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Course Instructor:

Madam Fatima Zaheer

Applied Strategic Marketing

Submitted by:
Mohsin Zia
Nehan Shakeel
Saba Saeed
Shayan Rahman
Verda Yousuf Barakzai

December 13, 2016

Competitive Assessment Analysis

Tabular: Competitive Assessment Analysis


Competitive Assessment Analysis
After having completed the comprehensive exercise of assigning weights to
different value added services that the telecommunication competitors provide,
we rated the necessary capabilities and resources from the customers
perspective. This led us to identify the scores in each value added service that
the particular company provides as compared to other competitors and in turn
aided in comparing the scores with our chosen company Ufone. We were able to
calculate the differential between all the major competing brands, thereby
identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Ufone as compared to other
competitors such as Zong, Mobilink-Warid and Telenor.

SWOT Analysis
The SWOT Analysis comprised of the factors that contributed to Ufones:


We assigned positive magnitudes to the Strengths and Opportunities and
negative magnitudes to the Threats and Weaknesses. Each factor was ranked
according to their importance out of a scale of 1-3 and corresponding ratings
were calculated. We were able to conclude that Ufones strengths offset its
weaknesses and the opportunities offset its threats.