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Submitted To = Sir Arshad

Submitted By = Aman Ullah Shah

Roll Number = 36935
Semester = 5th
Section = A
Subject = HRM
Topic (Company) = NIB Bank

Mansehra Hazara University
NIB Bank
Introduction =
NiB Bank is one of the largest
foreign banks in Pakistan with an extensive Branch network
spread 52 cities acroos the Country. It is one of the largest
corporate entities of the Countrywith a paid up Capitalof PKR
103 Billion. The bank continues to serves its costmers to all
thier financial and banking needs through its network of 170
+ Branches, all connected online and 160 ATMs.

History =

NIB Bank Started operations in October 2003

when Nation Development Leasing Corporation (NDLC) and
the pakistan operations of IFIC Bank were amalgamated. The
bank ggrew rapidly and further acquistions took place- the
pakistan operations of Credit agricole Indosuez were
acquired in April 2004, and 2007, PICIC Commercial Bank
limited merged with the bank.Temasek holders of Singapur
continues to be largest single investor in NIB Bank , through
its wholly owned subsidiary, with a stake in access of 88%.

Vision =
NIBs Vision is to:
> To be the bank of choice for the most discerning segments
of the consumer andcorporate markets in Pakistan.
> To revolutionize banking for the SME segment by creating
new products anddistribution channels.
> To become a leading provider of investment banking and
wealth managementservices.
> To be a top-5 choice of employer, a premier developer of
human talent, and anorganization that understands and
honors its social responsibilities.

Mission =

To be a high performance bank admired for Innovation,

Customer Service and Inspired Employees.

Product =

The bank resolve to provide world class

products and services to banking population of Pakistan is
driven by its key buisness units including retail banking,
Commercial banking, Corporate and Investment Banking and
treasury Sevices

Market =

NIB bank is headquatered at the PNSC

building in Karachi, Pakistan. Six floors of this iconic building
serve as the nerve centre of the Bank's footprint in Pakistan.

Company Information =
Board Of Directors =
Teo cheng San,Ronald
Tejpal Singh Hora
Lee Boon Huat
Lee Ah Boon
Asif Jooma
Najmus Saqib Hameed
Muhammad Abdullah
Atif R. Bokhari

(Director and President/CEO)

Board Audit Committee =

Muhammad Abdullah Yusuf

Lee Ah Boon
Najamus Saquib Hameed


Board Risk Management Commitee =

Tejpal Singh Hora
Asif Jomma
Lee Boon Huat
Atif R. Bukhari


Board Nomination and Remuneration

Committee =
Lee Boon Huat
Asif Jooma
Atif R. Bukhari


Company Secretary =
Ather Ali Khan

Chief Financial Officer =

Yameen Kerai

Registered Office =
First floor Post Mall F7 Markaz Islamabad

Head Office =
PNSC building M.T. Khan Road Karachi-74000

Email and URL =

Email = info@nibpk.com
URL = www.nib.pk.com

Auditors =
M/s KPMG Taseer Hadi and co. Chartered Accountanats

Legal Advisor =
M/s Mandviwaa and Zafar Advocates

Credit Rating =
Long terms = AAShort terms = A1+
Rating agency = PACRA

HRM Hierarchy / Structure

Board Of
Board AuditCommittee
President and CEO
CFOHead of Admin
of Commercial Banking Group
Head of Operations& Technology
Head of
Consumer Business
Head of Human Resource
of Corporate Bank
Head of Compliance
of Risk Management
Head of Internal Audit
Head of
ager Manager RelationshipManager Operation Manager Counter
ServiceSupervisor Counter ServiceOfficer Branch ServiceOfficer
PersonalBankingConsultantDate Center Incharge

NIB's Department

SWOT Analysis of NIB Bank

1. Internal
> Strengths
> Weaknesses
2. External
> Opertunities
> Threats

Internal Analysis

Strength can be defined as an area where a company is best

at doingsomething or a feature that puts a company at an
advantage incomparison to its competitors. NIB Bank enjoys
the following strengths
> Standard of service is very good and customers are
satisfiedwith that service.
> They have computerized system, and online banking.
> NIB is the 7th largest bank in Pakistan with over 240
> NIB banks ATMs are linked with a number of leading
local andforeign banks.
> Automated Systems made NIB Bank to rise with the
pressure of rising competition.
> The employers at NIB are offered reasonable monetary
benefit.Normally two bonuses are given Eid ul - Fitar & Eid
ul - Azha.
> NIB bank has well established website and is up to date
about thebank.
> Promotes high standards of borrower creditworthiness
> Financial Sustainability
> Facilitates high credit rating

A weakness is defined as an area in an organization where
theorganization is not as good at doing something where the
organization isnot as good doing something as its
competitors or a thing which anorganization lacks or
disadvantage in comparison to its competitors.Based on the
above definition NIB Bank has the following weaknesses.
> Branch area is very small with respect to hired
> When nib merges PICIC commercial and PICIC investment
in it thanthe old employees become part of the NIB.
> Those employees need great deal of training and
development. Asthey are doing conventional banking and
NIBs slogan is relationshipbase banking.
> Online recruitment (unable to collect a pool of candidate
becausenet is not available everywhere in the country).
> Increases city/utility costs of borrowing.
> Creates regulatory problems or uncertainty
> Creates obstacles to efficient management

> Branch manager cannot fire any employee on his bad

performanceas they hired as permanent employees.
> To enhance competition and efficiency, consolidation of
smallinstitutions into bigger units is required which can be
done byfocusing on the legal and regulatory framework
> NIB Bank rely on borrowing and contributions to fund their
> In some regions, urban areas of Pakistan service of NIB
Bank is notgood as compared to other privatized banks
> The application time is also quite lengthy

External Analysis
An opportunity can be defined as a change in external
environment, whichif properly exploited with the
organizational strengths will result inenhanced sales, market
share, or income. Using its strengths, NIB Bankcan avail the
following opportunities
> Increase credit facilities to lower income and also to
> Many areas for new branch opening.
> In the economy of Pakistan where other banks are very
carefullylending the different loan NIB giving personal loan in
huge quantity. This will result in great market share in future.
> Creativity and financial innovation.
> Develop expertise in specialized credit evaluation of cities
> Provide focal point for identifying and acting on obstacles
to oropportunities for city and city enterprise borrowing.
> Proper orientation of employees in all branches can help
them tocope up with foreign banks.
> Call centre services should be improved to enhance their
> Aggressively monitor borrowers and help resolve borrower
> As a Bank, NIB has business relationships covering a very
largefraction of the economy in the country. These
relationships makethe perfect partner to drive the initial free
registration of businesses
> Attraction of new capital by the NIB Bank.


Threat can be defined as a change in external environment

which if notmet with proper strategies will result in loss of
revenues, market share, orincome. In the context of NIB
Banks external environment, the followingpotential threats
> Foreign banks operating in Pakistan are playing a
significant role byincorporating new technologies and
providing better quality servicesthus creating a threat to the
local banks especially to NIB Bankwhich tries to develop its
image in the eyes of customers.
> Already many huge banks are doing business in the
banking sector.
> Devaluation of Pakistani currency.
> The bank is facing threats with the emergence of new
competitorsespecially in terms of foreign banks.
> Large and Increase competition
> Lack of Huge Deposits
> Systemic investment risks (tariffs set by local radas; all
cities relyheavily on Inter-governmental transfers)
> Reliance on market interest rates and maturities may
make loansunaffordable


Being an HR Manager Following are my

observation and suggestion for expanding
Buisness =
Introduce Various Profitable Investment Schemes
A big portion of the home remittance is sent by Pakistan
working capitalthrough NIB Bank. As we know a big portion
of this amount is wastedpurchasing of luxuries. The people
motivated to save money by offering thedeposit through
various investment schemes. The rate of profit should
increase1% or 2% than the other banks and it would be
profitable step for bank.
Training Staff
Staff turnover particularly of trained staff result in financial
and other losses. The amount spent by the bank on
employment, induction and training of an outgoing officer
constitutes to beat till another officer should ready prove
hiswork. The exodus of bank officer in the past has worsened
the situation
Change The Nature Of Work

Most of the bank employees are sticking to one seat only

with the resultthat they become master of one particular job
and loose their grip on other banking operation. In my
opinion all the employees should have regular job
experience all out-look towards banking. The promotion
policy should be adjusted
Refresher Courses
Refresher courses for the staff are most important in any
internationalorganization. All the employees should have
these courses according to their requirement. Foreign
experts can also be called for this purpose.
Special Training In Abroad
Every year some of the employees should be sent for
training to other countries and employees from other
branches should be brought here. Somemore reading
material should be provided the purpose should be to
educate theemployees with the advance studies in their
field. The employees should beprovided the opportunities to
attend and participate in seminars and lectures onbanking
Incentive To Employees
Bank should give some more incentive to its employees in
order toremove the conflict between lower and higher
officers and should try to improvethe working condition of
the bank.
Computer System
Though installed computer yet the NIB Bank system has not
totally shifted oncomputer. Manual procedure is still there
hence computer facility is not fully availed. It should be fully
availed and system should be fully computerized
The period of internship should be divided into the number of
departmentof the . The internee should be given NIB Bank
timetable mentioning the number of days he has to work at
different places in the bank. A lot of productive time is
wasted by the staff in unproductive pursuits and teaand
lunch breaks are got voluntarily extended and the time spent
in corridors,courtyards, depends on the staff will. This
tendency of late must be eliminated which reflect adversely
on the image of the institution and has posed a serious

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