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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


Proven Ultrasonic Performance

Broad Application Use
Direct Access Interface
EN12668-1 Compliant



Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Key Features
EN12668-1 compliant
Tested for explosive atmosphere, vibration
and shock
Designed to meet IP67 requirements to
withstand harsh environments
Direct access hand-held design
Split screen view of A-scan and parameters for fast calibration verification
Dynamic DAC/TVG Standard
Dynamic DAC curves
Custom warning
Meets ASME requirements
TVG table allows fully customized TVG
Onboard DGS/AVG feature
Multiple battery options can be used
with lithium-ion, NiMH, or C-cells
Host USB port for direct printing and storage
to USB drives
Client USB Port for PC communication
Perfect Square Technology: Pulse is
electronically controlled on both the
leading and trailing edges to maximize
transducer performance and near-surface
Digital receiver filtering
7 standard filters for excellent signal to
noise ratio
3 0 optional filters for expanded applications

The EPOCH XT Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is designed for great inspection

flexibility and for use in extreme environments. It combines a multitude
of enhanced flaw detection and measurement features, a bright multicolor
LCD, versatile battery options, powerful data management, and numerous
software features in a compact unit with a sealed case designed to meet IP67
The EPOCH XT allows the operator access to a wide variety of standard pulser
and receiver features that make the unit flexible to a large number of flaw
detector applications. With up to 475V pulse energy combined with Olympus
NDTs PerfectSquare tunable square wave pulser, the EPOCH XT is capable of
high penetration applications beyond the standard flaw detector. And with an
arsenal of optional software features, the instrument can be enhanced to meet
the needs of nearly any conventional ultrasonic inspector.

Wide pulse voltage range from 50V to

PRF adjustable from 10 Hz to 1 kHz in
10 Hz increments. All measurements
are taken single shot.
Powerful alphanumeric data logger:
Corrosion thickness gage file types can be
set up onboard.
Simple incremental and calibration files
Multicolor LCD
Lightweight 2.1 kg (4.7 lb)


Loaded With Practical Measurement Features

The EPOCH XT incorporates many standard measurement features including a tunable square wave pulser, selectable narrow-band and
broadband digital filters, gain range from 0 dB to 110 dB, peak memory and peak hold, adjustable PRF, 0.01 mm (0.001 in.) measurement resolution, and two gates with programmable alarms. In addition, the unit offers many standard and optional application-specific
software features: Dynamic DAC/TVG (Distance Amplitude Correction/ Time Varied Gain), On-board DGS/AVG, AWS D1.1 and D1.5,
manual or encoded B-scan, Advanced Filter, and GageView Pro.
Standard tunable square wave pulser
with PerfectSquare Technology allows
the operator to adjust pulse width to
maximize transducer performance.
Standard digital receiver filtering:
broadband, several narrow-band
settings, and a high-pass setting
Five measurement displays that are
fully customizable to meet inspection
needs. Select any Gate 1 or Gate 2
measurement for each display box.
Amplitude measurement resolution of
0.25% full-screen height

Amplitude measurement from 0% to

110% full-screen height
Gate measurement modes: Peak, Edge
and First Peak Mode for thickness
measurement applications
Measurement rate adjustable from
10 Hz to 1kHz in 10 Hz increments on
live screen
Peak Mem. and Peak Hold functions
in all rectified modes. Peak Hold also
functions in RF mode.

Grid Display modes

Standard 1 to 10
Sound path
Leg mode for angle beam inspection
Selectable 100% or 110% vertical
Leg indicator and measurement mode
indicator for each gate
Alarm indicator for each gate

Direct-access Keypad
Logical color-coded key organization
Direct access to important instrument
setup parameters
Direct entry of alphanumeric characters
Five customizable function keys allow
the operator to quickly select preset
Available in English, Japanese, or
Chinese, or International symbols

Powerful Software Capabilities


EPOCH XT B-scan and Floating Gate

Standard Software

Software Options

Dynamic DAC/TVG
Calculates signal amplitude as a percentage or dB level compared
to a DAC curve or a reference echo amplitude fixed with Time
Varied Gain. DAC versions include ASME, ASME 3, JIS, and Custom. Contains several key features including: dynamically adjustable DAC curves, switchable DAC and TVG views, (20% to 80%)
DAC/TVG, a flexible TVG table, and custom DAC warning curves.

Single value (thickness) based B-scan that allows fully encoded
or manual scans for corrosion monitoring. Simultaneous viewing
of an A-scan and B-scan is available. Operates in all test modes
including: TVG, Echo-to-Echo, and Floating Gate. Includes Floating Gate option.

CSC (Curved Surface Correction)

Corrects sound path information when using an angle beam transducer to circumferentially inspect a curved surface.
Flaw sizing technique that permits echo signals to be evaluated
using a DGS/AVG diagram associated with a particular type of
probe and material. The DGS/AVG diagram shows the relationship
among echo height, flaw size, and distance from the transducer.

Floating Gate
Gate option, which allows the operator to float Gate 1 and/or
Gate 2 at a selected height compared to a gated echo (1 dB to
14 dB). This feature is intended to allow more consistent, precise
readings, especially in Edge Detection mode. This option is included in the B-scan option.
AWS D1.1 & D1.5
Provides a dynamic reflector indication rating for various AWS
weld inspection applications. This allows for more efficient inspection by eliminating manual calculations.


The AVG/DGS Binder, contains

a DGS diagram and specification
sheets for each angle beam, dual
element, and protective face transducers from the Olympus NDT
Atlas Transducers series. These
diagrams are printed on splash
and tear proof paper and housed in a six-ring binder.


Template Storage

Interface Gate

Template Storage
Allows on-screen comparison of a live waveform with a saved
reference waveform. Saved templates can be dynamically toggled
on and off with a single key press for fast waveform comparison.
Gain adjustment feature allows each saved template a unique
base gain for inspections requiring varying sensitivity levels. Excellent for spotweld analysis and other applications.

Interface Gate

Advanced Filters
The Advanced Filters option takes advantage of the EPOCH XTs
unique digital receiver design and allows unprecedented filtering
flexibility. This option allows the EPOCH XT operator to choose
from 37 different filter settings. Specific performance improvements
from this option include:
Performance improvement with low- frequency probes com-

monly used for inspection of composites and plastics.

Improved initial pulse recovery with new DC coupled setups.
Optimized broadband response from mid- to high-frequency
Use of very low frequency transducers (50 kHz to 100 kHz
range) for specialized applications.

This optional third measurement gate enables real-time tracking

of a variable interface echo in order to maintain consistent digital
Backwall Echo Attenuator (BEA)
Attenuates the backwall echo of an inspected part using the
screen region defined by Gate 2. BEA is used to avoid screen saturation of the backwall echo to allow detailed flaw echo examination in the part region before the backwall while still monitoring
the backwall echo for drop-out or signal reduction.
Allows defect sizing according to API Recommended Practice
5UE. Uses the Amplitude Distance Differential Technique (ADDT)
to measure the size of potential defects during the proveup
process of OCTG pipe. The measurement process is simple and
repeatable since all ADDT variables are captured from a Peak
Memory envelope.


Extensive Documentation and Data Management Capabilities

GageView Pro
The optional GageView Pro interface
program helps manage and format stored
inspection data. Data can be printed or easily copied and pasted into word processing
files and spreadsheets for further reporting
needs. The GageView Pro interface program
also allows the creation of a customized
database of identifier (ID) strings that can be
uploaded to the EPOCH XT. New features
include remote display of live EPOCH
XT screens on a PC, Live-Screen Capture
mode, database backup/restore, and multiview windows. The interface program is
fully compatible with the EPOCH LT, XT,
600 and 1000 Series.
Export thickness or amplitude data
saved on the Epoch to Excel, Word, or
similar programs
Create, format, and manage test
View the live instrument display on a
PC with Remote Display
Import real-time screen snapshots
Import and export setups between the
Epoch and a PC
Create a custom DGS probe library

Data Logger and

The EPOCH XTs sophisticated data
logger is designed for ease of use while
providing a wide range of features
for many flaw detection and thickness gaging applications. Employing
Panametrics corrosion thickness gage
technologies, the EPOCH XT is ready
to meet your inspection and thickness
measurement survey requirements.
File types to meet your needs:

2-D, 2-D EPRI
2-D custom point

The EPOCH XT offers onboard report generation. Operators can set up

custom report headers and print directly from the instrument using the
USB host port.

Export inspection data to MS Excel spreadsheet. Data is organized into worksheets

for waveforms, measurement data and instrument data.

GageView Pro Main File View

Remote display allows the operator to view the live EPOCH XT display on a PC. Operator
can also control all instrument functions with the on-screen keypad or the PC keyboard.

DGS Probe Library Management Screen


Built For Tough Environments

Optional Protective Case
The EPOCH XT is available with an optional rubber protective case that is intended
to protect the unit in harsh environments.
Operators have the choice of selecting the
rubber protective case in black or white
rubber. The white rubber case, along with
the optional white background keypad
(shown left) are designed to minimize
heat absorption in very hot climates with
intense sunlight.

Hardware Input/Output
Port Option
Physical Features
Hand strap can be mounted for left or
right-hand operation
Easy-to-use rubberized Pipe Stand that
can be folded in or removed
Durable instrument-mounted D-rings
for chest harness use
Sealed battery compartmentno tools
required for battery replacement
Sealed I/O door for AC adaptor and
USB connections

Multiple Battery Options

The EPOCH XT offers three battery options
that provide long-lasting battery operating
Internal, rechargeable: NiMH, lithiumion, or alkaline C-cells
Optional external smart battery charger

Environmental Ratings
IP rating

Designed to meet IP67 environmental seal requirements. The product design

was confirmed to meet the IP rating by means of Olympus NDTs internal design
verification test process.

Explosive atmosphere

Approved for Explosive Atmosphere per MIL-STD-810F,

Procedure 1, NFPA 70E, Section 500, Class 1, Div. 2, Group D

Shock tested

EC 60068-2-27, 60 g, 6s H.S., 3 axes, 18 total

Vibration tested

Sine Vibration per IEC 60068-2-6, 50 Hz to 150 Hz at 0.03 in. DA or 2 g,

20 sweep cycles

Operating temperature

Lithium-ion: 20 C to 50 C (4 F to 122 F)
Nickel Metal Hydride: 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 122 F)
Alkaline: 10 C to 50 C (14 F to 122 F)
Recharge temperature: 0 C to 40 C (32 F to 122 F)

Optional 16 Pin HW I/O port

Alarm outputs
Trigger input/output
Encoder interface
16 Pin I/O cable available

VGA Output
The EPOCH XT comes standard with a
VGA output port which allows the display
to be viewed on most external monitors,
projectors and other display devices. The
instrument connects to VGA-compatible
devices with the EPOCH XT VGA cable.

Analog Output Option

The EPOCH XT features an optional
hardware port for analog output. This
option provides continuous output of depth
or amplitude information to an external
device, such as a strip chart recorder or
a PC outfitted with an Analog/Digital
converter card. The information is output
as a voltage, either on a 0 V to 1 V or 0 V to
10 V scale.

Dual USB Ports

USB client port for high-speed data
transfer to computer
USB host port to interface directly to
printers with USB ports and back up
critical inspection data to USB drives
USB connections and AC input adaptors
are sealed behind a thumb-screw accessible door.

Battery storage temperature 10 C to 60 C (14 F to 140 F)

EPOCH XT Specifications*
Overall dimensions
(W x H x D)
Transducer connections
Data storage
Battery type
Battery life
Power requirements
Display type
Display dimensions
(W x H, Diag.)

USB Client Port: For communication with

GageView Pro
USB Host Port: Allows direct printing to any PCL5
compatible laser or inkjet printer as well as data
storage on USB drives
LEMO Hardware I/O (optional): Alarm outputs,
trigger in/out, encoder interface
VGA Output Port: Connects to standard VGA
monitor or projector
Analog Output Port (optional): Selectable voltage
output of depth or amplitude data

Tunable Square Wave

User selectable or auto from 10Hz to 1kHz
50 V to 475 V in 25 V increments
Adjustable from 40ns to 5,000ns (0.1 MHz) with PerfectSquare Technology
50 , 63 , 150 , 400

Standard Package

Energy settings
Pulse width

Maximum input signal
Receiver input impedance
Receiver bandwidth
Digital filter settings
System linearity
Amplitude measurement
Measurement rate

0 to 110 dB
20 V p-p
400 5%
0.2 MHz to 26.5 MHz at 3 dB
Seven digital filter sets standard (0.2-10 MHz, 2.0-21.5 MHz, 8.0-26.5 MHz,
0.5-4 MHz, 0.2-1.2 MHz, 1.5-8.5 MHz, 5-15 MHz), additional filters optional
Full-wave, Positive Half-wave, Negative Half-wave, RF
Horizontal: 0.5% FSW
0.25% FSH, amplifier accuracy 1dB
0 to 80% FSH with Visual Warning
0 to 110% full screen height with 0.25% resolution
Equivalent to PRF in all modes

Automated calibration
Test modes
Zero offset
Display delay
Refracted angle

Velocity, Zero Offset

Straight Beam (First Backwall or Echo-to-Echo)
Angle Beam (Soundpath or Depth)
Pulse Echo, Dual, or Through Transmission
Millimeters, inches, or microseconds
1.86 mm to 13,409 mm (0.073 in. to 527.27 in.) at 5,900 m/s (0.2320 in./s)
635 m/s to 15,240 m/s (0.0250 in./s to 0.6000 in./s)
0 s to 4,950 s
59 mm to 14,748 mm (2.320 in. to 579.92 in.) at 5,900 m/s (0.2320 in./s)
0.1 to 85 in 0.1 increments

Measurement gates
Gates (1, 2)
Gate start
Gate width
Gate height
Measurement display locations
Other measurements
DAC points
Special DAC modes
Curved surface correction

Instrument Inputs/Outputs

277 mm x 150 mm x 51 mm (at hand), 71 mm (at display);

10.9 in. x 5.9 in. x 2 in. (at hand), 2.8 in. (at display)
2.1 kg (4.7 lb) with lithium-ion battery
English, International, Japanese, Chinese
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean,
Norwegian, Swedish
BNC or Number 1 LEMO
10,000 IDs onboard
Choice of lithium-ion, nickel metal hydride, and alkaline C-cells
Lithium-ion: 9 h to 10 h; NiMH: 5 h; C-cells: 1 h to 2 h
AC Mains: 100 VAC to 120 VAC, 200 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Color Liquid Crystal Display: With 60 Hz update, user-selectable color schemes
and brightness, and split-screen and full-screen modes.
320 pixels x 240 pixels color
101 mm (4 in.) x 75 mm (3 in.), 125 mm (5 in.)

2 fully independent gates for amplitude and TOF measurements

Thickness, Soundpath, Projection, Depth, Amplitude,
Time-Of-Flight, Min./Max. Depth, Min./Max. Amplitude
Variable over entire displayed range
Variable from Gate Start to end of displayed range
Variable from 2 to 95% full screen height
Positive and Negative Threshold, Minimum Depth (Gate 1 and Gate 2)
5 locations available (manual or auto selection)
Standard Gate 2-Gate 1
Overshoot (dB) value for DGS/AVG, ERS (equivalent reflector size) for DGS/
AVG, AWS D1.1/D1.5 rating (D), Reject Value
Up to 50 points, 110 dB dynamic range
20-80% DAC, Custom DAC (up to 6 curves)
Standard OD or Bar correction for Angle Beam measurements

Data Storage
Up to 10,000 IDs with waveforms, measurements,
and setup parameters

EPOCH XT: Digital ultrasonic flaw detector

EP-MCA: AC adaptor
CASE-10009 (U8764102): Transport case
910-264: Operating manual
EPXT-BAT-L (U8760021): Lithium-ion or
EPXT-BAT-N (U8760038): Nickel metal hydride

Optional Accessories
EPXT-EC (U8767043): External smart battery
EP4/CH (U8140055): Chest harness
EPXT-RPC (U8764043): Rubber protective case
EPXT-RPC-W (U8764044): Rubber protective case
EPXT-DP (U8780047): Clear display protectors
EPXT-C-16HW-6 (U8840086): 16-pin hardware
I/O cable with diagram
EPXT-C-VGA-6 (U8779019): VGA Cable

Software Options
EPXT-AWS (U8140068): AWS D1.1/D1.5
EPXT-BSCAN (U8140025): B-scan software
EPXT-BSCAN-KIT-XX: B-scan kit including software, encoder, and encoder cable
EPXT-FG (U8140073): Floating Gate
EPXT-FILTERS (U8140099): Advanced Filters
EPXT-BEA (U8140142): Backwall Echo Attenuation software
EPXT-TEMPLATE (U8140143): Template Storage
EPXT-API5UE (U8140144): API RP-5UE software
EPXT-IG (U8140145): Interface Gate software
GageView Pro

is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

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