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Thousands of years ago, when the forest stretched out for thousands of miles, when the mountain pierced
higher than ever, when the deep blue seas were vast and open, creatures were also differed from now.
When earth was clean immense, there ruled creatures. These were strange and even odd looking beasts
that scampered on the surface of the land like scavengers hunting for food. They grew and adopted like a
flower that just popped out of the soil, and they used what they had like wild cucumbers swirling among
the earth. But soon, they became territorial, like tigers fighting for rich land. They split up and marked

The Council of Arkandurm

Derithmir was truly a beautiful city. Its fresh white cobblestone walls gleamed in the sun, reflecting of the
light blue river which was peacefully flowing into the city. The house walls were engraved with glorious
carvings of trees and forests. Majestic flowers on windows were everywhere. Nature was present here,
and violence was bliss. You could clearly see this was elven made, made with mind, love, and soul.
That is what every city should look like thought Neramis, the leader of elves. Today he was at
Derithmir for a gathering, an encounter of all races. He slowly paced around the city, admiring his clans
masterpiece, the capital of Elvenhier. It yet had been appointed the situated site for the meeting of all
races named The Council of Arkandurm. In ancient elven Arkandurm meant of all. There, every three
years, all clans cross, at a marvelous palace in the heart of the massive Elvenhier forests.
After half an hour of ambling in the city, he bumped into his army general who was rambling across the
city rummaging around for Neramis. After they shortly greeted each other Carthinin, the general, uttered
in a deep voice,
Your majesty, we have gotten to come across a rumor of the wise and elder that an assassination would
occur today at the gathering. We have already doubled all guards and I had to notify you of jeopardy, and
to request you to be vigilant.
Thank you Carthinin, may the stars above and the soil below bestow your peace. He answered in a
very ancient Elven saying. Carthinin bowed in return and scampered of. Soon Neramis headed to the
mainstay, The Great Bastion of Elves- where the council would embark on. On his way he joined with his
bodyguards and other elven representatives and proceeded to the hall.
The Great Bastion of Elves was an immense palace, with a wide pale brick tower that was elevated far
above the ground. It shadowed the beautiful fountain that sprinkled and sprayed the surroundings. There
was the beautiful flower gardens that shimmered in the sun composing a complex mosaic of every color.
Rows of green and brown daffodils arranged in the elf flag- a tall Redbark tree embraced in a twirling
vine. The bark of the tree was dark red and the leaves were all different shades of green. Every single leaf
somehow differed from another- symbolizing every elf living in the forest.
Neramis found other clan leaders already waiting at the stairway of the palace. Of course there were
more than 4 leaders here. There was man- half elf half dwarf beings, which lived in the foothills of the
mountains. The Woodland Goblins lived on a peninsula of the Elvenhier forests were