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Nov 2015

SMART CHOWDHURY (Water and Environment Professional)

Areas of Expertise

Personal Summary

Integrated Water Management

Smart has over xx years of diverse national and international experience in

water and wastewater management, environmental assessment and
sustainable development (say technical domains) in addition to his
demonstrated skills in project management, training and capacity building,
people management and stakeholder engagement. (Note what these skills
actually mean?? 1. Project Management (big ++), 2. Train and develop
people (communication, knowledge transfer, motivation, listening,
confidence, presentation, etc), 3. Managerial/ leadership skills,
teamwork, dealing with people, conflict resolution, negotiation,
knowing who to talk to and who is your client and customer, etc)

Climate Change and GHG

Emission Management
Training and Capacity Building
Stakeholder Engagement

1996 Certificate in
Management, (Operations and
Finance) from South Bank
Institute of TAFE, Brisbane
1986 Master of Engineering,
Monash University, Australia
1983 Bachelor of Engineering,
Chittagong University of
Engineering and Technology,

Career Statement
Through active engagement,
empowerment and application of
sustainable solutions; manage
water and environmental
challenges towards building a
healthier and prosperous
(Smart Chowdhury)

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(Specific career highlights) - Smart has delivered a number of complex

water and environmental management projects that involved complex
modeling, problem solving, option development and intense consultation and
negotiation. For example (Optional only iconic projects) , Tugan Bypass
project in Gold Coast Australia, Hoover Dam in USA, etc, Smart was closely
involved with a number of steering committees and working groups, where
he actively participated in decision making and the approval processes
relating to major infrastructure and land development projects. In his
consulting career, Smart led and delivered (or worked in) complex national
and international projects in Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Malaysia,
Australia and Qatar.

Career History
Current: Feb 2009 to Present
Team Leader Water and Environmental Management, Ministry of
Water Resources, Doha, Qatar.
National Water Resources Management Plan
Undertaking studies and investigations on water and environment
Developing policies related to water and drainage utilities
Undertaking Strategic Environmental Assessment
Investigating impacts of Climate Change on water resources and
water infrastructure
Proposing marine water and coastal management plans
Developing Sustainable water management practices
Delivering training and capacity building programs
Responsible for managing a diverse group of professionals and
Undertaking stakeholder consultation

Sustainable Development


Environmental Engineering


Self-starter and organized

Strives for change
Communication and negotiation
Ability to make good judgments
Lead and motivate by example

Association/ Affiliation
Chartered Professional Engineer
(Engineers Australia, since 1989,
recently dis-cont.)
Fellow, Institution of Engineers
Bangladesh, since 2008
Chairman, Water Panel,
Engineers Australia, Qld Division,
Technical Member, Organising
Committee 8th National
Conference on Hydraulics in
Water Eng. 2004, Gold Coast
Steering Committee Member,
Total Management Plan for Flood
Management in Queensland,

Sustainability Leader Queensland Police Academy Master

Planning (project cost $450M) hydraulics, water and environment
Led Hydraulic and Drainage Master Plan Mumbai International
Airport Project (Project Cost (Master Plan) > A$450K)
Sustainability Manager Bid Team Traveston Crossing Dam
Consortium. Environment, sustainability framework, GHG emission
Expert advice Environmental law court cases.
Led GHG emission audit and emission reduction strategy project for
Rio Tinto Gas Exploration in Weipa, Nth Queensland, (Project Cost
Prepared and delivered training programs on sustainable
developments and best practice water and environmental
management techniques for 2 major Local Government engineers
Previous: Aug 2003 Oct 2007: Executive Coordinator Water,
Environment & Infrastructure, Gold Coast City Council, Australia

Led the development of Policies, regulations and code of practice

relating to water and environmental management for the 2005
2020 Gold Coast City Master Plan. (Project Cost A$1 M)
Led project scoping phase for the Climate Change Strategy project
for the Gold Coast City Council (Project Cost $400K)
Led and managed a work unit, in excess of 25 technical staff and 10
in-house consultants and was responsible for managing a sections
operating funding base in excess of $13.2M).

Previous: Jan 2000 Jul 2003: Senior Engineer, ABC Consulting,

Project Managed
Awarded Corporate Engineer of the Year 2000..
Secured government approval of the Singapore-Luala Lumpur
underground water pipeline contract (Project cost US$300M)
Summary prior to Jan 2000 (Too old to add details)
July 2000 Dec 2006: Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering Queensland
University Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia

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Policy and Strategy Development

Previous: Oct 2007 Feb 2009: Sustainability Manager, World Wide

Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia


Personal Skills

Nov 2015


Nov 2015

Jan Jan 1995 Jun 1998: Supervising Hydraulic Engineer,

Waterway and Flood Management, KLM Consulting Kuala Lumpur
Jul 1993 Dec 1995: Executive Engineer, Department of Conservation &
Natural Resources, Melbourne, Australia.

Awards, Excellence and other

Awarded National Environmental Award 2000, Bangladesh
Distinction GPA of 3.75/4.00 in M. Eng (Water Resource)
Awarded a full scholarship by Australian Govt to complete M.Eng at the
Monash University, Australia


Travelled extensively to more than 25 countries.

Special Appreciation from His Excellency the Minister of Urban Planning,

Qatar for providing extensive Training and Capacity Building on the Qatar
National Master Plan.

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