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Digital Marketing Professional

1. The First Form of Mass-Media advertising was born in_______
a) 17th Century
b) 18th Century
c) 20th Century
d) 19th Century
2. Which one is the new and latest force of the advertising?
a) Radio
b) Internet
c) Newspaper
d) Television
3. Printing press, radio, television and internet are all examples of:
a) Major breakthroughs in technology
b) Digital Marketing
c) Global communication
d) None of these
4. ARPA Stand for_____________
a) Advanced report project agency
b) Advanced research project agency

c) Advanced report packet agency

d) None of these
5. The conversion of an analogue signal to a digital format is called__________
a) Decoding
b) Embedded Format
c) Emoticons
d) Encoding
6. What is the full form of W3C?
a) World Wild Web computer
b) World Wide Web consortium
c) World West Web computer
d) World Wide Web communicated
7. Advertising that is targeted to the content on the web page being viewed by a user at that
specific time
is called______
a) Contextual Advertising
b) Content Advertising
c) Conversion Advertising
d) Commission Advertising
8. Which of the following is not come under Four Ps of product?
a) Place
b) People
c) Price
d) Promotion
9. Search engine optimization (SEO) is related to_________
a) Promotion
b) Process
c) Product
d) None of these
10. Small opportunities are after the beginning of great enterprise is written by_________
a) Kathy Ireland
b) Jeff Bezos
c) Demosthenes

d) All of the above

11. Making sure everything works the way, it should before you let it out is known
a) Designing
b) Testing
c) Planning
d) Developing
12. Every website on the Internet has a unique address is called_________
a) Domain Name
b) Numeric address
c) IP address
d) All of the above
13. Which of the following is most common and cheapest form of hosting?
a) Virtual dedicated hosting
b) Shared hosting
c) Dedicated hosting
d) Cloud-based hosting
14. Write down the full name of SERP_______
15. In the header section of the code on each of your web pages known as_______
a) Link
b) Body
c) Tag
d) Title
16. Which type of links are reside on pages that do not belong to your domain?
a) External
b) Internal
c) Internal/External
d) None of these
17. IAB Stand for_________
18. A page with no meaningful content that is full of ads and the webmaster makes money from
if someone

Clicks on them is called_________

a) Cloaking
b) Doorway page
c) Spam page
d) Interlinking
19. What is the second method of page Tagging?
a) Process
b) Developing
c) Designing
d) None of these
20. Every Transaction your web server makes is recorded in:
a) User file
b) Log file
c) Page tags
d) All of these
21. What is the full form of KPI________
a) Key process indicator
b) Key present indicator
c) Key performance indicator
d) Key Prospective identity
22. Which version produces the best result when two different version running of an ads or a
page and
measuring the result to identity?
a) Testing
b) Tweaking
c) Investing
d) A/B split testing
23. Putting the theory into practice means:
a) Taking intelligence gleaned
b) Taking advertising creative
c) Taking Decisive action
d) Taking measurable action
24. The new information technology internet and e-mail have practically eliminated the physical
costs of
communication said by________
a) Sims Jenkins
b) Signal vs noise
c) Matt Lindermann
d) Peter Drucker
25. Which marketing is the most powerful element in your digital marketing toolbox?
a) Digital Marketing
b) Direct Marketing
c) E-mail Marketing

d) Personal Marketing
26. Fusion of marketing savvy and imagination copy is related to_________
a) Promotional Marketing
b) E-mail Marketing
c) Digital Marketing
d) None of these
27. Write down the full name of CAN-SPAM act________
28. Software and service that allow users to come together online and exchange, discuss,
communication in
any form of social interaction is:
a) Social Paradigm
b) User Interface
c) E-mail
d) Social Media
29. The main problem with A/B split Testing is that ___________
a) You can use it to test variances of a single page element at a time
b) Double page element at a time
c) More than 2 page element at a time
d) All of the above
30. Personal interaction, creating, exchanging and sharing they all are different form
a) Social Book marketing
b) Social media
c) Social paradigm
d) None of these
31. Which of the following is social media submission site?
a) www.digg.com
b) www.reddit.com
c) www.stumbleupon.com
d) All of the above
32. A series of digital media files (Audio or video) distributed over the internet is known
a) Blogs
b) Podcasts
c) Micro Blogging
d) Wikis
33. What is the essentially a short-message broadcast service that lets people keep people up
to data via
short, public text posts upto 140 characters?
a) Facebook
b) SMS
c) Twitter
d) Linkedln
34. Online collection of web pages that are literally open for anyone to create, edit, discuss,

comment on
and generally contribute to is:
a) Micro Blogging
b) Social media dash board
c) Wikis
d) None of these
35. In which year the Chartered Institute of Public relation is define online PR (Public Relation)
a) 2009
b) 2008
c) 2007
d) 2006
36. The process whereby a brand site, attracts customers by recording a third party for
promoting their
Products and driving converting traffic website is called_________
a) Digital Marketing
b) Affiliate Marketing
c) E-mail Marketing
d) Strategic partnership
37. _______ the amount paid by an advertising for a click on their sponsored search listing.
a) Cost per action
b) Cost per acquisition
c) Cost per click
d) Cost per mille
38. The consumer performs the desired action on the merchants site, and a small piece of
embedded code
on the merchants site inform the___________
a) Affiliate Marketing
b) Affiliate Network
c) Affiliate Site
d) None of these
39. Online Advertising content that appears over the top of the web page is called_________
a) Organic search results
b) Overlay
c) Opt-out
d) Opt-in
40. A computer file format that compresses audio files up to a factor of 12 from a wav file is
a) MP3
d) MPU

41. ___________ is a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage
with their
audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.
a) Mobile Marketing
b) E-mail Marketing
c) Digital Marketing
d) All of the above
42. Which Advertising is now recognized as an opportunity for brands, advertisers and
publishers to
engage consumers in a targeted and contextual manner?
a) Radio advertising
b) News paper advertising
c) Mobile advertising
d) Television advertising
43. Which of the following language is used by many Internet application for exchanging
c) XML
44. Which is the example of popular Key performance Indicator (KPIs) for mobile campaigns?
a) Total downloads
b) Total Application user
c) Frequency and duration visit
d) All of these
45. Write down the full form of GPS__________
46. Which one of the company was launched its first play station back in 1995?
a) Apple
b) Nokia
c) Sony
d) Blackberry
47. In which year the first advertising agency, set up in Boston?
a) In 1855
b) In 1847
c) In 1843
d) In 1850
48. In 1983 which one started using TCP/IP protocol?
a) W3C
b) DNS
49. The first web page on the Internet was built at________
a) TCP

d) All of the above
50. Who are becoming better informed, better connected, more communicative in the market?
a) Buyers
b) Customer
c) Consumers
d) None of these
51. Which Technology become more ubiquitous in people lives that consumers can satisfy their
need more
quickly, more easily and with fewer barriers?
a) Advance Technology
b) Digital Technology
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
52. ___________ Technology that allows the use of a broadband internet connection to make
a) Video on demand
b) Virtual mobile network operator
c) Wireless application protocol
d) Voice over internet protocol
53. Who is the most important element in any form of marketing?
a) People
b) Customer
c) Seller
d) Consumer
54. Press releases, articles syndication and blogs they all are related to which channels?
a) Personal Channels
b) Offline Channels
c) Online Channels
d) None of these
55. Everything you do, online and offline, to get your product in front of your prospects is
a) Promotion
b) Influencing
c) Advertising
d) All of the above
56. What is the first step of building your websites?
a) Testing
b) Design
c) Planning
d) Development

57. The process of designing your website to be equally accessible to everyone, in relation to
the web is:
a) Usability
b) Accessibility
c) W3C & web standards
d) None of the above
58. You can buy multiple domain names is true or false.
a) True
b) False
59. Which of the following have ability to connect to the internet wirelessly?
a) Wi-Fi
b) Wiki
c) Web 2.0
d) Wilfing
60. The difference between effective web writing and effective print writing reflect the nature of:
a) People
b) Web designers
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Audience
61. Learning is the beginning of wealth, health and spirituality this is said by________
a) William Randolph Hearst
b) Marissa Mayer
c) Jim Rohn
d) None of these
62. Process a huge volume of searchers, scanning billions of items and delivering pages of
relevant, ranked
results in a fraction is:
a) Engines
b) Browser
c) Search Engines
d) Scouring the web
63. Which of the following is not a traditional marketing channels ________
a) Commercial television
b) Radio
c) Print Publication
d) Yahoo
64. Short-tail Keyword is simple and very general in nature is:
a) True
b) False
65. Which type of tail keyword have more complex and more specific in nature?
a) Short- tail
b) Long-tail
c) Medium- tail

d) All of these
66. If you take it literally, encompasses everything on your website is called_______
a) Search results
b) Context
c) Content
d) Spiders
67. _________ is a technique that uses code to show one search engine friendly page to the
spiders, and a
completely different page to a human visitor.
a) Cloaking
b) Interlinking
c) Keyword stuffing
d) Invisible Text
68. Your log files capture visits by search engines spiders and other automated bots as well
a) Analytics Software
b) Machines
c) Human user
d) All of these
69. ___________ will work even if you cant access your web server logs?
a) Logs files
b) Page Tagging
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
70. Junk paper mail become_______
a) Junk virtual mail
b) Junk business mail
c) Junk mail
d) Virtual mail
71. A host computer which maintains websites, newsgroup and e-mail service is known
a) Session
b) Server
c) Simulcast
d) Skyscraper
72. When a legitimate E-mail is blocked by a spam filter is known as:
a) False Positive
b) True Positive
c) Tricky Proposition
d) None of these
73. Which one of the following is one of the most important steps in writing E-mail?
a) Creating Copy
b) Great subject line

c) Crafting the e-mail subject line

d) Ambiguous e-mail
74. To grab the attention to the audience in your e-mail which one of the option is best?
a) Point to point
b) Briefly
c) Interesting
d) All of the above
75. E-mail are delivered to the people on your list is another crucial element in your_________
a) E-mail marketing
b) Digital Marketing
c) Direct Marketing
d) Both (a) & (b)
76. __________ is that you deliver your message directly to an individual who actually wants to
hear from
a) Direct Marketing
b) E-mail Marketing
c) Digital Marketing
d) None of these
77. __________ is umbrella term for web based software and service.
a) Social Media
b) Social Media Submission
c) Social Bookmarking
d) None of these
78. People who are most active in social media circles will be the element of your target market
can be
classified as________
a) Influencers
b) Influence
c) Listener
d) All of these
79. Social bookmarking site is known as_______
a) www.delicious.com
b) www.ma.gnolia.com
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
80. What is the main work of review and rating sites?
a) Allow user to review and rate companies
b) Allow user to show the status of the companies
c) Allow user to give suggestion
d) Allow user to view the status
81. Facebook, Linkedlns, Google these all are comes under_______
a) Social Network Sites

b) Social Media Sites

c) Media sharing Sites
d) Forums and Discussion Sites
82. People all over the world are using blogs to______
a) Report Local News
b) Offer their opinion
c) Share their experience
d) All of these
83. Which of the following content is available to both media professionals and consumers?
a) PR
b) CRM
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
84. What is the right way of getting prominent, newsworthy stories about your product, brand or
a) Online Press release
b) Offline press release
c) Offline Equivalent
d) Standard Press release
85. Your headline and first paragraph should capture readers_________
a) Attention
b) Interest
c) Views
d) Suggestion
86. Who are working in affiliate Marketing?
a) Brand/Seller
b) Affiliate
c) Customer
d) all of these
87. The companies who want their product and services advertising on the interest and are
trying to attract
new business called_______
a) The Affiliate
b) The Merchants
c) The Consumers
d) The Customers
88. __________ is refers to that free brand exposure free as merchant only pay for action.
a) Affiliate marketing
b) Digital Marketing
c) Strategic Marketing
d) None of these
89. Innovation and human desire for something newer and better are driving the rapid evolution

a) Laptop
b) Tablet
c) Mobile Device
d) Radio
90. Mobile gaming has been described as the wide-open battle ground of the:
a) Professional Industry
b) Application Industry
c) Entertainment Industry
d) All of these
91. For mobile marketing to work, consumers need to have confidence that their privacy will
a) Well crafted
b) Imaginative
c) Entertaining
d) Protected
92. Lots of energy and investment currently flowing into_______
a) Mobile cloud
b) Mobile data
c) Mobile Privacy
d) Mobile Apps
93. Technology has enhanced the process of refining the_________
a) Brand & quality
b) Products & brand
c) Products & Service
d) Quality & Quantity
94. What type of Marketing, Uniquely allows us to both broaden our scope and narrow our focus
at the
same time_________
a) Digital Marketing
b) E-mail Marketing
c) Direct Marketing
d) All of these
95. Which one of the following is used for exchanging SMS messages.
c) SMS
d) SIM
Examination Paper of Digital Marketing Professional
IIBM Institute of Business Management 12
96. The Technology that allows user to store video content on their computer for viewing at a
later date is
known as________
a) Deep-linking
b) Uploading

c) Downloading
d) None of these
97. Web design software that creates animation interactive elements and quick to download is:
a) Flash
b) Coral
c) Photoshop
d) Flash Impression
98. A group of computer connected together which are at one physical location is.
a) MAN
b) LAN
c) WAN
d) Link
99. The area where an Advertising is displayed/placed within a publishers mobile content is:
a) Placement
b) Podcasting
c) Pharming
d) Phishing
100. When a user makes a purchase from online advertiser is called______
a) Buy
b) Sale house
c) Sale
d) Both (a) & (c)