9 Reels holding an locking by means of

pneumatic shafts or shaftless
9 Automatic changeover and splice
9 Automatic tension control
9 Automatic web edge guide

Primer / Release coating and drying

9 Rotogravure system with closed chamber
doctor blade or Mayer bar coating unit
9 Primer / Release feeding and recycle
system with tank and pump
9 Vertical or horizontal drying ovens with
independent thermal blower modules

Adhesive coating unit

9 Inlet driven pull unit

9 Coating head: Rotating knife type, with Knife and
applicator rolls, parallel or overlapped arranged,
prearranged for automatic correction

Anti-adhesive surface treatment

9 Rotating knife
9 Micrometric adjustment of adhesive thickness
9 Coating width fast adjustment system
9 Vacuum driven pull unit in exit

Adhesive drying tunnel

9 High efficiency horizontal ovens, shall or vertical

pneumatic opening type; film conveyance by means of
driven rolls
9 Thermal blower modules:
- each module can be dedicated to 1 or 2 ovens sections
- air heating with thermal oil (or steam) batteries,
or gas burner placed in vein of air

For coating unit inside frames and after coating

web contact rolls. Eventually for nozzles and
rolls inside adhesive drying ovens.

Automatic Rewinders

9 Duplex type, with lay on roll and minimum gap

or Independent arms type for NO waste
during changeover
9 Additional in line Log Winder to obtain logs

with the requested lenghts (max 400 mm)

All equipment and devices for the

good control of the web

Adhesive cooling tunnel

Horizontal oven with air cooled by water-air exchander

( Spreader rolls, antistatic devices, tension

control devices, automatic web edge guides ..)

Equipment and devices for solvent prevention

General pushbutton control desk

Insulating cabinets
LEL monitoring systems (I.R. or Flame Temp. Analyzer type)

Draw and cooling unit with water cooled cilinders

Electric cabinet, cables, connections

AC motors + vector drives

with high capacity thermal exchange

PLC with Teleservice system

9 Heat exchangers for energy recovery

9 High temperature curing ovens
9 Humidification system
9 Secondary unwinder with lamination gruop
9 Delaminating group with simplex or duplex type
Liner rewinder
9 Web pre-conditioning groups:
heated calanders or I.R. plates
9 Web cleaning treater
9 Web Surface inspection and monitoring system

9 Web weight measuring system:

9 Dynamic / static mixers for adhesive crosslinking agents

9 Water refrigerating system
9 Evaporation tower
9 Process heat exchangers
9 Thermal station
9 Solvent recovery plant with activated carbon for
each type of solvent
9 Primer/ Release preparation systems
9 Air compressors

9 Know-how:, product adjustment

and stabilization

Fittings and options

Coating lines can be equipped with:
9 Reels loading - unloading systems
9 Film stretching calanders group
9 Corona treatment stations
9 Other type of applicable adhesive coating
heads: Mayer bar, reverse roll, direct
comma roll system and other systems to
realize special coatings or to coat different
adhesive too (water based)
9 Horizontal ovens with driven conveyor belts

Turn key coating plant

Services, equipment and plants
supplied upon request:

9 Adhesive preparation plant:

- rubber bale lifting, storage and granulation
- rubber-resins-solvent mixers and dissolvers
(or Bambury mixer)
- adhesive storage tanks
- pigmentation system with static mixer
- delivery pumps and filters

total basis weight type or differential

synchronized measuring type, with
eventually automatic adjustment of the
coating die

9 Supervision system with industrial PC

for all process and production control

9 Engineering: production area

general lay-out, supervision on
general project, optimization of
energy resources inside the
productive process

production plant with Solvent based coating line



Automatic unwinder

calanders unit
Mod. 80-46

preparation mixer

Medium-high output capacity coating lines mainly designed to produce Carton Sealing Tapes &
Masking tape.
Basic line can be integrated or modified with the insertion of other machines and devices to permit
other productions like Double side adhesive tapes and Laminated
Main characteristics
Adhesive coating unit with direct rotating knife.
Release Primer coating and drying units.
Adhesive drying and cooling horizontal ovens with driven rolls.
Possible installation of secondary unwinder with laminating equipment or additional water based
adhesive coating unit to produce in 2 technologies.
- Speed :
- Web Width :

Direct Rotating knife

coating unit Mod. 57-15

up to 250 mpm (BOPP)

up to 2100 mm


Drying system
with air thermal blowers

Air exhausting and heat

recovery plant

Coating line designed to produce Masking tapes.

Main characteristics
Coating head with direct rotating knife.
High temperature air drying ovens.
- Speed:
up to 200 mpm
- Web Width :
up to 1800 mm


Stretching calanders
unit Mod. 80-66

High quality and productivity coating lines mainly designed to produce Carton Sealing Tapes &
Masking tape, but also Double side adhesive tapes and Laminated.

Primer drying section

Main characteristics

Adhesive coating unit with direct rotating knife.

Release Primer coating and drying units.
Adhesive drying and cooling horizontal ovens with driven rolls.
Possible installation of secondary unwinder with laminating equipment or additional water based adhesive coating
unit to produce in 2 technologies.

- Speed:
- Web Width:

up to 400 mpm (BOPP)

1200 to 2100 mm


Doctor nip-fed
coating unit Mod. 57-25

Coating-laminating lines allow very high production flexibility, mainly designed to produce Double
side, Laminated & Mono-adhesive tapes for special applications, with direct or transfer
coating and with or without liner recovery.
Main characteristics
Adhesive coating units with direct rotating knife and/or direct-indirect comma roll system
Adhesive drying and cooling horizontal ovens with driven rolls.
Secondary unwinder with laminating equipment and delaminating group with Liner rewinder
Eventually additional water based adhesive coating unit, to produce in 2 technologies, and Release Primer
coating and drying units, to extend the product range.

- Speed :
- Web Width :

up to 300 mpm
up to 2100 mm

Adhesive feeding pipes

Lline configuration with unwinders coupled to web accumulators and special head to head joint tables

Lline configuration with automatic unwinders and double solvent based coating unit

Adhesive drying tunnel

in complete vertical opening


studied to obtain
high quality final products
by respecting safety,
by cutting the productive costs to the highest,
by reducing wastes and downtimes,
by optimizing energy and human resources.

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Turate (CO)

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