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Our ref: AW/CA

13 December 2016

Dear Mr ,.. ... _.,

I have been referred your message of 21 November directed to the Customer Service Unit in
which you ask the question:
"What formal route of complaint is available if you are unhappy with how a case has been handles
by a judge?"
I note in your message that you have already received information from the Ministry of Justice on
14 November 2016 in this regard.
To add to the advice that has already been tendered to you:1. Dependent upon where the proceedings in question have reached, it is possible that you may
be able to seek a Judicial Review of the way in which a judge has exercised his case
management powers in the case in question. You may wish to consider taking your own
independent legal advice before pursuing this course of action.
2. There is no doubt that the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office may not consider
concerns about the way in which a judge exercises his/her judicial discretion in the application
of case management powers in a particular case. However, if the are concerns about the
manner in which the judge exercises those powers, ie the behaviours of the judge if it could be
said to go beyond the robustness a case deserves, eg being rude, then a complaint may
possible be considered and as such could be referred to the Judicial Conduct and
Investigations Office.

If the way in which a case has been handled by a judge has resulted in a decision of the court
about which an affected person (ie defendant or party to the proceedings) is aggrieved, then
that person should pursue the line of appeal available for the type of proceedings in question,
eg Crown Court, High Court, etc.

I hope that the foregoing is of assistance to you.

Yours sincerely

Mrs A Watts
Justices' Clerk for Humber and South Yorkshire