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Lesson Plan Format:

Teacher James FitzPatrick


Grade Level 12

History Through Film: 1 Hour

Content and Standards: 8.1.W.A. Evaluate patterns of continuity and change over
time, applying context of events.
8.1.W.B. Evaluate the interpretation of historical events and sources, considering the
use of fact versus opinion, multiple perspectives, and cause and effect relationships.


Prerequisites: Recommended students have a basic understanding of the Cold war

and Vietnam Era.


Essential Questions: Is it better to be loved than feared or feared than loved?


Instructional Objective: During a time of intense political divide within the United
States, the Civil Rights Movement experimented the power of protest along with other
events such as The Vietnam War and Watergate Scandal. Students should
understand how and why, but ultimately consider the correlation between power and
protest. Contemplate what form of protest may be best today based on the past.


Instructional Procedures:
Part 1: Initial journal entry and general discussion asking: Is violence ever a valid
form of protest? What events and history might prove its legitimacy? What events
might not? (15 min)
Part 2: Civil Rights movement in the 60s Lecture. Focus: Martin Luther King Jr. and
Malcom X: MLKs I Have A Dream Speech VS Malcom X Bullet and The Ballot
Speech. (20 min)
Part 3: Provide Abbreviated Copies of I Have A Dream Speech and Bullet and The
Ballot Have students analyze. Consider the following:

What quotes would you consider powerful?

What literary methods are used? How might they effect the audience?

Which one did you find more convincing? Why?

(25 min)

Part 4: Deliberative Discussion: What works better as a protest method? Pacification

or fear? Ultimately is it better to be loved than feared or feared than loved in America

Background of Machiavelli and his influence choosing fear based on Borgia.

Students should consider world was much different 500 years later for MLK
and Malcom.

Students are welcome to research on I-Pads for supporting evidence on top

of speeches and lecture.

Class should end with a decision

(30 min)

Materials and Equipment: Students I-Pad will allow them to view digital copies of
Bullet and Ballet + I Have A Dream Speech


Assessment/Evaluation: Participation expected in Deliberative Discussion.


Accommodations and Modifications/Differentiation:


Technology: I-Pad with notability (or similar note-taking app) and Google Classroom


Self-Assessment: Will students be able to efficiently create a rational answer as a

whole class?