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Test paper form IV (Module II)

I.Listen and circle the right answer.
1.At 7 oclock, I do homework/wake up.
2.At 7:45 , I go to bed /have breakfast.
3.At 8 oclock, I go to school/play in the yard.
4.At 1:30, I have lunch/get up.
5.At 2 oclock, I watch TV/play with my friend in the yard.
6.At 3 oclock, I go to the library/do my homework.
II.Listen and complete.
Kate and her sister Liz usually have___________at 7:45. They often have_________for
breakfast.Sometimes they have_______and eggs.Kate often has a cup of ______and some biscuits.Liz
doesnt ________milk.She has tea and______.Their parents often have________and coffe for breakfast.
III.Write Do or Does.
1.________Kate and her sister Liz have breaksfast at 7:45?
2.________their mother make breakfast for them?
3.________they often have porridge for breakfast?
4.________Kate have tea and biscuits?
5.________Liz like milk?
6.________they have lunch at school?
7.________their parents have bacon and eggs for breakfast?
IV.Circle the odd-man-out.
5.have breakfast,have lunch, have a shower,have dinner.
V. Fill in Who, What, When, Where , How many?
1.__________do you get up?
2.__________do you do in the bathroom?
3.__________makes breakfast for you?
4.__________lessons do you usually have on Tuesday?
5.__________do you find the necessary books?
VI.Write the correct form of the verb.
Stacy usually_________(wake) up at 6:45. Her school _______(be) far from her house. She often wits for
her friend Samantha.Then they________(go) to school by the school bus.Then they________(be) never
late.Their lessons _________(begin) at 8:30.They __________(have)English three times a week.They_____
(go) to the canteen after the lessons.Stacy _______(like)her school.
VII.Read and cicle must or mustnt
1.You must/mustnt be at school in time.
2. You must/mustnt run along the corridors.
3. You must/mustnt keep or school clean.
4. You must/mustntYou must/mustnt keep your school clean.
5. You must/mustnt eat swwets during the lessons.
6. You must/mustnt bring your cat at school.
1.Write the missing letters.


te_hno_ogy hi_to_y