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Name: Mohammad Fadhli Bin Osman (174861)

Group : 51

Worksheet - Week 10
Based on the job interview simulation that you attended in week 9/10, reflect on the aspects given below. Explain and justify your
answers with relevant example(s).

Comments & Example(s)



Could your attire be

considered as

Yes. My attire was appropriate and formal.
I wore a tidy shirt and pant alongside with tie. My
hair was neatly comb.

Did your attire,

accessories and
grooming project a
professional image?

(e.g.: eye
contact, body
language, facial
hand gestures)

Do you think that you

managed to display
confidence through
your body language?

Yes. I partially displayed my confidence through

my body language.
I do have an eye contact with interviewer to show
that I am confidence and well prepared for the
interview session. I also did some facial
expression as well.

Weakness & Suggested Improvements

I am lack of some accessories in order to look
more professional in the image.
In order to look like a professional, I need to wear
accessory such as watch and blazer. This could
give a good for the first impression towards the

My body might not show my confidence.

I need to have a lot of hand gesture.

Name: Mohammad Fadhli Bin Osman (174861)

Were you hesitant in

your response?

Was your response

clearly pronounced
and articulated?

Did you elaborate

with specific details?

Was there any

irrelevant information
given by you?

Did you use

conversational but

Did you use

Do you think you
made any serious
grammatical error(s)?


In your opinion, do
you think that you will
be hired?

Group : 51

No. I did not hesitant in my response.

I answer all the question confidently. I spoke out
what was coming out in my mind at that time.

Although I spoke out confidently, some of my

response do not clearly pronounced. It is because
there my vocabulary usage is not too wide.
As an improvement, I need to read more and more
books, news and articles in English in order to
improve my vocabulary.

Yes. I do elaborate all of my answer with specific

I do explained my strengths which were related to
the position that I applied for.
No. I do not give any irrelevant information.

Yes. I do use professional language in the

conversation with interviewer.

I do make some grammatical error during the

interview session.

I do not use any words such as oh, wah and


I need to improve my English in order to reduce the

grammatical error.

Yes. I used persuasive word/phrases during the

interview session.
No. I do make grammatical mistake but it was not
too much.

Yes. I think I will be hired because I possess skills

and experiences that suit the job that I applied.