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Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the Local

Government Code under Section 17 provides. a) Local
government unit shall endeavor to be self reliant and shall
continue exercising the powers and discharging the duties and
functions currently vested upon them. They shall also discharge
the functions and responsibilities of national agencies and offices
devolved to them pursuant to this Code. Local government units
shall likewise exercise such other powers and discharge such
other functions and responsibilities as are appropriate or
incidental to efficient and effective provision of the basic services
and facilities enumerated. (n(IX) public markets, slaughterhouses
and other nmunicipal enterprises; n(X) public cemetery ).
Under section 17, the phrase and others is added, which
connotes that any other utilities or services can be considered as
economic enterprises, provided they generate income or
revenues. LPEs include :
na. public market
nb. transport
terminals (bus, jeepney, parking, piers), nc. slaughterhouses,
livestock trading and cattle fattening, nd. fish landing and cold
storage facilities, ne. post harvest facilities (grain storage, drying,
nf. water supply
ng. sanitation (local drainage,
sewerage, solid waste collection and disposal) nh. public parks,
sports and recreational facilities ni. public cemeteries.
The main objective of RA 7160 or LGC of 1991 is local
autonomy and self reliance in all aspects of local governance and
administration. The Code mandates the devolution and
decentralization of LGUs certain functions and responsibilities
undertaken by National Government
nAfter 15 years of
implementation of the LGC, it shows that there are many issues
that have to be addressed regarding the LPEs. Two issues : (1)
with respect to local autonomy and (2) fiscal administration.