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FA -1 Test – 2

Class – 10 Social Science

Marks : 40

I Choose the correct answer


1. In bellary region the historical personality who is more famous than Krishnadevaraya
among the common people.
a. Devaraya b. Kumararama c. Viaya d. Muddappa
Ans: b. Kumararama
2. During summer North Indian plains have high temperature because.
a. They are away from the sea.

b. They receive tangent rays of the sun

c. They are close to north pole

d. They are close to equator

Ans: a. They are away from the sea
3. The bankers bank is ____________
a. State bank of Mysore

b. Land bank

c. Co-operative bank

d. Reserve bank

Ans: d. reserve bank
4. Foreign policy of India has been specially designed by __________a. Jawaharlal Nehru b. Indira Gandhi c. Mahatma Gandhi d. Bal Gangadhara Tilak
Ans: a. Jawaharlal Nehru
II. Answer the following questions in a sentence each


5. What is Kalachakra?
Indian system views time in a cyclic manner. This is called kalachatra.
6. Who was called the "lion of Punjab"?
Ranjith Singh was called the lion of Punjab.
7. What is meant by foreign policy?
The policy adopted by a nation while dealing with other nations is called foreign

9. Which type of climate is experienced in India . 13. . Section 17 of the constitution declares that practice of untounchability is punishable offence. Such descriptions are called oral history. It is a business house which accepts deposits and lends loans. Why is regur / black soil best for dry farming? Regur soil is capable of retaining moisture for a long time and as it is made of clay particles. had no powers to fallow his own foreign policy. The British army would be kept in his kingdom. he would be protected by the British Army. III. 15. Tropical monsoon types of climate is experienced in India. In the case of any other kings attack. Give the meaning of Non – alignment ? The policy of not joining any bloc of the world is called non alignment. Mention the section that practice of untouchability is a punishable offence. What were the terms of subsidiary alliance? Any king who entered into the alliance. non racial discrimination and disarmament. What is Bank? A bank is a financial institution or an establishment that transacts business using finance. 10. anti colonialism. Answer the following questions in 2 to 4 sentence each. 11.8. What is term deposit? The deposited for a fixed term can be deposited in term period called term deposit. 16. Non alignment policy. 12. List out the factors that are included in India's foreign policy? The factors included in Inida's foreign policy are: Panchasheela principles. The king had to vear the expenses of the army. 14. What is oral history? Historians resort to oral description to narrate the lives of ordinary people.

a. Retreating monsoon season d. What is meant by social stratification? Social stratifications the classifying people as upper and lower class based on their income. summer season b. Give reasons.17. . The 18 th century events comes after the 17th century events were recorded. Winter season. The number of saving bank account holders are increasing because bank operations for this account are most convenient to salaried persons with a fixed regular income. laterite soil e. The number of saving bank account holders are increasing. 3x3=9 21. According to this model second year follows the first years. Explain the linear model of writing of history. 18. Or What are the main features of the regulating Act. 19. alluvial soil b. black soil c. The writing of history which was deeply influenced by westerners. Desert soil f. The main features of regulating act were. colour. castes. red soil d. education. South west monsoon season c. Mountainous soil 20. What are the type of soil found in India. Mention the four seasons of India? The four seasons of India are a. occupation etc. gender . IV Answer the following questions in five or six sentences each.

Some banks have also opened foreign exchange cells to encourage international money transactions. It also transfer many from one place to another through computers. What are the objectives of the foreign policy of India? The objectives of the India are as follows      National security National economic progress Spreading Indian cultural values Increasing the number of friendly nations Achieving world peace and mutual co-existence. Mutual respect for national integrity and sovereignty b. demand draft and bills and in the bargain earns service charges through discounting of bills. Or What are the principles of panchasheela The principles of panchasheela are a. It collects money by cheques. d. c. Non interference in internal affairs d. Warren Hasting become the first governor general. mutual assistance and equality e. The government of Bengal come to be called governor general c. It also lends money to the public's and other institutions for expansion of economic activities. peaceful co-existence. 23. What are the functions of banks? Banks accepts deposits from the public. Banks provide safety lockers to the account holders to deposit valuable ornaments and documents. Non aggression. Or List out the characteristics related to bank transaction. . 22.a. An advisory committee was set up to assist in the administration. They also issue letters of credit for some transactions and accept the taxes and bills of both the sate and central government. b. The dual government system brought into existence by Robert Clive were abolished.

Indian ocean b. Lending of loans 5. Payment and withdrawals 6. Dealing with money 2. Draw an outline map of India and mark these a. Agency and utility services 7. Connecting link 9. Delhi c. Banking business.Banks characteristics related to bank transactions are 1. Individual company 3. 8. Ever increasing function. Name identity V. Western ghats . 10. Acceptance of deposits 4.