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Large Video Screens (LVS) : Three large video screens of size 67" diagonal

and resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels for each Simulator system are provided
to display all the operations carried out at the Operator Work Stations and
thereby aiding each trainee operator to observe the activities carried out by
the other trainees on their respective Operator Work Station.
Computer Server Rack : This consists of 4 servers, one server each for
210MW, 250MW, 500MW and 600MW simulation. This is the heart of
Simulator. When a command is given either from Trainees Station i.e.,
Operator Work Stations (OWS) or Instructor Station (IS), the Server receives
it, computes the response and then transfer it back to Instructor Station /
Operator Work Stations on a real time basis to represent the changes in
process parameters / status as happened in the real plant.
Computer Interface : The Interface has the capacity to handle massive high
speed data between the computers and the Rack Server. This helps to
produce a real time response on the control panel.
Scope of Simulator Training
The following features of simulator facilitate effective training :
z Initialization to predefined plant status from where the training session
z Freezing of the dynamic simulation programmes at any plant status to
facilitate detailed explanation to the trainee at that particular stage of
operation and subsequently resuming from there.
z Back tracking enables simulation status to traverse all events of
operation for past sixty minutes and scans back to any status from
there for repeat of operation.

Simulator Training Profile


Charging of power supply

Charging of auxiliary system
Boiler system lineup
Condensate and feed water system
Burner management system
Turbine oil system
Furnace purge and boiler light-up
Evacuation system
HP/LP bypass system
Automatic turbine run-up system
Coal firing and load raising
Boiler & turbine follow modes of operation
Planned shutdown
Hot startup
Emergency handling

l Malfunction handling
l Interactive videos of ash plant, coal handling plant, cooling towers etc.
Simulator Training Programmes
Different types training modules are available to meet the needs of
various categories of plant personnel.


z Snapshot facility initiates any given plant condition from where training
can be commenced providing the flexibility of training.


: Two weeks (12 days)

Operation Familiarization (5 days)


z Fast mode simulation saves valuable panel time operation under certain
plant status e.g. cold soaking of turbine can be achieved in six minutes
instead of one hour.

: To provide an overview of unit operations to

maintenance engineers in Unit startup with different
conditions, system lineup, shutdown and few

Participants : Maintenance engineers from Mechanical, Electrical, C&I

sections, other O&M engineers working in E&P etc.

z Remote function facilitates the instructor to perform any manual

operation like opening, closing of valves which are not possible from
control panel.
In addition to all the above facilities normal start-up / shut-down, runback, Automatic Turbine Run-up System, Trend Monitoring of
Parameters etc. provide trainee a feeling of working in real plant

: To provide comprehensive training through Systematic

line-up of all the equipments & systems, cold & hot
startups, shutdown procedure malfunctions etc.

Participants : Newly recruited engineers likely to be posted in unit

operation and personnel working in smaller units likely
to switch over to 660 MW unit operation.

z Malfunction insertion with variable degree of severity in process

parameters and removal facility encompassing many emergencies in all
z Slow mode simulation allows a trainee to see certain critical operation
performed in slow mode in order to analyses the sequence of event
taking place in a short span of time clearly.

Power Plant Familiarisation (12 days)


: One week (5 days)

Refresher Training (5 days)


: To refresh knowledge, operation skills and improve

upon interactions of experienced operation engineers.