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TitlePersonal Development for Life and Work

Author: L. Ann Masters, Harold R. Wallace;
Publisher Australia; Mason, OH: South-Western Cen gage Learning,
ISBN: 9780538450867
Call numberEN/HF5381./R7895/3
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You'll need more than just a great college grade point average to succeed in the
workforce. Soft skills, critical thinking skills, and a strong work ethic are all necessary to
achieve success in both all areas of life. Personal Development for Life and Work, 10e,
International Edition is designed to help you discover your potential ability and prepare
for successful employment.

Titlethe First-time Trainer: a Step-by-Step Quick Guide for
Managers, Supervisors, and New Training Professionals
Author: Tom W. Goad.
Publisher New York: American Management Association, c2010
ISBN: 9780814415597
Call numberHF5549.5.T7.G535-49
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Successful organizations depend on training to keep them viablebut in todays
belt-tightening economy, managers are often asked to become expert training facilitators
overnight. Faced with the challenges of diversity, a multi-generational workforce, and
many options made possible by technology and e-learning, even first-time trainers must
be ready with the most up-to-the-minute techniques.

Titlethe Basics of Performance Measurement
Author: Jerry L. Harbour.
Publisher Boca Raton: CRC Press, c2009.
ISBN: 9781439802496

Call numberHF5549.5.P35.H37-62
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This booklet is a real diamond for business-annalists preparing to start up a
"Balanced Scorecard"-application. It gives a clear view of the bricks that put together a
'balanced' set of performance measures. It even gives an overview of what and how
performance can be measured. Then the process of collecting the measures, and the
difficulties encountered with it are clearly explained. You also get a catalogue of
presentations to successfully visualize your performance indicators at the most
comprehensive way. At last some useful tips to put a Balanced Scorecard system together
and you are ready setting up your performance measurement system.

TitleManaging Human Resources
Author Susan E. Jackson, Randall S. Schuler, Steve Werner.
Publisher Mason, OH: South-Western Cen gage Learning, c2009.
ISBN: 9780324579659
Call numberEN/HF5549./S24895/33
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This book explains how successful companies manage human resources in order to
compete effectively in a dynamic, global environment. Long known and respected as a
tightly integrated, clear, higher-level text, Managing Human Resources through strategic
partnerships 10edtion, International Edition, presents strong organizing themes: strategy,
teams, diversity, global issues, and change. These themes are highlighted in interesting
boxed features throughout the tenth edition. The text also follows an organizational
structure that emphasizes the HR Triad (employee, line manager, HR manager) with the
understanding that effective human resource management requires mutual understanding
and collaboration among HR professionals, managers, and all other employees.

TitleHuman Resource Management Applications
AuthorStella M. Nkomo, Myron D. Fottler, R. Bruce McAfee.
Publisher Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western, c2008.
ISBN: 9780324421422
Call numberHF5549.N56-1
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Now you can develop a solid, practical understanding of today's human resource
management (HRM) concepts and principles with this single source for contemporary
cases, exercises, incidents, and skill builders. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
a hands-on approach to learning HRM with cases drawn from actual events in real
organizations, and unique skills builders and exercises that focus on the practical abilities
most important in HRM today. This book is the perfect complement to your primary
human resource text in any introductory HRM course. A fresh emphasis on problem
solving and critical analysis equips you with long-term skills that are important for
success at any level of study. Timely examples are drawn from a variety of organizations,
including today's growing service sector to provide you with a diversity of experience.