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Optimal climate from Wurzen, Germany, for the global market

GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH

Competence Center for GEA Air Handling Units

engineering for a better world

GEA Heat Exchangers

Focused competence in the production of

GEA air handling units
Since 2010 GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH is the
Competence Center for production of GEA air handling
units. At present, more than 350 employees work at the
plant location in Wurzen, Germany. Beginning with
modernization of this GEA factory, European production
of GEA air handling units has been concentrated at the
Wurzen site. This plant controls all development, production, and logistics processes.


GEA experts for heat exchange and air handling

From initial concept to production
GEA Group AG is one of the largest systems providers for the production of foodstuffs
and energy. As an internationally active technological enterprise, GEA Group concentrates on process engineering and components for sophisticated production processes
in a wide range of end-user markets. In each of its Business Units, GEA is recognized
by its customers as market and technology leaders, and as top innovators. The largest
Segment within GEA Group, GEA Heat Exchangers, concentrates on all activities involving heat exchangers and covers most application areas from HVAC to cooling
towers. GEA Heat Exchangers offers one of the most extensive portfolios of heat
exchangers around the world: finned-tube heat exchangers, single finned-tube heat
exchangers, Heller systems, air-cooled condensers, cooling towers with open and closed
cooling cycles, plate heat exchangers, air handling systems, and all types of shell-andtube heat exchangers. By focusing all heat exchanger activities in one Segment, GEA
can offer the most reliable solutions for the entire spectrum of industrial applications.

Top-quality production of air treatment systems at the modernized

GEA plant in Wurzen, Germany
When you require the heating, cooling, filtration, scrubbing, humidification, or dehumidification of air, GEA Heat Exchangers is your strong and reliable partner. We offer
customized HVAC and air-treatment systems with maximum reduction of energy consumption over the entire service life of your facilities. Within the course of growing

Peter Kern,

systems responsibilities, our air treatment and handling systems cover the entire pro-

Factory Director

cess chain of air handling: from intake of outdoor air up to input of treated air into
rooms. This includes engineering, concepting, design, and production of air treatment
systems. Since 2010 GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH is the Competence Center
for European production of GEA air handling units. The plant in Wurzen has been
modernized and previous capacities have been significantly enlarged. With manufacture of the GEA CAIRplus air handling system, the Wurzen site has achieved a high
technological level. In parallel, we have sophisticated our GEA CAIR product range,
with its integrated cooling and control systems and have integrated it into series production. In addition, the location offers experience and know-how for the engineering
design and production of customized special solutions, as well as for the implementation of complex individual projects. A special focal point at the GEA site at Wurzen is
the close interplay among the activities of project execution, engineering design, production, and logistics. Ongoing optimization of these processes leads to continuous

Freya Fuhlrott,

further development and improvement of our products and services. In Wurzen the

Chief Financial Officer

cornerstone was laid in 1912 for what is now the internationally successful company
GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH. Throughout the decades, the company has continued development: and our investments are a definite sign for the future.



Welcome to the (virtual) world

We feel comfortable in air that has been optimally
handled and treated but we cannot see with our

Cruise ship

eyes where this good air is coming from. For this

reason, we have created an animated urban scenario
to show you the areas of modern life in which air
treatment by GEA is at work. You will be surprised
to see how often you come into contact via room air
with GEA technology without being able to see it.

Optimal climate control from Wurzen

for the global market
The very best for each application
GEA air handling units
Customized air handling and cooling
Healthy, comfortable, and quiet room
air conditioning
Maximum energy efficiency with

In many facilities today, air is treated before use: in factories, computer centers, food
and beverage production processes, the pharmaceutical industry, shopping centers, airports, offices, hospitals, hotels, museums, schools, swimming pools, and cruise ships.
The applications are just as different. Air is purified, heated, cooled, humidified, or dehumidified depending on the requirements involved.

minimal CO2 emissions

Precise monitoring and control

The portfolio of GEA air handling units is used throughout the world in hotels, public

Many and various adaptation

buildings, retail and other commercial facilities, leisure complexes, factories, and in

possibilities to a great variety of

various special applications such as ships and on offshore rigs.

Durability and great availability at

low maintenance costs

We feel pleasant when the condition of room air lies in the comfort zone. This comfort zone, however, is not simple to achieve or to maintain since room climate depends on many factors. As a result, climate-control requirements are different almost


Office building



Shopping center

Swimming pool

everywhere. They depend in part on the type and the use of a room, and in part on the
side of the building occupied by a room and on the continent where the building is
located. In any case, regular supply of fresh air is critical for any conditions. GEA air
handling units supply fresh air in a centrally defined state to any room and keep this
state constant. In some application areas, simple air exchange will suffice for but others the strictest of requirements apply for temperature, humidity, and purity of the air.
Modular units allow a free selection of components and functions, and enable their individual adaptation to the respective application. Compact GEA units are optimized
for their applications, equipped with highly efficient heat-recuperation functions, and
delivered ready for connection with integrated control systems. Their special engineering design, with smooth surfaces, allow GEA air handling units to achieve especially

Also use your iPhone or iPad to

hygienic treatment of the air and to provide fresh room air in accordance with

experience which technologies come

VDI 6022.

from the city of Wurzen. At our Web

site under www.gea-airtreatment.com
you will also find the way to our

GEA City: a live view behind the scenes and panels

application in our AppStore at http://

In the virtual GEA City under www.gea-airtreatment.com you can discover many


possibilities of employment of GEA HVAC systems and filters. Take a look at typical


application and building examples as 3D animation.


CNC stamping

Fully automatic profile-section warehousing:

Panel production

prefabrication with annual production of

approx. 456,000 m of profile sections.

Production focus at the Wurzen plant

Central building climate control
GEA CAIRplus at a glance:
High-end air handling units with

maximum flexibility
Modular design and complete system

Our Wurzen factory produces the most advanced air handling units at a high technological level, with two and three working shifts per day. As a result of extensive investment in modern machine facilities and in expansion of plant infrastructure, the
Wurzen plant is well prepared for future challenges of the global market.

Great number of available components
Individual, tailored solutions as
Reliable functioning under all
climatic conditions
Quality components with long life

Since 2006 we produce air handling units in Wurzen from the GEA CAIR range. CAIR
stands for customized air our production principle, which helps us to optimally fulfill the requirements of our customers. In the new GEA CAIR generation, a great variety of different volume sizes and models is available for almost any installation variation required: indoor and outdoor units for installation vertically or horizontally or
over, behind, or next to each other.

Highly efficient heat recuperation with

energy savings up to 85%

Certification by German TV and


With expansion of our production shop floors by construction of two new factory halls,
we have also expanded our portfolio in Wurzen. As a result, we likewise manufacture
compact units (the GEA COM4 range), units for swimming pools (the GEA Fricostar
range), and systems for special and customized applications.

Hygiene conformity with test seal

Low investment, operating, and

maintenance costs



GEA CAIRfricostar

GEA Fricostar Micro

Greatly advanced and

Several advanced press-working
and shaping centers produce up
to 156,000 panels annually in the
GEA plant in Wurzen.

In our own factory halls we produce virtually everything that we need for our projects: complete units, sheet-metal components, and panels.
In Wurzen alone we produce 156,000 panels per year. Our press-working and shaping
center is designed to process around 4,000 tons of sheet metal per year. Primarily thin
sheets are processed here. From two warehouse towers, with a capacity of 36 tons, the
sheet metal is sent to the press. The sheet metal is guided in and out on the following
manipulation line, where it is pressed and cut or turned. Finally the parts are edgeformed fully automatically.

GEA COM4plus

GEA COM4mini



Good colleagues,
top results
In the midst of the action: in addition to practical relevance, a great
deal of personal commitment and
motivation are also part of traineeships at GEA.

Traineeships at GEA at the Wurzen factories

Good starting positions with the best
GEA does a great deal to assure an excellently trained future generation of colleagues.
Those trainees who gain their qualifications at the GEA plant in Wurzen enjoy top perspectives from the very start. At GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH in Wurzen,
they have access to comprehensive knowledge of HVAC technologies from industrial,
technical, and business standpoints.


We offer two attractive training programs as part of the German Dual System: i.e., with
alternating periods in the company and in professional school:

Business Administrators
Within three years, our trainees achieve a high professional level of qualification in
the new central departments of our company: Production, Contracting, Purchasing
and Goods Reception, Service and Engineering, Human Resources, Financial Account-

Wurzen living pleasantly here

ing, Controlling, IT, and Logistics.

Known as Ringelnatz City, Wurzen is

one of the oldest cities in Saxony. It is

Industrial Mechanics
Only a few of the focal points of this intensive three-year traineeship: planning and

the principal city in its district and lies

in the heart of Saxony, between Leipzig
and Dresden. Wurzen is, on the one

organizing, fastening goods, securing and transporting, business processes and qual-

hand, an important industrial location

ity-assurance systems, manual and mechanical tensioning, production, assembly and

and, on the other, is also known for its

erection, disassembly of components and groups, control technology, as well as its ex-

special cultural status as the birthplace

tensions and testing.

of Joachim Ringelnatz, the famous poet,

painter, and cabaret actor.

As a partner on international markets, we represent and encounter all cultures with

openness and respect. With our commitment to future generations of young colleagues
from our region and from the whole world, we add to the reputation of Wurzen as a
place to live with good quality of life and a promising future.


The first assembly line for Airzent units

The first GEA CAIRplus, in July of 2005

GEA CAIRplus (formerly, CAIRpicco),

in August of 2005

Wurzen as city and industrial location a long success story

From machine construction to an HVAC Competence Center


Foundation of Juwil, a company for machine construction, by Julius Wilisch. The company primarily produced compressed-air filters in pressurized containers (models for compressed-air and steam equipment), several types of plate filters (passage filters for room-air filtration), and round filters for piston machines.


Purchase of the property at Nemter Weg 5 in Roizsch, Germany. Construction of several low-rise buildings
as production and administration space. Production of supply- and exhaust-air filters for humidification and
dehumidification, climate control, and dust separation; cleaners, de-waterers, and de-oilers for compressed
air; de-waterers for live steam and exhaust steam; cleaners for industrial and exhaust gas.


The Juwil machine-construction company is nationalized and renamed VED Filter- und Entlerbau Wurzen
(VEB FEWU). Its 95 employees achieved annual sales of no less than 1,444,000 East German marks.


VEB Luftfilterbau Berlin acquires the production of mechanical filters with moving fabric filters. Until 1990,
VEB Luftfiltertechnik was the only manufacturer of filters for atmospheric air in East Germany. With around
125 staff, annual sales were around 4,700,000 East German marks. Creation of a research and development


Renaming of the company to VEB Luftfiltertechnik Wurzen.

The plant in Wurzen demonstrated its flexibility beginning in 1970 when it was integrated in the ILKA factory complex in Dresden for integrated air treatment and refrigeration systems. The company was essential
for the state-controlled economy of East Germany. The company produced the following products until 1989:
compact filters, H roll filters for use in chemical fiber plants, filter plates for passenger train coaches, plate
filters, oil-mist filters for grinding machines, compressor filters as suction filters in piston-compressor systems, circulating-air filters for power plants with extremely great dust burdens, electrostatic mist filters for
use in tool machines, HEPA filters and duct filters, wedge filter cells, airborne-fiber filters, and bag filters.


Beginning of business contacts to GEA Happel Klimatechnik. LFT Wurzen received contracts to produce wall


German reunification: renaming of VEB Luftfiltertechnik to Luftfiltertechnik Wurzen GmbH. Soon thereafter, acquisition by GEA Aktiengesellschaft and integration into the business area Air and Refrigeration Technology. Company assignments included development, production, and sales of air filters and air-filter systems, as well as their assembly and maintenance.


Renaming of Luftfiltertechnik Wurzen GmbH to GEA Klima- und Filtertechnik Wurzen GmbH. Beginning
of production of Airzent air handling units.


The GEA Competence Centre for production of air handling units in Wurzen today.


Transfer of filter production to the affiliated company LVZ Liberec in the Czech Republic.
Complete relocation of the plant to the present site on Lptitzer Strasse. At this site, with a total area of
34,000 m 2, with 14,000 m 2 of factory floor, investment followed with restructuring, modernization, and further expansion of Airzent system production. Certification of GEA Klima- und Filtertechnik Wurzen GmbH
in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.


Series production of low-profile units. Priority in the company: ongoing improvement of production processes
and product quality. Launch of production of the GEA ATplus air handling unit (predecessor: GEA CAIRplus).
Beginning of production of GEA ATpicco, the typical GEA air handling unit at that time for simple installation under suspended ceilings.


Launch of exclusively order-oriented production of GEA CAIRplus and GEA CAIRpicco units.
Renaming of the company to GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH. Relocation of production from an Austrian affiliated company to Wurzen. Beginning of production of the ranges CAIRfricostar, GEA COM4plus,
GEA Fricostar Micro and GEA Campos at the Wurzen site. Expansion of the production facilities by adding
one factory hall with 2,400 m 2 shop floor.


New standards in manufacturing processes by GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH as Competence Centre
for production of GEA air handling units. Expansion of site capacity by an additional factory hall with
5,400 m 2 shop floor. As a result, GEA Group invested once again for the long term in maintenance and
expansion of its site in Wurzen.


One-hundredth anniversary of Wurzen as a production site: from the machine-construction company

Juwil to the GEA Competence Centre for production of air handling units.

We live our values.

Excellence Passion Integrity Responsibility GEA-versity

GEA Heat Exchangers

GEA Air Treatment Production GmbH
Lptitzer Strasse 39, 04808 Wurzen, Germany
Phone: +49 3425 982-3980, Fax: +49 3425 982-3963

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GEA Group is a global engineering company with multi-billion euro sales and operations in more than
50 countries. Founded in 1881, the company is one of the largest providers of innovative equipment and
process technology. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX Europe 600 Index.