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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dr Sanjay Pisharodi

tlS {h x --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) +n | i E Pii? PhS iS E |Vx i E? iS xh

+V i E ]i?
I came into Ayurveda to look for a genuine meaning and practice of healing. I could also understand
myself better. I feel that it made me a much better physician. I have no regrets that I left modern
medicine behind. thank you.

2) +nS + i E =tH Zi? +nS Ehi , +RM E Ij i

vE +bi? E?
I was practicing allopathy for many years but dissatisfied . I was unable to accept the fact that I am
doing a lot of harm to the patients. I decided to study Ayurveda so that I can practice the real
medicine. I especially like to learn visha cikitsa, rasayana and female health issues.

3) +Gi +n ={Gi(=n. {v, , x <.) i M PiS E =nh

i M Ei E?
I have been participating regularly in all the study programs conducted by AVP Coimbatore since
2013. I also attend regular programs at Ashtangam Ayurveda, Amrita Ayurveda, Vagbhatasarani
and Sri Raghavan Thirumulpad Foundation in Kerala.

4) +Gi v tEb Sh z ={Gi(=n. i, ]ESx, +vEh <.) i

M PiS =nh M Ei E?
I have attended regular readings from the commentaries on Ashtanga Hridayam with Dr M Prasad
who is now the principal of the Ashtangam College in Kerala.

5) +Gi E {`xi E + E? E?
I am trying my best to memorize the sutra sthana and nidana sthana of Ashtanga Hridayam.

6) , tx +vxi Ei i E? {f ii E |Mi E + E?
I studied sansrit in school, and also at the ashram where I spent 8 years as a brahmachari. I am now

studying sanskrit with Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthana.

7) +ni E Eh` Eh +{h motivate E E? ix i E {rix

motivate E? lb i .
Initially the motivation to take Ayurveda as a career came from within. Later on, working with many
experienced vaidyas I was inspired even more by their humility and deep understanding. Seeing the
wonderful results in their patients for conditions which western medicines in unable to provide any
releif was a great motivating factor. I was lucky to have teachers who where kind and patient with me

8) tEb +xl Vi + E E E(=n.EE, Mhn E <.)

i |{i E +i E? iS E +vE M E E?
I have not developed any skills in particular. I have tried to understand and practice Ayurveda in its
full authenticity through discussions and observations.

9) i&S CxE E S E + E? iS E{xi iS CxE hx E.

Yes. My ideal clinic will have a vedic ambience. A medicinal garden is present providing fresh herbs where
required. All medicines are prescribed after proper Ayurvedic diagnosis and made in a customized
manner. Mixing of individual herbs are done as required for the individual. There is a goshala to provide
pure milk and an organic farm for grains and vegetables. A dhanvantari temple with regular yajnas.
Everyone including staff follow proper dinacarya. Good communication and good documentation.

10) |C] i E Ehi +xx ib t M + i ]i?

Not being able to give sufficient time to patients. People have high expectations. No time for proper
documentation. Less time for personal study.

11) r +nS EhS <SU

{{ {] E.

+ / x / +t{ +xSi? iS EEh

Yes I want to practice Ayurveda for the following reasons:

1. Ayurveda is an independent science.
2. Mixing Ayurveda with western science as is being done is not justified
3. Ayurveda has its own system of diagnosis and management
4. If practised purely it will give better results.

12) i E E +V +i E? +S iS xnx, ={SS lbCi i.

I am not suffering any disease at present.

13) i ME +M` xb V + i E ]i?

I have given up my allopathic practice because I sincerely want to understand and practice Ayurveda. I
have studied the Kerala tradition so far and I really want to understand the rich Maharashtrian
tradition too. I have heard a lot about Kolhatkar parampara Gurukul program and wanted to
participate. After this I look forward to sharing the science of Ayurveda with my allopathic colleagues.