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Konkan Railway Corporation Limited

(11RG ~


(A Government of India Undertaking)


No: CO/P-IR/SCR/01-2014

Date: 30.12.2016

All Concerned

Sub: Inclusion of Aadhaar number (Unique Identification issued by UIDAI) in service

book of Government servants.
Ref: 1. MoR/Railway Board letter No. E(G)2016/FR 1-6 dated 02.12.2016

As per reference above, pursuant to Government of India's instructions, Railway Board had
decided that Aadhaar number of all Railway Servants should be included in their Service
Book. Therefore, all Zonal Railways/ Production Units etc. are directed to ensure that the
Service Book of all the employee's have an entry of employee's Aadhaar number.
In this regard, Railway Board directed to take necessary action immediately and to
communicate regarding the number of employees whose Service Book have been seeded
with respective Aadhaar number.
Accordingly, all Executives and Non-executives of KRCL are requested to submit their self
attested copy of Aadhaar card duly indicatinq Name, Designation, Employee Number and
Station on or before 13.01.2017(Friday) to respective Personnel Department.
All employees and Personnel Officers are requested to adhere to the targets indicated above.

Encl: As above

(N. M. Te,I~~
(Chief p~rsonn7;ver)

Copy to: Secretary to CMD

All HODs


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